Friday, October 31, 2008


Yes, after many creative ideas and sibling combo costume research, we decided to scrap it all and go with race car drivers this Halloween. Ryan (our nephew) just happened to pick a race car driver two years that happen to fit our boys so race car drivers it is!! And if you ask me they are pretty cute little speed machines.
Meet Ricky Racer
And Speedy Stacey (actually Jeff Gordon). And for those of you concerned about Stacey's orange bird ambitions, fear not. When this Cars fan slipped into his racing gear, the orange bird wishes were gone faster than Lightning McQueen can make it around the track. The first night he put on his costume he asked "Mommy, can I take a bath in it?" And when told, "No, it really isn't water worthy," he persisted "Well, can I put it back on after my bath and sleep in it?" So cute!! Orange Bird Smorng Bird :)
Beep Beep!
You know what they say, (they being Tom Cruise in Days of Thunder) Rubbin' is Racin'!
Ding Dong!
Well, who could it be but the most precious little trick or treaters this house has ever seen!!!
We did a little practicing this morning since we're going to be in route to Lubbock tonight for the big game tomorrow. Speedy will be headed to Waco to trick or treat with Ryan and then on to the FBC Woodway Fall Fest while Ricky Racer hangs back with Big and Nannie. But I couldn't let them go without a little Halloween fun to start out our day!!
Happy Halloween!!!!!


Self Family said...

love your race car drivers - very handsome and very fast!!! happy halloween to your sweet fam!!

angie said...

So CUTE!!! I love how happy they look!

Team Leslie said...

What great costumes - adorable boys!