Wednesday, September 29, 2010

25 Weeks

Big Mamma
I had another check up yesterday and everyone is growing beautifully. I know it seems like I just had one. Every two weeks flies by! Crew (Baby A) is measuring about a pound and half. His kidney was a little larger than last time, still not worrisome, but something they continue to keep an eye on. Coyt (Baby B) was almost two pounds so a little chunkier and he had turned around so he is now breach. There is still plenty of time for him to flip back and based on how much he moves around he may change his mind multiple times between now and delivery. Dr Fogwell, or "The Fog" as he is known around our house has said from the beginning that 34 weeks was the goal so yesterday I asked him if he had a number in mind past 34 week that he would let me get to, and he said 37 weeks. Obviously at this point we have no idea when these babies will arrive, and for their developments sake the later the better, but based on that info, we're anticipating sometime between December 1 (34 weeks) and December 21st (37 weeks).

Thursday, September 23, 2010

This & That

We are in full on back to school mode around here and after going from the nothingness of summer to Preschool, Bible Study, MOPS & soccer all in one fail swoop we're all a little weary from the abrupt change of routine. I haven't taken many pictures and therefore haven't had too much to blog about, but rest assured (because I am sure both my readers were up all night with worry about the lack of posts) all is well at the Smith house.

We put up the second crib this week (pictures to come someday) and nothing says I'm having twins like two huge beds in a tiny nursery. And nothing says I have 3 & 5 year old boys like Styrofoam from said crib packaging crushed into tiny pieces knee deep all over your house. Apparently they were farmers and crushed Styrofoam makes for some pretty good seeds. Sorry no pictures to prove it, but if my vacuum could speak!!

This picture was taken at our community group last week. Kristin should have her baby TOMORROW!!! We can't wait to meet Graham. And Julie is due three weeks after me. All BOYS - let the playdates begin.
And since this post really has no rhyme or reason, as previously mentioned we started soccer and Wyatt is playing for the first time this season and couldn't be happier about it. He had his first practice yesterday and totally rocked it!! I know I am biased but I could have just eaten him up in his tiny soccer gear. And he was so proud of himself.
You can expect many a soccer post to come as it consumes the next few months around here.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

23 Weeks

Here I am at 23 weeks.

(my star photog - Stacey III at it again with the profile shot)
I had a checkup/sono yesterday and everything is looking great. I am growing at an incredible rate as the picture so clearly shows!! Crew and Coyt were very active measuring a little over a pound each and looked pretty perfect. All there measurements were right on track and the enlarged kidney from our previous appointment is much smaller now and within a healthy range so we are very thankful for that!! During the sonogram while measuring one of the babies the other would pop his head or hand in just to say hi, pretty hilarious. Like it or not they are buddies in those tight quarters.

I am feeling the boys kick all the time and all over, which I love! Today we could not only feel them from the outside but see them shaking things up as well.

I think my body has clued into the fact that there are two in there, what with the endless expansion, as well as a few more aches and pains usually reserved for further along the road - not complaining just commenting that I feel very pregnant (as evidenced by my difficulty in picking things up off the floor, getting off the couch, waddling etc.) for a mere 23 weeker ;). But, all in all I am still feeling great and getting more and more ready to meet these sweet babies!

I'll start going to the doctor every two weeks now. We'll keep you posted.

Wyatt's Wednesday Wisdom

At lunch on Sunday:

Wyatt: (Reaching for my drink) My hands are really thirsty. (??)
Dad: Well that's weird because my elbow really wants dessert
Wyatt (Looking at his elbow then at Stacey) So does mine!!

Funny boy I don't know where he gets this stuff.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Are we there yet?

We heard a lot of that this weekend as we headed to Lubbock to visit my grandmother, Nana, see the family and catch a little Red Raider football. Nana graciously put us up at the Embassy Suites, which was FANTASTIC and a huge treat for our family. THANK YOU NANA!

The boys were ecstatic and especially enjoyed the "transformer bed" that turned from a couch into a bed just like magic!
Good times with the cousins at Nana's
This was the first time I had seen my Mom and sisters since we found out the twins were boys and made their names official so they had a precious goodie basket full of treats times two including the boy's first monogrammed items, lovies with their names on them - so sweet!!
On Sat. night we had dinner at the 50 Yard Line a delicious local favorite that we've been eating at for special occasions in Lubbock for as long as I can remember.
After dinner Stacey and I decided to stop by Savannah Oaks, the apartments where we met, and show the boys where it all began.

Mommy's apt. (looking a little different than it did in my college days...but then again so am I - HA!!)
Daddy's apt.
10 years of marriage and four babies later, I'm still as crazy about this man as I was when I laid eyes on him for the first time at this very spot :)
Sunday was game day!!
This picture is deceiving due to the black I'm wearing but I have officially passed up Kacey who is due three weeks before me. It has been SO fun being pregnant together and sharing in all our excitement and aches and pains ;).
Raider Power! Nana even made it out for some traditional family photos on campus.

Get you guns up!!
We have always joked that Ally and Wyatt are our first set of twins and now they have one more thing in common, a little premature snaggle tooth. Ally's front tooth had been loose for awhile (the cause is still a mystery) and it finally decided to come out the last night of the trip.
I love Lubbock and have so many fond memories from my childhood and college days there.

First Day of School!!

This morning marked the first day of preschool for Stacey and Wyatt. Lunch boxes were packed, clothes were laid out, prayers were said and glitter was sprinkled under their pillows (per the precious poem Mrs. Jerry handed out for the night before school started). After much anticipation and counting down it was finally here. It was pouring outside this morning so our photos were limited but as you can see these two were very excited!!
Wyatt, showing off his backpack. We cut Wyatt's hair last week and that combined with his tennis shoes and the fact that as of today he is officially a preschooler has him looking way to grown up for this mommy! But no one has ever been more ready for preschool than this little man.

Since the first day is drop off only, these pictures are from orientation.

Stacey and his teacher Mrs. Carol (a different Mrs. Carol from last year).
Since both boys are attending this year and obviously in different classes I needed an extra set of hands for orientation, thankfully Nannie filled in so that neither one had to go to their classroom alone.
Wyatt and his teacher Mrs. Bonnie
Wyatt's class is ALL BOYS!! Perfect for him, Stacey wanted to know why he couldn't have all boys in his class too. :) Mrs. Bonnie will have her hands full but she seemed totally up for the challenge.
As we were praying on the way to school this morning for their day and their teachers I was reminded of what a privilege it is and how incredibly blessed we are that both of our are boys get to attend such a wonderful christian preschool.

As for me on Tuesday Thursdays - anyone want to go to lunch?? Seriously not sure what to do with this gift of time, but I am soaking it up while it lasts.