Tuesday, August 31, 2010

It's Official...

Our babies have names!!

Crew Anderson Smith
Coyt Austin Smith

So here are their stories. We fell in love with the name Crew shortly after Wyatt was born and said, yep if we ever have another boy Crew it is. Then one day Stacey asked me what I thought about the name Coyt, and I also like that one. We laughed and said, "Well when we have twin boys we'll have their names in the bag" - HA!! Keep in mind this is prior to even talking about trying for a third, much less actually thinking we might have twins and twin boys at that! So, when twin boys became a reality (still shocks me a little to write it :)) Stacey was all in with Crew and Coyt, but I had to him and haw over them a little more before deciding that indeed these were the official names.

Since their first names were just names we loved we wanted the middle names to have some significance and family connection. Anderson honors James and Jean Anderson my beloved grandparents, it's my Mom's maiden name, Ally Wood's middle name and Stacey's great grandmother Nannie's (who our "Nannie", Debbie is named for) last name. We loved it and it was connected to SO many people we loved too!! Austin comes from the Purdy side of the family after my Dad's Dad, Austin Purdy.

The fact that they'll have the same initials was just a coincidence.

Last Lake Trip of the Summer

Last weekend we headed to Lake LBJ with our Community Group from Watermark. This is the first time we've done a weekend like this with all the kids and I think it's safe to say a good time was had by all. Not so much good sleep, but a good time for sure ;).

We got to sneak off a little early so Thursday night and most of the day Friday it was just our family. I know we just have a few more months until our four pack becomes a six pack so I am savoring these sweet days with my bigs before the littles arrive.

Awwww, this is the life!! This picture pretty much captures my feelings about a weekend at he lake perfectly.
Sat. morning the posse couldn't wait to get out on the water!

A few shots of our junior passengers: Braysen, Caleb and Craig, Grace (I have to point out that this was a real bonding moment for Stacey and Grace. She is usually slightly terrified of him, but jumped right in his lap to drive the boat! I see a beautiful friendship forming here), and Sam, snoozing - sorry about the over sized pink jacket buddy - you totally rocked it.
A little staircase book club with Wyatt and Grace. We were laughing at the differences in their imaginations. Grace usually starts her stories with a beautiful princess and Wyatt usually starts off with getting the bad guys (you'll notice the weapon in his hand just in case).
Early morning target practice, shooting marshmallow ammunition into the lake, which made for easy clean up and delicious fish food.
Stacey has been pretty fearless about jumping off the top deck
and this trip was no exception as he jumped again and again and again.
Wyatt made his first attempt this trip and thanks to Cary it is well documented. He had a few belly flops but after a dozen or so jumps I'd say he has mastered it!
Not to be outdone, the Daddies (Craig and Stacey) had some tricks up their sleeves (or shorts...because they don't have any sleeves??) too.
On Sat. night we headed to the legendary Coopers BBQ to get our grub on!
Our gang (minus the Sheps who were terribly missed but just a little too close to welcoming Graham, our soon to be newest member, to make the trip).

Back Row: Gummelts, Smiths, Grundys
Front Row: Wennings
And of course I couldn't leave out our littlest member, Sam, who was already buckled up prior to the group shot.
However, with four babies on the way between us, he won't hold that title for long. Which makes me think we're going to need a bigger lake house!!

Thursday, August 26, 2010


When I was cleaning out some closets I came across a set of Bee Stickers full of fabulous virtues we are constantly talking about at our house, for example: be patient, be helpful, be obedient, be kind, be generous etc. So, I made a very impromptu chart and handed out a sticker anytime I saw the boys exhibiting one of the virtues.

I had promised a surprise treat once they each filled up their chart (with no actual treat in mind at the time). So when they had both earned all 20 stickers we headed to GattiTown for a family celebration.
Pizza party with the Jetsons playing on the big screen - awesome! Not the best idea if you want to actually speak to Stacey or Wyatt because they were both locked in like aliens had taken over their brains but a treat for sure.
Followed by games in the game room - awesome!!

