Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Shelley snapped a few sweet pictures of my babies one weekend in Dallas. I thought they captured their littler personalities and interaction with each other so well. Thanks Shelley!

 Double Trouble
 Just to mess with you now Crew is in pink and Coyt is in green. ;)

 These little cutting eyes are seen regularly around here!

Right now Coyt is pretty bossy pants. He wants WHATEVER Crew has and pretty much demands that he gets it. Even if they have the exact same thing! Typically, Crew would rather give him the toy or cup or whatever and move onto the next thing than put up too much of a fight. Except for when he doesn't feel quite so compliant and then it's a battle.

They are still two peas in a pod and can usually be found together.

They are both messes and get things out faster than I can put them up. A LOT faster. Their latest obsession, other than choos (shoes), is putting anything they can find into my bathtub and then turning on the water. Good Times. :)

Back To School!!

If I am totally honest I was READY for the First Day of School this year. This Summer with my four feisty, needy, cranky, messy, stubborn, wonderful, precious, funny, amazing handfuls left me pretty weary. 

I don't want to be one of "those Mom's" that is excited about her kids going to school. And I felt really guilty about my lack of sentiment as I sent Wyatt off for his first day of Kindergartner, but that was just how the cookie crumbled this year.
 We were set with a little teacher gift.
 We had read all of our back-to-school-ish books. We've actually accumulated several really cute ones!
The house was festive (I has supper club here the weekend before so I had extra motivation for back-to-school decor...not that I need a lot of motivation to get me rolling with a theme ;)).
This picture pretty accurately describes our morning - YAWN!! We had just gotten back from Telluride a few days before and we were having trouble adjusting back to the school schedule!
But other than being a little sleepy my big boys were ALL smiles.
This kid was READY for kindergarten. And he did look so big and grown up in his cute little uniform (I mean I'm not heartless).

When he tried on his uniforms a few weeks earlier I was ooing and ahhing over how cute and grown up and kindergartnerish he looked. A few minutes later he came over and whispered in my ear, "Mom, say some more stuff about how I'm a Kindergartner."WYATT PURDY SMITH I ADORE YOU!
 Happy Campers
I had originally thought Stacey would be out of town so I had asked GP (or BP as the Cs are currently calling him) to watch Coyt and Crew. But his trip got cancelled so we ALL got to be there, a nice treat. 

Stacey takes the boys to school every morning on his way to work which is an incredible blessing for me!! SO he accurately noted that I was actually the one tagging along for the first day not him.
"Mrs Purdy" the principal. Such a sweet blessing to have our Honey at school with the boys every day.
 Wyatt's classroom

 Stacey's room.
 Smart Board sign in (First Grader is D.O.N.E. with pictures at this point)
Cousin Twin - another awesome perk, having your cous in your class - AWESOME!
This year Stacey has Mrs. Lindsey who I have had the privilege of knowing for literally forever!! So wonderful to have someone I know and trust shepherding my alpha this year!! Not to mention that she is an incredible teacher.
And Wyatt had the AMAZING Mrs. Sims, who Stacey had last year, and we LOVE LOVE LOVE!! Praise the Lord for awesome teachers!
 Hey Guys! Social Butterfly.
 Sweet Mommies that I get to enjoy this year!!
 We are so thankful for and blessed to be a part of Woodway Christian!

Contraction Conundrums

OK I was cleaning up my draft folder and realized I never posted this. 
And of course while I wrote it only a short time ago he has already stopped saying it.
Thought I'd better add to the archives. :)

Sweet Wyatt has invented his own contraction and can't seem to keep it out of his vocabulary. Instead of saying I did not, I am not, I didn't or I am. He says I am'it. As in, "I am'it throwing the ball in the house" or "I am'it leave the door open".

Yes, it sounds like d*** it.

It is usually said alone in defense of something like, "Wyatt did you hit him?" "No, I am'it!"

