Thursday, October 30, 2008


My precious Wyatt has been teething something serious the past few weeks. So he has been waking up in the night and just not his normal happy self. "No" has become his favorite word. Of course, based on these pictures you wouldn't know he ever had an inconsolable moment, but that is what makes the super smile all that much sweeter.

I know food pictures can be a little yuck-o, so just FYI he is enjoying the chocolate pie we had for dessert last night :) Not sure why but chocolate all over his face isn't as gross to me as say peas?

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angie said...

Oh Wy, if you weren't so cute....BTW Ally is also cutting 4 teeth, ugh! and we took Ryan to the dentist and he had a cavity, on his top molar so we have to get that filled next week. Teeth, galore!