And tickets that were cashed in for INCREDIBLE ;) treats - awesome!!
Not too shabby for a Tuesday lunch!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Boxed up Boys

After the garage sale we had a few empty tubs floating around, so Stacey and Wyatt claimed them and I am not exaggerating when I say they have practically been living in them every since.

They've stuffed them with blankets and pillows, played games in them, had a snack in them, watched shows in them and tried to take a nap in them. They just drag them from room to room from one activity to the next.

Who new I had all this free entertainment right at my finger tips!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wyatt's Wednesday Wisdom

Wyatt: Mommy, when will the babies get here?
Me: Probably in December around Christmas time.
Wyatt: Cember?? But, HOW do they get out of der (pointing to my tummy)?
Me: Well, the doctor will help get them out, but God designed Mommies just perfectly so that they could have have babies. There is a special...
Wyatt: (interrupting) HEY! God made flowers!!
Me: Well he sure did and he made you too, and the babies.

The End

Guess we'll save that little life lesson for another day ;)

Garage Sale!!

With two bouncing baby boys joining our cozy home I am all about getting rid of anything we don't need. so on Sat morning we are having a garage sale. Among a variety of other treasures ;), I've got some party supplies that just aren't welcome in the garage anymore. Specifically a precious little dog house, dog serving bowls and a blue puppy that were used for Wyatt's first birthday.

Sorry Wyatt's not for sale, but if he were I think we might be very wealthy. :)

This saw horse, extension cord wreath and few other supplies from the construction party.

And I am sure other party themes will show themselves as i continue digging (which is a little challenging when you can't lift anything too heavy).

Just thought I'd post it here since some of you might not be interested in my sweater poncho, but might want to snag some finishing touches for your next show stoppin' par-tay. Feel free to stop by on Sat. or let me know here if you're interested.

Don't worry I have no plans for making the blog my own personal craigs list.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Sugar & Spice & Everything Nice...?

Not at this house!! We had our 19 week checkup today and in addition to finding out that the babies are healthy and thriving we also found out they are both 100% B-O-Y.

Baby B waving:
Baby A:
Baby A had a slightly enlarged kidney which they will keep an eye on but are confident that it should take care of itself.

Of course we couldn't wait to tell the big brothers!!

We decorated the nursery in blue streamers and balloons and then let them in to check it out.

The general consensus is that girls are yuck and they only wanted brothers anyway, so they were more than happy with the news that two more boys would be joining the posse.
We got to tell the Smiths in person and Skyped the Londoners and Wacoans to share the news.
While I realize this means that wrestle mania will continue to be a regular event in my living room for years to come and "sorry mom" accompanied by broken objects will no doubt destroy any remaining possessions I own, I couldn't be happier about it!!! We are thrilled with our four of a kind and rejoicing over the blessings of boys.

Here I am at 19 weeks.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wyatt's Wednesday Wisdom

While playing Candy Land with Stacey Wyatt looked up, he was laying on his tummy propped up on his elbows with his head in his hands and said, "(sigh) I'm done with this game, it just makes me too serious."

Phone Photos

We have been doing a whole lot of swimming with a side of swimming around here and not much else so I haven't had many pictures to post this month, but here are a few recent snapshots taken with the iphone.

Monday, August 9, 2010

SO much wrong with this story

Sunday morning the boys had been up for .5 seconds when we heard them loosing their minds.

Stacey III reported in per our request with the low down. In his most nonchalant, brutally honest form, he said:

"I was going potty and Wyatt said he didn't need to but then he did, so I peed on him, so he punched me then I punched him back then I spit on him and then he spit on me."


We just sat there like deer in headlights staring at him wondering what chapter of parenting 101 covers that.

Oh how I love the mischievous, misunderstood, mysterious minds of boys. :)

PGA Prospects

Saturday Stacey and Chris were doing some BBQing at the golf course for a tournament so before the heat got too unbearable we headed out for a little practice.

Stacey and his sticks

Wy Guy
Melanie was out there too with her preciouses, Andrew
and Taylor
Such determination
I see a lot of sweaty Saturdays at the golf course in our future :)