Monday, October 6, 2008

L is for Lila

I got to go to Houston this weekend for Kacey's first baby shower and some quality girl time with my Mom and sisters. The shower was darling, the food was delicious and the the gifts were plentiful. We can't wait for Miss Lila Elizabeth to arrive. Kacey, as usual looked as stylish and beautiful as ever.
I was reminded on this trip that I miss living with girls. I love my man, but lets face it he can't do my eye makeup, introduce me to Big Sexy Hair root lift, loan me accessories or give an educated opinion on my outfit :)

But I do owe my man a big thank you for keeping the boys and letting me enjoy a great weekend with my fam!!!


Chrys and Mike said...

i thought that first pic was of YOU when you were preg w/ one of the boys!!!!

y'all are all gorgeous!


angie said...

Loved getting ready with you too!!!