Wednesday, October 15, 2008

State Fair of Texas

We went to the State Fair of Texas yesterday and got our fill of farm animals and fried food for the year.
The boys discovered the joys of cotton candy.
And it is hard to beat a corny dog and some tornado tators - YUM!
Big kept the treats coming. Once Wyatt saw him coming with ice cream he didn't take his eyes off the prize until it was gone.
The sugar rush did help fill in the gaps as we waited for the pig races to start.
They had a baby giraffe at the petting zoo, so cute!! III was a little more freaked out by the animals than usual, probably because the first thing we saw when we entered the fair was a GIGANTIC pig, seriously it was the biggest pig I have ever seen and it was not one bit cute! The boys were in their strollers at the time so he kept saying, "I don't want to see it! I don't want to see it!" as in, get me the heck away from this thing!! He warmed up by the time we made it to the piglets at the petting zoo.
I made the mistake suggesting we take the boys down the Midway in search of some kiddie rides around 8:00. We found them, but it was crowded and totally chaotic. I think we all felt about like Stacey looks in this picture, so we quickly turned around and made our way out of all the chaos. I'm thinking the KidsWay would be a lot more fun during the daylight hours.
Stacey (Daddy) loves the car show so we always wonder through the sea of vehicles and this year was no exception. I think my feelings about the car show are probably similar to Stacey's feeling about say...a fabric store. Bored to tears! But, there were real live race cars, just like the ones in Lightning McQueen, and the boys thought that was SO COOL!! Those ropes are invisible to a 3 year old.
Here we are with Big Tex, or at least his boots :). It was another great family outing. I feel so blessed that the boys get to share memories like this with wonderful grandparents that love them, spoil them rotten and make every effort (even if that means overdoing it on bad ankles and knees) to be there, so they can enjoy every minute with them. Thanks for treating us Big & Nannie!!


angie said...

Ryan thinks it's awesome that you got to see one of Tony Stewarts NASCARS...looks like is was a super fun, trip to the 'ol state fair. Love ya:)

The Penuels said...

Cute pictures!! I am a HUGE fan of the tornado have to search to find them, but it is totally worth it :)