Sweet thing, at first it was just funny but that little phrase seems to be a hard one to break and after constant corrections it still rears its head fairly often.

I just know it is one of those things that I'll eventually forget about and I want to remember about my wy-guy, you know, back when he used to say am'it all the time. ;)

Friday, September 14, 2012

Telluride Take Me Away

We had never been to Colorado in the summer. I have been skiing in the spring and winter numerous times and I have always LoVeD the mountains, but I had NO IDEA how amazing they would be in the summer. I am a loyal Texan and LOVE our lone star state but I could easily "summer" (I mean I do drink coffee now I figure it is only a matter of time before I start "summering" places) in "Colorful Colorado". 

The temperatures were perfection, we had the doors open all day everyday and spent as much time outside as we did in. And the landscape was just God Breathed. Much like I don't understand how anyone can witness the birth of a new baby and not believe that there is a mighty God who orchestrated such miraculous events, I don't understand how you can look at the mountains and not see our makers hand prints ALL over it. It just overwhelmed me all week long and I loved that everywhere you looked you saw creation that would not allow you to forget God's power and love for us. 

The boys took one look around and decided that the "Man Cave" was indeed the place for them and that this house was pretty cool. They would like us to install an elevator at home immediately. But, since we're rockin' one story I think that is a dream that will stay in CO.

After stretching our legs and touring the house we were in need of some sustenance so we drove into Mountain Village. The house was actually in Mountain Village up in the mountains so it was super fun and convenient to have everything so close. We had some delicious pizza at La Pizzeria - our first of several delicious pizza spots in Telluride - also including Baked in Telluride and Brown Dog - just in case you're taking notes for your own trip. :)
 Graham is 100% edible - ABSOLUTELY PRECIOUS!! I loved getting to love on him all week.
After dinner we took our first Gondola ride. There is a free gondola that runs all day from Mountain Village down to the city of Telluride. The boys LOVED it!! I mean what's not to love? And it is super convenient so we rode it everyday we were there. :)

Cade is hilarious and was fast friends with Stacey and Wyatt. He is super smart and social and just cracks me up.

 Super shoppers.
The next day we headed into the city, via gondola of course, to check things out and do a little sight seeing.

Some family pics from our balcony.

The house overlooks a beautiful golf course and there is a putting green just up the road so we stopped for a little practice.

I mean check out that view!! Gah!

Hydrating for our first little hike.  

This picture makes me think of the SNL Mom Jeans skit..."Because your not a woman, you're a MOM!!"
That night the Stacey and Keith took the kids to Mountain Village for Summer Cult Favorites Movie Night and they got to watch Return of the Jedi outside. A favorite part of the trip for the Daddies and the Boys.

Two peas in a pod. :)
On day two we all hiked the trail right by the house, It was about a mile and just perfect for our posse. The end was a little rough and uphill but otherwise it was a beautiful trek through the woods and we all loved it.
Sorry for the blossom-esk look I'm sporting with my hat and flower - HA! the boys had given me  a flower and I forgot that I had it in my hair.
 Stacey III wanted to look like he was "holding the mountain" in all his pictures.
I love this picture of these three cuties.

Wyatt and Cade had no problem throwing their arms around each other for a buddy pic. III was a little too cool.
A little pit stop. Wyatt LOVED his hoodies on this trip. At one point he lost his hood privileges as a consequence for who knows what. Heartbreaking for him.

 Mountain Village had a great little park that we frequented.

 Complete with a rarely seen these days see-saw!


The next day we thought we would check out the nature observatory, which turned out to be LAME and do "a little" more hiking.

