Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Tag You're It

I've been tagged to list 7 random facts about myself so here goes....

I LOVE polka dots. I am drawn to them like a moth to a flame and love just about every variation of them.

I can not stand secret sounds. You know the millisecond mystery sound they play on the radio and then people call in and guess what is was? They drive me crazy. I never know what they are but I can't stop thinking about it and wishing they would play a longer clip. I hate them.
I would like to start a business planning birthday parties and showers. I'm not sure exactly how to go about it or how to make money doing it, but once we get those little details ironed out we'll be ready for business. Notice I picked a polka dot hat :)
I have always regretted that my wedding dress didn't have box pleats.
My first cabbage patch kid was a boy named Stacey. (I told this story with my Journey entry so sorry if it is a repeat) it was a boy preemie and I begged to have his "birth certificate" sent in
to change his name, but no such luck. Now I know the Lord was just preparing me for my wonderful husband :)
I am am total wanna be dancer. And completely mesmerized by those with this gift. It doesn't matter if it is a contemporary solo, a choreographed tap routine, or the Lake Highlands Wranglers - I love it and wish I could do it.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE sweet tea - YUM-O!! Chick-Fil-A usually satisfies my craving for this treat, but I'm not picky.


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Shannon said...

Oh wow - you have to give me a couple of days to think! Loved reading these and knowing that I could have written a few of those for you! I bet you could help me with a few of mine as well. Can't wait to see you tomorrow.

Katy said...

hilarious that your cabbage patch was named stacey!!!!!! how did i miss that story??? ok, now what can i say about myself that you don't already know! :)

Team Leslie said...

I loved reading your random facts:)