Friday, April 23, 2010

Cowboy Up!

Tuesday was Western Day at Stacey's school and we had one mighty fine cowpoke on our hands.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Can You Dig It??

For weeks whenever Wyatt saw any sort of earth mover, dump truck or construction equipment of any kind he'd say, "That's mine, dats for my struction party." And on Sat., although no real equipment was present, WPS Construction opened the job site and welcomed the work crew for his much anticipated "struction" party.

Don't mind my reflection in the glass. ;)
Brace yourself, not sure if I was inspired by my new camera or the party blogs I've been reading, but I've included more pictures and details than probably any previous post.

The sign in table
Everyone got a tool belt and a personalized hard hat.

We set up the food and kids tables in the pool house, or construction trailer.The ping pong table covered in houndstooth wrapping paper was the perfect spot for the munchies.

I've been looking for an excuse to make these little paper cones and finally had one!! They are super easy and make a great little snack holder.
We have a little half bath in the pool house so naturally it became a port-a- potty - HA!

Stacey has brought home discarded plans in the past and the boys love to use them as coloring pages. He gathered a few more sets and I hung them around the "trailer"and used them for table coverings and rolled them up in orange buckets for decorations too.

The kids table complete with cone cups.
Nannie, my mother-in-law made this AMAZING cake!! It was huge and as usual she completely outdid herself!! The rocks are edible chocolate, you can see a little Wyatt hand snagging one in this picture...he wasn't alone.

The birthday boy LOVED it!
This is a random picture, but I wanted to include my barricade. We snagged this out of one of our neighbors bulk trash piles and spray painted it orange and white. It was my first official dumpster dive and I was pretty proud of how it turned out.
We did lots of snacking,

but the main activities were riding/hauling,
digging (there were little treasures buried in the sand),
The sand was SUCH a hit!!
nailing (the "bricks" were styrofoam and the "nails" were golf T's),
painting (I was going to let them paint card board boxes but Debbie hooked us up with this perfect house!),

and finally, smashing a pinata! Wyatt's big request for his bertday was a truck "yata".
Lots of loot.
The favors.
They included a candy bar, measuring tape and these little build and grow construction sets that my Mom found and contributed! They make a little car and garage.
The forecast called for an 80% chance of rain and the boys were coming off of a little bug. But thankfully the rain held off during the party and the boys were fever free so we were able to celebrate without interruption - phew!
The Smith's
The Purdy's
We always feel so blessed to get to have our family all together for special days like these! And we couldn't do it without them. I already bragged on Debbie for the cake and house but Big also managed to find and borrow 50 perfect orange cones for the party - hello - did I win the in-law lottery or what! While my Waco posse brought tables and chairs as well as tents so we wouldn't have to shut things down if the rain had decided to join us.

And while I am giving what I now realize sounds like an acceptance speech (Angie I feel you) I do have to give a big shout out to my husband who doesn't even skip a beat when I suggest we fill the backyard with sand! I won't demasculinize him by calling him Martin Stewart, but I will say he is always up for a good party and isn't afraid to join me in crazy town from time to time while I plot and plan our next event.
Now that the party is over Wyatt informed me that for his next "bertday" he would like a Spongebob Max and Ruby Superhero party - sounds cute doesn't it? (that is written in sarcasm font just in case you were wondering)!
We had so much fun celebrating we're a little sad it's over. But the boys have been playing in the sand every night since and I am sure that house is going to need another coat of paint very soon. ;)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Three Years Old!

Yesterday my baby turned three!! I think it every stinkin' birthday, but oh my stars where does the time go!?!? I hear people all the time pregnant with #2 wondering how they will ever love another baby as much as the first. I know it is normal concern, but I never worried. I just knew I would love every bit of him and from day one to today I have! It doesn't hurt that he is as lovable as they come. His little snaggle tooth, his raspy Texas draw, the way he says I luv you too - even if he says it first, and everything in between, he just melts me. It is not uncommon at all for Stacey and I to look at each other after he says something or gives us a certain look and just shake our heads knowing that those little looks and that little personality are going to get him out of SO much trouble in life, it isn't even fair!! Oh Wyatt we just adore you and can't imagine our world without YOU in it!
We're having a party on Sat., so yesterday was just some old fashioned family celebrating - just happens to be one of my favorite kinds. :)

On his birthday eve we planted donut seeds. My friend Wendi does this with her boys at Christmas and I've been waiting for just the right time to introduce my boys to it. We put the "seeds" (Cheerios) on a rather pathetic little "tree" (branch in a bucket) before bed. Many seeds were also consumed in the process.
Good Morning Sunshine! (I know a lot of girls who spent A LOT of time in the early 90's trying to achieve this look. ;)
He woke up to a trail of 3's leading to the front door where wouldn't you know it donuts had grown on our tree!!! So fun.
I envisioned them gathering them up and coming in to the table all ready with birthday plates and #3's galore, but heck no, they started chowing, and I can't blame them! It was the kind of fruit you eat right off the tree!
After breakfast it was time for a few presents. Wyatt had to "read" his new book all the way through before he could move on, such restraint for a three year old.

And more trucks! He didn't quite understand that all the present were for him. He kept saying that one is yours Stace. Even after we explained that they were all for him sweet thing let his big brother open some too! Including a buzz lightyear umbrella and a bowling set.

We met Daddy at Chick-a-lay for lunch, Wyatt's pick of course. And you've gotta have ice cream at a birthday lunch!

After naps we headed to the park to try out the new dump trucks,
Then came home to make a birthday cake. This little precious requested a pink cake?? So "starberry" is what he got. It's hideous I know but he LOVED it!
We love to watch America's Funniest Home Videos (AFV to the loyal fans) as a family. Several weeks ago there was a video of a little boy getting ready to blow out the candles on his birthday cake when his Dad pushed his face down into the cake. Our Daddy teased that he was going to do that to the boys on their birthdays. Sounded great to III but Wyatt said he would pass. On the way home from the park out of nowhere Wyatt said, "Hey Mom, I not want anybody to push my face in my cake, K??" Poor little guy who knows how long he's been worrying about that one! I assured him he didn't need to worry about that one little bit.

Happy Birthday to you!
When we finished singing he said, "Lets sing happy birthday to me again!!"
Mission accomplished. We have on thoroughly celebrated, very happy three year old!
Stay tuned for the "struction" (construction) party. :)