Saturday, March 31, 2012

Cute As A Button

A few weeks ago I got to help throw a little baby shower for my sister, Angie and my soon to arrive (as in any day now!) nephew, Brady. We are so ready to meet this little man!!

We went with a "Cute as a Button" theme. I outlined some of the details at the bottom for all my party throwing peeps out there. :)

Lauren wowed us once again with a color coordinated cake, per our request.
The favors:

Ally girl was a special guest and is super excited about this baby brother! We've already bonded over our middle sister connection.
Hostesses with the Mostesses
Mom and Ang
The loot! Angie isn't the biggest fan of opening gifts in front of everyone (I know she isn't alone in that!) so we made it a "display shower". So simple for the guests and the honoree.

The dets: (if you are reading this on googlereader you may have some color issues??, not sure how to fix it, but you can read the below by clicking on the blog - sorry!)
  • Invitations: These were from Etsy, we just had the lady customize the colors to match Angie's nursery, and traded out one of the pacifier pictures for a button. I was impressed that she was able to match the Restoration Hardware blue so closely!
  • Big Buttons: Kacey found those big buttons in the exact same color as our invites, which is a very unique color, at Hobby Lobby - so we were of course thrilled ;). If your still reading than you can appreciate how exciting a little detail like a giant button in your exact shower colors showing up can be! They had them in cream and maybe one other color too? They were a little pricey, like maybe $17, but with Hobby Lobby you can always get them half off you hold out for the sale. We just tied one to a wreath Kacey already had and put the others on plate stands.
  • Button garland: We made this from scrap book paper. Kacey found a small packet of paper in the shower colors. We just cut different size circles with circle punches, then punched four holes in the center with a regular hole punch (fold the circle in half to get to the center). Then Kacey sewed them all together on her sewing machine.
  • Button B: I bought a package of buttons at JoAnns and arranged them in a "b" the way I wanted them then super glued them to the paper. I actually made two of these. On the first one, I used the wrong kind of gorilla glue, it apparently expands after it dries so it looked great until few hours later when it was seeping through the holes in the buttons and around the sides. Not pretty. Thankfully I had bought two packages of buttons and redid it with regular super glue. My buttons weren't perfectly flat so that made getting a few of them to stick a little tricky, but obviously they worked. Then we put the paper in a frame and ta-da.
  • Wooden Buttons: I ordered some plain wooden buttons online and used them like confetti on the tables.
  • Favor: For the favor I bought plain silver magnet clips at OfficeMax and super glued big buttons onto the center circle. I couldn't find enough of one kind of big buttons, they come in packs of two or three, so I just used a variety all in neutral colors but different styles and textures. I tried paperclips with buttons and magnets on them but the magnet clips were just simpler and cleaner. I just made up the poem, I am sure any English major would be rolling their eyes at the misconstrued rhymes and rhythms but Oh well. :) I printed the poem on the same paper as the button garland.
  • Burlap Runners: Kacey cut the cream and brown burlap to make runners. She just cut the cream a few inches wider than the brown, I thought it was really cute!
  • Mason Jar Vases: Kac already had these from a previous party. She hot clued the rope and wrapped it around the centers.
  • Onesie and bibs: the talented Kristiana made those.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Car Comedy

After we lost the bluebonnet blues and had some dinner at Coach's BBQ the boys were nothing but smiles. Since I had my camera handy I snapped a few pictures of the baby/big brother love.

Stacey & Crew (my firstborn alphas).

Wyatt and Coyt had to get in on the fun.

Wish these pictures had sound too, so you could hear the giggles from Crew and Coyt.

Bluebonnet Bust

The bluebonnets are beautiful in Waco right now so we thought we'd have a little spring photo shoot with the cousins. But apparently we forgot to tell the babies that sitting in the blazing sun around itchy bluebonnets in their Easter best is awesome and they were supposed to LOVE IT! Because they sort of hated it and let us know ASAP they were not having it!

I was laughing that this picture of the tops of their heads was the best picture we got. But I actually sort of genuinely love it now, probably because I love those four precious heads so much!
If only you could hear this picture.
It might not be a framer for over the fireplace, but it is reality. :)Oh did you want to stand up? Nope.
My bigs. There is lots of LOVE in that headlock...I think?
These cousin twins know how it's done!
The big kids
The whole bunch!
You may have won this round bluebonnets, but we'll be back!!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Q & U Say I DO

Last week I was cordially invited to a beautiful wedding uniting Mr. Q and Miss U.

The happy couple. I love the random magazine face on Mr. Q - HA!
I forgot my camera, so I just snapped a few phone pictures at the reception. Yes, there was a reception. Mrs. Purdy (AKA Honey) officiated the ceremony and I wish I had captured Stacey's face as he walked the isle with he partner, a precious little girl from his class. He was so embarrassed - but so cute!! All the kindergarten pairs made their way down the isle in their Sunday best with their Q & U people in had. Then they repeated vows to make words together forever.

Q&U words made the perfect table decor.
Honey serving up some wedding cake. Two Moms made those beautiful cakes, they were seriously so pretty! Afraid the happy couple would have been stuck with cookie cake if I had been in charge!
Loved getting to share the special day with Stace.
Stacey and one of his best buddies, Jackson.
The blur in this pictures is so appropriate for these two wiggle worms. They are only allowed at alphabet weddings!
After the ceremony and reception we got to blow bubbles and wish Q & U a lifetime of happiness together.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

And so it begins

Coyt and Crew are walking! Or at least trying to walk. Here is a little peak and their latest achievement.

No, they are not intoxicated in this video. And no, I am not intoxicated in this video. I wish I could blame my volume and over zealous enthusiasm on alcohol, but much to my chagrin I'm just one loud proud mommy. ;)

Friday, March 16, 2012

Music to my ears

It was just a few months ago when we unexpectedly heard the ivories being sweetly pecked by tiny fingers that had reached new heights for the first time. Now those same tiny fingers can reach with ease and they are banging away a violent duet with pride.

Notice the ball in one hand, just keeping his options open and interests diverse. :)

Escape Artist

I didn't think I'd have to worry about the boys sneaking out until at least high school. ;)

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Sunday Shenanigans

The boys have discovered the pillows on GP and Honey's couches and love to pretend to go, nighty night.
Coyt: Let's see, that goes there.
Crew: Yep, just gonna slip these right on.
Coyt: Oh wait maybe it's a hat!
Help is on its way!!

Crew has mastered getting on and off his fire-truck and rides it around proudly ALL the time.
Love these two sweetie pies. :)