Monday, April 27, 2009

Bunk Beds!!

As of Friday night "the nest" is no more. Wyatt finally has a real bed and Stacey is living the high life on the top bunk. I don't think they had any real concept of what a bunk bed was so when they were put together they were thrilled!! We'd been shopping around for beds (and just in case you are wondering they aren't giving bunk beds away these days!!) when Angie mentioned that her sweet friend Erica was thinking about selling her boy's bunk beds to do some rearranging in their home. We had a match made in Craig's List heaven - minus Craig.

Ta-Da! We don't have matching bedding just yet, and it is hard to get far enough away in the room to get the whole bed, but you get the idea.
Stacey climbing to his new perch.
Wyatt, although a little sad that he doesn't get to climb the ladder, is proud of his new bed too, he'll climb in and exclaim "I did it!" a favorite phrase of his lately.

Sweet dreams bunk buddies :)
Thanks to Big and Nannie for such a perfect birthday gift for these two!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Just Another Day In Paradise

Today certainly ended on a better note than it started. Stacey woke up with a horrible cough and a stuffy nose so we decided to forgo Bible study and stay home. But after getting rid of some of that glorious flem (TMI I know), he seemed to be feeling better and other than some extra whining (and lets me be honest, it's hard to tell a difference in how much is 'more than normal' on the whining 1-10 scale these days) we were having a rather low key day at home. Watched shows, read books, read more books, played cars, had lunch, took naps, had a snack, went outside, started getting hot, played soccer, got hotter, decorated the entire sidewalk with sidewalk chalk, got hotter, contemplated sunscreen, more soccer, increased my belief in global warming, put on swim suits, applied sunscreen and turned on the hose. And that is where our day (at least based on the boys expressions) went from ho-hum to SO-FUN!! Stacey was beaming and chanting "I LOVE WATER." We may owe a little more to the City of Richardson this month after letting the good times role with the water hose, but it was well worth it. 

So here is the first of what I am imagining will be an entire summer (yes I know it is still spring but it sure didn't feel like it today - seriously what are we going to do when it is hotter than this - YIKES) full of pictures of my bathing beauties.

If only I could feel as uninhibited as this little guy in my swim suit! I went shopping for one yesterday and it turns out my eating pasta while watching O.C. reruns diet is NOT working!! What a scam.
Look closely and you'll see some earthworms that enjoyed the water as well. Wyatt spotted them first, but both boys were enamored with the show.  

Worms and wet boys, I can see how it might not seem like paradise, but I can't think of anywhere else I'd rather be.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Firehouse Subs

We tried out Firehouse Subs on Sunday. We had seen pictures of the cute firehats that come with a kids meal from friends in Houston and we'd heard that some locations have free kids meals on Sunday's so we thought we better check it out. Turns out no free kids meals at this location, but they did say that they should be starting a free kids meal promo soon, we'll keep you posted. 

This picture is blurry, but I had to include it as it so well captures the emotional angst of being three. 
And of course a few seconds later all is right with the world. 

Can't go wrong with Oreos for dessert! Wyatt tidy as usual.
Not that anyone would notice are cares, but yes, we are all wearing an Easter repeat back in big D, not to worry we do own other clothes, but we figure if it ain't broke... :)

Monday, April 20, 2009

The Smith's Go To The Movies

I've been waiting for a good family movie to come out and coincide a rainy Saturday with no plans so we could utilize some movie passes that have been burning a hole in my pocket. And finally this Sat. the trifecta occurred. No Plans - check. Rainy - check. Family movie (Monsters vs. Aliens) - check. So we headed out to the show with our two and three year old in tow. The show was at 5:45 so I had planned to eat dinner and then head out the door, but somehow it was 5ish and our turkey and cheese pleasers were still in the oven so we turned them into a to-go meal and had a parking lot picnic (I don't really recommend this) at Northpark before heading into the show. 

I knew Stacey would do great but wasn't so sure about Wyatt, he is starting to sit still for shows but a whole movie - it could really go either way. So to better our chances of making it through we were loaded with popcorn (yes, I brought our own popcorn from home, come on we are poor, I mean cheep, no frugal, yes, that's the word frugal :), fruit snacks, Easter candy and drinks etc. The previews started and simultaneously Stacey's chirping questions of , "Is this our show?" and "When is our show going to start?" began. I defiantly view previews differently with kids in the theater. Normally I love them and enjoy the trailers for upcoming shows as part of my movie going experience, but with my two ticking time bombs sitting next to me all I could think about was "Come on already, you're eating up all of Wyatt's sitting still and watching the screen time and the longer you talk the more likely it is that I will have to exit the theater with Stacey for a potty break."

In good time the movie started and the boys loved it and did great. Well, Wyatt did great for a two year old. He was in and out of his seat and mine and only touched the lady in front of us on the head a handful of times so we're calling it a success. I love watching Stacey cackle at whatever perfectly timed punch line makes him laugh out loud and Wyatt copy him having no idea what he is laughing at. Not sure why I decided to ramble on for three paragraphs (all of which I have no idea when to start and end) about this rather unexceptional outing, but there you have it. 

