Tuesday, November 30, 2010

34 Weeks

I got two stars today, literally my doctor gave me two star stickers, because we made it to 34 weeks!! From the very beginning he has said 34 weeks was the goal with twins so whoo hooo we are here.

We had a good checkup/sono. The boys are estimated to weigh 5 and 5 1/2 lbs. right now. They are getting more difficult to measure since they are all up in each other's business but both are growing and looking great. Crew continues to be long and lean while Coyt seems to be a little chunkier. Best they can tell the issues we have been watching with the kidney have resolved themselves, so that is a wonderful answer to prayer.

I am more and more uncomfortable but not showing signs of labor yet and as much as I am ready to get this party started more time is obviously good for the babies as they continue to grow and develop. No official inducement date has been set yet, but they will be here by Christmas at the latest and that is only three weeks away!!!!

As I was in the waiting room at the doctors office today I was thinking about sitting there that incredible day when Stacey and I went in for our first appointment and got the news that we were having TWINS! Overwhelms me with absolute joy to to think about the unimaginable blessing of two babies and the fact that we'll be holding them in just a few short weeks!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Thanksgiving Tree

On Friday the boys and I made our annual Thanksgiving Tree. They went back and forth telling me all the things they were thankful for and I wrote them each on one of the tree's leaves and then let them hang the leaves on the tree. They were very enthusiastic about what they were thankful for this year and needed little prompting from me. In addition to all our family, including each other, our house, food etc. they were thankful for Daddy's Job, God, Jesus - who died on the cross for our sins (way to make mommy thankful that you know this truth!!), their school and teachers and of course the all important Pigs, Candy and Lightning McQueen :), just to name a few.

I couldn't be more thankful for these two precious gifts!! And the blessing of getting to spend my days with them both.

The mirror wasn't my most strategic placement for pictures but you get the idea.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Soccer Wrap Up

Our soccer season is officially over. We had a trophy party at Raising Canes to close out the Spiders season.
Coach and his star player ;)

The Monsters (Wyatt's Team) wrapped things up as well, but it was FREEZING at the last game/trophy presentation so I didn't snap any pictures. We had a rather large cheering section too, with both sides of the family there, again sorry no pictures.

Wyatt bookended the season with tears, although in his defense the little guy ended up being sick after his last game so I think there was more going on at that particular game. However, he played great and had lots of fun in between the first and last game!!

Friday, November 19, 2010

One little...two little...

I couldn't resist snapping a few pictures of the cutie pie chiefs at our house after their Thanksgiving feast at preschool.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Lets Go Mavs!!

Yesterday about 4:30 Stacey called home to see if we'd be up for a Mavs game. We, being Stacey Wyatt and myself were all still in our jammies after a very leisurely day at home, leaving us perfectly primed for this spontaneous family outing! Someone at Stacey's office had offered him four tickets to the game and we jumped at the opportunity to enjoy a night out with the boys.

We had a parking pass (check plus for me-maw hips) and great seats (both because they were close and cushioned which is especially important to yours truly these days). Stacey and Wyatt loved it and we all enjoyed the evening, which ended with a Mavs victory!!

What a blessing to have a free family night fall in our lap!!

32 Weeks

I am 32 weeks today and according to my most recent checkup everything looks perfect. Both boys are growing nicely, measuring around 4.3 and 4.4 pounds. Just in case your math is fuzzy that is over eight pounds of baby!!!! They are currently both head down (although still plenty of time to change) and there fluid levels look great. I am very "full" to say the least as there is literally no space between my uterus and my breast bone and Crew's head is very low. But we continue to keep on keeping on, with no signs of labor or need for bed-rest etc. Don't you worry I spend plenty of time putting my feet up and resting.

The me-maw hips are still in full effect and have been joined by some late night heart burn, general shortness of breath, and tiredness but it is hard to complain when you go in for a check up and words like "perfect" and "couldn't be better" are used to describe your pregnancy! Obviously I have nothing to do with the way my body is managing to carry these precious babies, but I am incredibly grateful for God's protection and the continued health of Coyt and Crew.
Speaking of, they were feeling very photogenic today and both offered up a profile shot, often a rarity this late in the game. It was clearer on the video, but I really don't think their profiles looked much alike. Who knows, but makes me super excited to see their sweet faces.


