Friday, October 10, 2008

Thanks Ryan!!

Ryan and Angie (please check out her blog for an awesome pic of me in some way to high wasted jeans :) recently passed on a huge bag of Cars cars, that Ryan wasn't playing with much anymore. It has been SO fun to give them to Stacey one by one. I've been stretching out the joy by giving him one for eating a good dinner or taking a nap without fussing etc. Last night he was NOT fired up about going to bed so I said, "OK I'll tell you what, if you go to bed right now without any fussing then you just might have a treat outside your door in the morning." He literally rolled over without a peep and shut his eyes. I know bribing isn't always a good solution, but it gets the job done and it is so fun to give him these special treats and see that little face light up. This morning he sprang out of bed immediately in search of the promised treat. It was dark in the hallway so he frantically went to the front door thinking that might be the door I was talking about. When he calmed down enough to hear us telling him to look outside his door he was elated to find Mater!!!!! Thank you Ryan for being so generous with your toys and making things so fun around our house. Stacey couldn't be happier. And just in case you're wondering Lightning is awaiting a rescue mission from under the fridge and was not available for the photo shoot.


Kylie said...

It is because of those very cars that Hudson goes poo poo in the potty! They're good ones-- I'm always up for a good bribe! :)

angie said...

I'm glad you like the cars Stacey, love Ryan