We give it two thumbs up :)

Andrew's Arrival

Our sweet friends Chris and Melanie welcomed Andrew McCoy on Friday night just before midnight. We were blessed to get to be there and see the sweet thing just minutes after he arrived!!  The Smith's happened to be over when Stacey called to tell me Melanie's water had broken (at work - YIKES!). So Nannie and Big graciously took the boys so we could go up to the hospital.
Proud Papa
I'm sure I have written this exact thing before, but I can't help myself - there is just NOTHING better or more miraculous than the day that a perfect, precious baby is born. I LOVED getting to be a fly on the wall and hold Mr. Andrew!! Makes me more aware than ever of the two giant non babies I have living at my house.
"For YOU created my inmost being; you knit me together 
in my mother’s womb. I praise you because 
I am fearfully and wonderfully made; 
your works are wonderful 
I know that full well.” 
Psalm 139: 13-14
Congratulations Scotts!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


The boys (mostly Wyatt) love to get whatever shoes are around the house and clomp around in them. Matching isn't really an important priority. 

Little Boys + Little House + Little Golf Ball =

Blessed Boys

I really can not express how blessed we are to have two sets of parents that love and support us in everything we do. The boys ADORE Nannie, Big, GP and Honey and we can only hope to be the kind of parents and grandparents that they have been to us and our boys. 

I love this picture of Stacey and Wyatt with all four of their grandparents. What an incredible blessing!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter 2009

I have been really encouraged reading everyone's Easter posts about our saviors great sacrifice. As a mother I feel more grateful than ever for the sacrifice that God made sending his son to die for us. I went though the Resurrection Eggs this season with the boys (mostly Stacey) and while I struggled a little explaining several of the stories to my sweet three year old, (Judas betrayed Jesus for 30 coins - can I get a little help on that one?? I kept asking Stacey if I offered him money or Wyatt which would he choose, he kept choosing the money :) - but I digress) it was great to be reminded of the days that lead to the cross and the victory of the resurrection! He Has Risen!! He Has Risen Indeed!!

We stayed in Waco through the weekend and got to celebrate Easter with my family. We hadn't hyped up the Easter Baskets too much so they were a really fun surprise that morning.
Stacey was pretty hilarious going through his basket, with every egg he would say. "I wonder what's in this one?!" And no matter what was inside he was ecstatic. He even got excited about the clothes. Sweet moments like these that make up for all the rough parts of having a three year old.
The Spider Man and Lightning McQueen Band-Aids were a hit.

Then it was time to get ready for church. Happy little bunnies. I wonder how many more years I'll be able to get them to wear bunny ears? :)
And of course the annual photo shoot that my husband loves! It was too wet to get pictures in the bluebonnets so we had to settle for the back porch.
Ally and Wyatt getting ready.
Thanks Honey for the coordinating outfits! I love Ally's sweet expression in this one.
Honey and GP with all 5 grandkids.
Then it was back to the baskets for more candy...It's hard to tell, but I think he had a pretty good day?
This little snuggle bunny might be the sweetest baby ever!!
Then, after naps it was time for one more Happy Birthday To Wyatt on his real birthday. I had asked for a candle in his pancake at brunch, but the restaurant didn't have any, next time I 'll know to bring my own.
It was a great ending to a wonderful weekend.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Special Visitor

We had a surprise guest at Wyatt's party - Fluffy the bunny!!! My Mom helped arrange for a real bunny to come to the party so all the kids got to pet Fluffy and have their picture taken.

Wyatt's Birthday Eggstravaganza!!

This year Wyatt's birthday fell on Easter so I thought it was the perfect year for an egg hunt. We decided to do it at my parent's house in Waco because they have a great backyard. I also thought it might help me scale back on the party a little since it would be out of town. We did keep the guest list to 11 kiddos, including Wyatt's cousins and some of my best girlfriends in Waco and their kids, but I'm still working on the scaling back thing :). It is just too much fun to put together a birthday party!! The weather could not have been more beautiful on Friday and I might be a little biased, but I thought the party was a blast.
The invitations for all of Wyatt's "Peeps" 
Birthday Banner
Rabbit Food for the grownups
Wyatt's Birthday Book and the Bunny Bites 

We had both sides of our family there which is such a treat for Stacey and I, and the boys. We feel so blessed by our family.
Shelley and Sarah, I'm sorry your eyes are closed, I'm hoping someone else got a better picture :)
Wyatt greeting his guest, AnnMarie - so sweet.
The Bunny Massacre - The inflatable Easter bunny had a leak from the get go (hoping for a refund) so we just let the kids have at him. Not sure what the Easter bunny ever did to them, but they were not afraid to throw some serious punches.
The backyard
Lauren and Katy - Ann was there too, but somehow she missed this photo op :)
Ally on the Easter Express
My Dad ordered a new mat and springs for our old trampoline base just in time for the party - Thanks Dad! The kids LOVED it. I think we may now officially own the last rectangular non netted trampoline in the world.
Group picture - perfect as usual.
Time for lunch. Wyatt and his cousin clan, Ally and Brylie
And finally the egg hunt! We had opened presents while the eggs were being hidden and Wyatt would not put down his new Thomas trains while he hunted eggs so Nannie had to assist, holding his basket for him.

And of course Happy Birthday and cupcakes closed out a great 2nd birthday party.
I love this little family.
And I'm pretty fond of these sisters too, they were a HUGE help and of course I could never throw a party without all their behind the scenes help with the preparations - Thanks girls!!
It's hard to believe my little man is Two!! Happy Birthday Wyatt!
Just in case that lengthy post wasn't enough I do have a few more pictures with the party's special visitor...and a video to come. Get fired up.