Wednesday, October 2, 2013

September Summary

Well things have been rolling right along since school started. We've been busy but I didn't really think I had much to blog about until I started looking through pictures, so here is a random summary of our month so far.

Spent some time with the three amigos :)
I enjoyed the annual movie under the stars at the Family Center with these two happy campers.
Got some one on one time with Brady Boy!!!
We took a trip to Dallas for the Tech SMU game and had a great time with these fun friends and fellow raiders.

experiencing the dart.
Dressing for football in CRAZY hot temperatures proved a little difficult. I was pretty sure my skirt looked like some sort of senior citizen cheerleader wannabe, but I rocked it anyway.
Did I mention it was HHHHOOOOOOOTTTTTT.

Loved that Sarah was able to join us as a raider for the night.
We spent the rest of the weekend enjoying some time with the fam.

We took the kids to a trampoline place for the first time, very fun! Truey!!

Brylie learning the joy of the double jump from Aunt Sarah.
Sarah's class pet is a chinchilla named Bongo, a huge hit with my animal lovers! So glad they have a fellow animal lover in their aunt...because Mommy, not so much.

The next week was spirit week at WCS. I missed the picture of Wild Sock Day...just trust it was WILD. ;)

 But day two was Wild Hat Day,
 followed by Wild Hair Day.
They insisted on pictures from every angle. They also just happened to have dentist appointments that afternoon so we got lots of compliments and comments.

And finally it was Wild Cat Day which wrapped up the week with a pep rally.

All the cutie cousin cats.

Wyatt and Ally, our photo ready duo.

Crew taking it all in.

Stacey's company, CTIW, hosted a family celebration at the zoo in honor of their most recent safety record.

The boys both entered art, and Stacey entered an essay, into a contest for AWESOME prizes. The assignment was to create a safety sign and/or write an essay about why it is important for your parents to work in a safe environment.
 Wyatt by his two safety signs.
 Stacey's essay. Love it!! I mean it is easier to work with all your fingers.
 Checking out some animals.
 Wyatt won an honorable mention in his age group (he was thrilled) and a gift card to Toys R Us.
Stacey III was on PINS an NEEDLES, so excited/nervous/anxious about the possibility of a monetary prize. He kept saying it was OK if he didn't win, but I'm not so sure he believed it.
Finally, he was awarded second place in his age group for his essay. Phew! We couldn't get to Toys R Us fast enough!! ;)
Enjoying a little lunch with the Svobodas, so excited that Sean is joining CTIW which means I get to hang with Katy at company events!! :)
 Mary Claire
Love these babies that i have had the privilege of knowing their whole lives!

And of course we always love hanging with the Harwell's!!! Such a blessing to work with such good friends.
I got to spend a morning with James Wright. His mommy knew just how to butter me up with his precious "I Heart My Auntie" T-shirt. :) Not that I need any convincing to love on this snuggle bug.
Most recently we celebrated Ryan turning 10! Clearly in our Friday attire once again. :)

The Junod's came into town for a BU game. I am just LOVING that they are only a few hours away these days!!

I got to keep Georgia and little Miss Townley, such a treat!!
That night, after the game some of our other favorite peeps joined us with their crews. Oh how I love every single precious in this picture!! Love love love love love!!
 Even if it is a CIRCUS when we are all together. ;)
We wrapped up that weekend celebrating Ryan's baptism!!! SO proud of our alpha nephew for leading the pack in his public profession of faith and love for his savior, Jesus Christ. Can I get an AMEN!
In summary, it's been a pretty sweet September. :)