Gondola Group shots

 Graham loved him some Stacey which was extra precious because most kids are terrified of the beard!
 Chipmunk sighting
Here we are at the top of the mountain. See that tiny village way off in the background? That was our destination. Piece of cake.
This picture shows our hike in the background. Now you, like us, might think, you're walking downhill how bad can it be? And you, like us, might think, we can totally do this.
 But you, like us, would be wrong, so very very wrong.
We took of for the big hike and it was OK at first but we quickly realized that our troops were NOT really up for anything more than our sweet little mile hike back by the house. Don't let the downhill part fool you this was hard work. There was much whining and complaining and gnashing of teeth and maybe a few tears. But I quickly realized that at this point  there was nothing to do but finish strong. So I dried my, I mean their, tears and we persevered!!

We were SUPER proud of our little guys (and ourselves!) when we finally made it to the bottom. Ay-ya-yay!
And we promised NO more hiking would be required. We filled our Colorado quota and checked that box!
 It was of course, like everything, B-E-A-utiful!!

We got reprimanded by a local when we left our mark on these trees (like about 100 people had already done). We were complementing them as they passed us saying, "Wow you guys are walking up the mountain (such a novel idea), that is so impressive we can barely walk down the mountain." And she glared at us and said, "We'll I'll tell you what's not impressive, that (referring to us adding our names to the tree)!" Whoops, awkward, sorry Telluride!

And God Bless Texas, she wasn't the first not so friendly Coloradan we'd run into. I just hope this doesn't effect my plans to summer here because while it is HOT in wacky Waco and there are no mountains, we have them beat in hospitality tenfold, just sayin'. :)

 After our hiking "adventure" we headed straight to The Sweet Life for some promised treats.
Right up this one's ally!!
We really enjoyed cooking together and when you get to eat this
 with these people, looking at this, life is pretty good!!
The next night we headed back to Mountain Village for a concert in the park.
I loved getting to have so much quality time with Kristin!!

The next morning Stacey and Keith took the big boys on an off-roading adventure in the compliment catching jeep. And even stopped to take some pictures for us!! How fun for these boys!!

Stacey III came down with a little fever bug that afternoon :( but thankfully he recovered quickly and no one else got sick.

That evening Stacey and Keith played golf and according to Stacey it may have been the nicest course he has ever played!

I'm not a man/boy but I'm pretty sure bookending your day with off-roading and golf, not to mention Brown Dog pizza sandwiched in between, has got to rank pretty high on best days ever.
Watching from our balcony.
And then it was finally here, our last day of vacation. :(

We made the most of it with breakfast at Baked in Telluride. Wyatt's donut is a joke compared to the LIFE-CHANGING deliciousness of their ham and swiss croissant.

I was just disappointed that we were just now discovering it and therefore couldn't have had one every morning we were there! Thankfully Keith made an early morning run the next day before we hit the road so that we could have one more taste of perfection. My mouth is watering.
We walked down to yet another picture perfect park.

The boys added skate-boards to their wish-lists after seeing these kids in action. It's like you can see Wyatt's wheels turning just by his stance. :)
We wrapped things up strolling through the Farmer's Market. Enjoying some perfect peaches.
And then it was time to say goodbye to our vacation and head back to Texas.

Goodbye amazing mansion.
Goodbye quiet-time with coffee on the porch.
Goodbye perfect weather.
Goodbye fake reality where my husband doesn't have to go to work.
Goodbye majestic mountains that scream at me to stand in AWE of my God!!
Goodbye Sheps. :(
Goodbye vacation.

OK that is a little overly dramatic my daily reality is pretty dreamy too!! But I'd be lying if I said I didn't get a case of the "Telluride Take Me Always" every once in awhile since we've been back. And yes the boys whined and complained and disobeyed, even in Telluride. And Wyatt got car sick driving in the mountains, and I felt like I might need to take oxygen from walking up one flight of stairs due to the altitude. AND obviously I wouldn't trade a world without my sweet Cs for ANYTHING, but, it was a nice break and it was a pretty dreamy vacation.
On the way back we drove straight through without stopping, so there was no time for reentry to Texas photos.  I snapped this from the car. We made it and lived to tell about it but I think next time we'll take the two day route like we did on the way there.

You know, next time, when I go summering in T-Ride. ;)