Saturday, December 24, 2011

Santa has Elves we have Crew & Coyt :)

I still need to do a One Year post, but couldn't resist sharing a few of these two Christmas cuties!! Oh how my cup runeth over!! Merry Christmas Eve!!

Friday, December 23, 2011

This has been a fun month, but the looming posts were starting to overwhelm me so here's a hodge podge of everything we've been up to so far this month.

A little movie night with the fam., snuggled up kiddos.
Play time with Daddy in an interesting ensemble after work.
We attended Christmas Chapel at WCS and ran into the CUTEST little shepherd!!
and another performer.

III was slightly disappointed that he didn't get to hold a staff but totally rocked his lineless role anyway.
We celebrated with Christmas snacks afterwards.

I chaperoned a field trip with Stacey's class to the museum. We learned all about how they celebrate Christmas all over the world and got to see the train exhibit. III's favorite was the train eating dinosaur.
They also reenacted THE Christmas story. III was the donkey...a little too animated for the narrator's liking, whoops.
The "Smith Express" took some lucky passengers on a tour of Waco's finest Christmas lights.
Getting their tickets punched.

Ally Wood turned 5 and we celebrated with a precious PJ party and donuts, both of which were MUCH anticipated by the boys
While the girls were inside making ornaments the boys were outside loving life.

"Donut seeds" for the wee ones. :)
Biggest donut EVER!
The Junods were passing through town during their holiday in Texas so we got to have a super fun family play date with some of our besties.
These two were in hog heaven getting to kick it with the big kids.
Coyt and Crew (and me!) getting some love from Wendi.
L-O-V-E these boys!!
You'd never know they only see each other twice a year.

It was extra special for Nick and the boys to get some hang time too. Now if only we could figure our how to get these guys to Waco permanently. Has ConocoPhillips been to Common Grounds?? (Picture complements of Stacey III).
Snapped a quick picture before heading off to a Christmas cookie exchange. These two are such incredible blessings to me!! So thankful to get to live in the same town with my sisters!
Cousin twins at their class Christmas party.
And finally a trip to see the big man himself, Santa!! They were so cute telling him what they wanted for Christmas. Wyatt asked for Star Wars Legos and a 20Q (electronic 20 questions game). Stacey kept his request a secret, um OK, hope Santa gets that one right, no pressure!!

A very cousin Christmas. Here Santa hold these three babies - ha! Stacey had to lend a hand.
Hard to believe that Christmas is just two days away!! Hope you are enjoying this wonderful month remembering God's greatest gift of Jesus Christ!!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Bugs, Basketball and Back to the Basics

There have been lots of fun happenings at WCS that I wanted to blog about.

Earlier this year I was invited to a bug tea party (or picnic if you are a six year old boy who does NOT do tea parties) in Stacey's class.
A little Spider lesson, after we had finished our food, he was thrilled to tell me that spiders eat their food by throwing it up and drinking it like a smoothie. :) Gross.

A few bug songs for entertainment.
More recently the school was invited to attend Baylor's first basketball game which was taking place during the school day. Let's see, math or a b-ball game!?!? Obviously a very fun treat for everyone. I drove a car load with five kindergartners and have new found respect for Mrs. Sims, Stacey's amazing teacher - WOW!
I love how into the game they all are.
Look who stopped by for a visit.
And lastly just before Thanksgiving I got to attend a field-trip to the Mayborn Museum with Wyatt's class and learn all about how the early settlers like to roll. I learned we would not have lasted long using buffalo bladders as canteens, grinding our own corn or sharing bath water with the rest of my family!

Wyatt rustlin' up some grub.
An Waco Indian hello
Skinning a deer
Ally grinding her own corn.
And just this week we attended our first Christmas Chapel, post on that coming soon. :)