Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Butterscotch & Hopscotch

It's Easter season and along with MUCH more meaningful things that meant it was time once again to visit the bunnies for our annual Easter picture. I know I've already done this in a previous post, but I just can't help a little stroll down memory lane...

And Ta-Da. This is obviously a picture of a picture (I don't have a scanner) but you get the idea. These two were as cooperative as they could be and VERY excited to hold Butterscotch and Hopscotch. Last year Wyatt was a little scared of his bunny but not this year!! They have talked about their bunny buddies a lot. And I love this little treasure.
I tried on their clothes the day before and realized that the shirts I bought at TJ Max about a month prior were HUGE on both of them. So, on Sat. I proceeded to visit every TJ Max in the greater Dallas area (and I am sure spent more on gas than the shirts cost combined) only to relearn the great lesson any bargain shopper knows, which is if you find a treasure at a steal of a price, buy it, but don't expect to return three weeks later to find any signs of a 3T left...or something like that. That "great lesson" sounded a lot better in my head. Anywhoo I washed the little gems on super hot a couple of times and said forget it. So if you see my kids on Easter wearing shirts that resemble your grandpa's pajamas or if you notice three years from now they are still wearing the same shirts now you know why. And I am sure you are THRILLED that I took the time to retell that CAPTIVATING story! Somebody call the Pulitzer Police...because I write bad stories...get it.

I leave you with Stacey and Wyatt's riveting rendition of "Three Places" or "Two Places" as we like to call ours - this exhibit at Northpark.

So cultured.

Resurrection Rolls

This morning the boys and I made Resurrection Rolls for the first time. They were super easy and the lesson was right on their level.

The ingredients: Crescent Rolls, cinnamon and sugar, melted butter, and marshmallows
I showed them an example and then I really let them do everything. You dip the marshmallow, which represents Jesus' body into butter
and then cinnamon and sugar, which represent the oils and spices that his body was anointed with.
Then you wrap his body in a crescent roll, which represents the tomb.
Then you seal the tomb by closing up any openings. We could have done a better job of this and ended up with several that oozed their marshmallow instead of it just disappearing, but it didn't really matter.This is the finished product. After you bake them the marshmallow (Jesus Body) disappears, leaving an empty tomb.
When I put them in the oven I told the boys we'd have to wait and see what happened. Stacey said, "Is he gonna rose again?" perhaps the grammar is a little off but the message was spot on!
He has risen, He has risen indeed!

Caddy Daddy's

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sunday, March 21, 2010


This morning we were awakened by the pitter patter of four little feet and two little voices chanting. "it snowed! it snowed!" I leapt out of bed with the usual early morning spring in my step, smile on my face and sparkle in my eye. Or maybe I drug myself out of bed, muscles not yet alert enough to smile and eyes still sealed shut. I anticipated a little white fluff but once my eyes finally opened I was shocked to see this:


We ventured out to church, but luckily there was still plenty of snow left to play in when we got back.

Another unexpected spring treat from Texas weather!

Easter Egg Hunt

On Thursday we had the annual Building Blocks Easter Egg Hunt at church!! I loved having it early this year and during spring break, giving us a great reason to get out and enjoy the beautiful day!

Getting ready for the hunt. These guys were SUPER excited!
The three and unders came out first so I got a little quality time with the Wy Guy before III joined us. But after finding a few eggs he was asking, "Hey Moooooom, lets go inside and get Stace." :)
This pro knew just what to do.
Cousins!! I need to learn how to cut off heads from one picture and photo shop them into another because getting these three to look at the camera and smile at the same time is next to impossible.
Nothing like some sweet Brylie Love!!
We were stuffing eggs getting ready for the kiddos and the sweet Mom sitting next to me asked if I let me kids have candy. Hum, based on the visual aids in the photo above I'd have to say yes, yes I do, but only after they've had dessert. :)

This baby bunny was there too. I had to steal a picture of T-bird from Shelley's blog to make sure his precious attendance was acknowledged too.
Apparently we heart windowpane checks.

What a perfect Spring day! Who knew that a mere two days later we'd be playing in the snow again, but I'll save that for the next post.

Happy hunting.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

W is for...

Stacey is VERY into his letters and has been for some time. He loves pointing out what things start with and sounding things out. Wyatt on the other hand, not so much. I'm not one bit worried and I know when he is ready he'll get it. But, I did want him to know what his name started with and experience all the joy there is to be had in knowing your letter. After watching Letter Factory numerous times he latched onto his wa wa wa Wyatt!! So to kick off our spring break I decided to have a W Day!
My editing eye was a little Worn out so prepare yourself for lots of pictures!! And as always, most of these ideas were copied from the Wonderful World Wide Web. :)

Sunday night around 11:00, which is when all my best inspiration occurs, I put out a few W's for decoration.
We started the morning off with a W breakfast of Waffles Wild berries (otherwise known as strawberries) and Water.
Then I busted out some alphabet magnets I've been saving for just such a day and let the boys try to find the W. I started with just a few, but to my surprise that was a piece of cake (Wyatt was SO proud) so I added the Whole bunch.

Then we met and colored Wally the Watermelon
and found, traced and colored more W's.
Next it was onto Writing W's for the more advanced crowd.
Wyatt did a great job tracing too!
We decided to get dressed and the Whale Watching CreW made for a perfect W day Wardrobe (not sure if you can tell by his red eyes but Wyatt decided to introduce Whining into our day - we knew it would show it's face at some point - by losing his mind over the idea that I wanted him to wear clothes, Oh the torture I put him through).

He pulled himself together to point out his T-shirts W's.
Then it was movie time with Wall-E
And Whoppers. :)
After the movie the real work began and the boys Washed the Windows with Windex. The Web throwing Wonder, spiderman joined us. Stacey said, "We're going to clean house on W day??" They actually enjoy this activity, especially if I let them do the spraying.
We read Where Whale Went
and about Jesus Walking on Water. They boys have heard this story at church but it isn't in any of our children's bibles so we read from the real deal Bible. I loved it and I think we'll be using the real thing more often (not that children's bibles arn't real, but you know what I mean...I hope.)
We did one more Worksheet and colored all the things that started with W, like Watch, Walrus, Web, Wallet, Windmill, etc., before heading out to lunch at...
We picked it up and took it to Daddy's Work, which the boys love!
Leave it to Whataburger to add lots of W's to our day with the Whatapals comic.
Then we Walked over to the park to see a Waterfall. And just happened to find ourselves on the WPA bridge.
The big Waterfall wasn't running but they enjoyed the little one.

WhateverFrom there we headed to Wal-Mart
in search of Watermelon.
We also enjoyed a Whatchamacallit, while we shopped.
After naps we made some White cupcakes,
With a few helpers.
Stacey even offered to Wash the dishes.
While I got dinner ready the boys painted with Watercolors.
Dinner included alphabet spaghettios (which were not touched - ridiculous) Wheat thins, Nilla Waffers and Watermelon.
What a cutie.
We went for a Walk/Wagon ride. We tried to take the Welcome Wagon to our new neighbor Sarah Welch but she wasn't home.
We wrapped up the day with a little Wii.
Now Mommy is ready for some Wine and would like to nap until Wednesday. Just Kidding...sort of. ;)

As I believe I have said before what makes these days so fun has nothing to do with what we do but rather that I have purposed to spend quality time with my kids all day and for whatever reason I enjoy that time just a little more when it is all wrapped up in a theme.

I have no plans to complete the alphabet but I do have a little man whose name starts with S that is wondering when his letter day is, so we may have at least one more letter day coming up.

Hope you have a Wonderful Week.