Friday, November 12, 2010

Sweet Shower

It has become our tradition after first born baby showers to have a mini-shower for the expectant mother. Mini, in that it is a little more low key with just the seven of us. So while I was in Waco for Halloween weekend my besties from forever had a beautiful luncheon for the babies and me!

I forced them to take this cheesy one. :)
Yes, we were down one very critical attendee, but we brought Doha and Wendi to the shower via Skype. Thank goodness for modern technology. Of course there is nothing like the real thing, but thankfully it is a just a few more weeks until our expat is back in the USA for the holidays!! (Sorry for the fingerprints Wendi).

These girls really know how to make a mama feel loved!

My spot had two baby pumpkins, for obvious reasons ;).

I also took home some great loot!! Including pacimals, a moby wrap, and an awesome high chair that hooks onto a table but without question the"My Breast Friend" twin nursing pillow provided the most entertainment.

A vision of things to come...Yikes!
And then after babies it can clearly be used as a serving tray.
I know I am a broken record when it comes to these girls, but I can never say enough how blessed I am to have each of them in my life. As usual, our time together was too short and leaves me longing for our next get together!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Just some good old boys...

This Tuesday marked our second annual Grand Prix Race at Parkway Hills. Which meant it was time once again to create a car out of thin air...well actually two cars out of thin air...or out of a card board box, but trust me it feels like thin air. This project had Daddy's name written ALL over it and I made it very clear that it was ALL his. Thankfully he was up for the challenge and he gets all the credit for our little racing creations.

Meet Bo Duke, driving the unmistakable General Lee,
And Roscoe P. Coltrane, in his standard issue State Trooper.
The boys have enjoyed watching some "Dukes" as they call it with Daddy lately so they knew just what their characters were up to.

Can you say Drama Team...or perhaps Stage Mom?? Sorry I couldn't help myself. :)

Roscoe issuing a citation for bootlegging I'm sure.
Biggy contributed the suspenders!

The three-year-old races were first.

Then the big kids took center stage.

At the end of each race the Mommies and Daddies in each class have a little race of their own. Thank goodness Stacey was able to be there, otherwise Coyt and Crew might have been born at Parkway Hills!
So thankful for a great Daddy/Husband who made this a priority for his boys and let me watch from the sidelines throughout the project.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Clown or Turkey Feather? You Decide

I realized when Stacey was about to get out of the car in carpool line one morning that I had failed to capture a picture of his GORGEOUS turkey feather, so I snapped one with my phone.
At one point during the process of making this when I might have suggested a more streamlined approach he said, "Mom, this is my feather and you have to let me make it the way I want to." Clearly, mission accomplished ;).

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

You KNIT me together

On October 28th I got to help celebrate my baby sister Kacey and Caroline Caprice, her second baby girl due December 21st, at a baby shower in their honor. Here is the beautiful Mommy.
I had seen a cute wedding shower here with the theme of "Knotted in Love" and thought it would translate nicely for a baby shower using Psalm 139, so "You Knit Me Together" became the theme.

What a blessing that we can rest in the truths of God's promises!!
Kristiana, one of the hostesses owns, Krispy Banana Kids and made all of the items for the precious clothes line.
I borrowed the various balls for these yarn balls from my boys, obviously you couldn't tell, but it made me smile a little knowing that tennis balls, soccer balls, and even a Spiderman & Batman ball were just below the surface of the girly centerpiece. :)

The favors were sewing kits and say "Thanks for sharing in the joy of Caroline being perfectly knit together."
As I mentioned Kacey is Due December 21st the exact same day I'll be 37 weeks (which they won't let me go past). So basically we have the same due date and these babies may very well be cousin triplets.
Couldn't help but include this pic of the hostesses showing off our new earrings, our hostess gifts from Kac, makes me laugh, and confirms that I am definitely retiring that shirt - WOW!!
Love you Kacey and can't wait for Miss Caroline to arrive!!!