Monday, May 16, 2011

Five Months Old!!

Crew 5 months
Coyt 5 months
These two little love bugs are still keeping us busy - and sleep deprived, but it has been a really fun month . They are laughing and smiling and "talking" to us all the time. They love rolling all over the place and therefore spend a lot of time on their play mat. They have discovered their hands and can better self sooth by sucking on their fingers and are reaching for everything, including each other.

Some days I think they look just alike and others completely different. They are both looking A LOT like Stacey III to us but I still see a little of Wyatt in Coyt.

I find it a bit challenging to bust out the camera when we are out and about (go figure!) so my pictures are usually random and just taken around the house, but thankfully on the 16th of every month I'm reminded to take a minute and fire away at two of my favorite subjects. Thanks for indulging me.

Crew in Stripes Coyt in Monkeys
This ones labeled :)
Crew on Right Coyt on Left

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Preschool Graduation & Mother's Day Luncheon

Although there are still five preschool days left for III, last week was the official graduation ceremony along with an end of the year program and Mother's Day luncheon. What a great day!!

Stacey could not love school more and has had an exceptional experience at Parkway Hills. Here he is accepting his "diploma" from Mrs. Carol.

I was loving the handmade graduation caps, not sure but there may have been a coffee filter involved? - precious!!
The students have learned corresponding verses with every letter of the alphabet and Stacey got to say (by memory!) the verse for the letter W during the program, "What time I am afraid I will trust in thee." Psalm 56:3. WOW - What a gift to have God's word hidden in his heart! I still have to post about his first performance at the rodeo, but clearly he has left his stage fright behind! I was so proud and LOVED hearing 26 preschoolers recite God's word.This little nugget was in the program too, so thankful he has another year at this amazing school!!

They sang some precious songs just for Mommy and then it was off to the classrooms for a special lunch.
I hate that I can't be in two rooms at once on days like these but thankfully Nannie was there so she went to Wyatt's class while I went to Stacey's. I could fill a whole blog with the ways this lady loves and serves us, such a blessing to have her there!

A few little treasures for Mommy. I LOVE that somehow I have left Stacey with the impression that salad and green beans are my favorite foods - HA! more like chocolate and cheeseburgers, but I like his image much better!
Looks just like me don't you think? ;)

God has been so faithful to provide the perfect teachers for each of my boys every year and Mrs Carol is no exception. She is a treasure who is very much adored by Stacey III and appreciated beyond what words can say by me!
Sigh...oh how I love this little man.
We slipped out to Wyatt's class to catch the end of lunch.

Mrs. Bonnie, who has blazed new trails with her class of ALL BOYS, is no doubt accumulating jewels for her crown in heaven. Not sure how she does it but I am so thankful for her investment in Wyatt's heart.

All the boy's teachers have had sons themselves, and while that is obviously not necessary, I think it has uniquely equipped them for all that loving and teaching preschool boys entails. :)
And, the master of it all, our beloved Mrs. Jerry. She is the next best thing to having our own Honey at school with the boys everyday and while she is the most fun, creative, loving principal ever, she also sets a high standard for these boys and I LOVE IT. I'm not afraid to use the phrase "What would Mrs. Jerry think of that?" in a pinch. ;)
My other two honey buns were in the loving, capable hands of Shannon while all this was going on - THANK YOU SB for letting me have this special time with my Bigs (on her one day without all her kids I might add!), and for letting me borrow your camera for these pictures since I forgot mine! Come on, something is bound to get forgotten when I am trying to get us all gussied up and out the door by 8:30.

I am ridiculously blessed to get to be a Mother and so thankful for the incredible blessing of four sons!! Just typing "four sons" makes me feel overwhelmed with gratitude! Heaven knows I am not worthy or equipped but thank you God for making me a Mother and for allowing me to know and love Stacey, Wyatt, Crew and Coyt. May I ALWAYS point them back to you!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Matchy Monday

It is unseasonably cold today and has been raining all morning, a day I am thankful to be able to stay cozy at home!

We had to pull out some warmer clothes and I was happy to finally get to put the C's in these snuggly outfits. Even though they were the right size when they got them for Christmas they swallowed our tiny twosome until now and since the Bigs had matching fleeces, well, we of course had to snap a few pictures...drool and all. :)