Tuesday, September 27, 2011

September Snapshots

There is no rhyme or reason to these pictures, which seems to be my blog MO lately, (I might have just googled MO to make sure I was using that term correctly) but, here are a few snapshots of our six pack circus. About half were taken on the iphone while my camera battery waited to find its charger. These "this and that" or "around the house" or whatever you want to call them, posts always seem so random when I'm posting them...because they are...however, when I look back they are also some of my favorites. :)

Blurry brothers (Crew & Stacey)
Sharks soccer fan club...more soccer pictures to come now that the aforementioned battery and camera have reunited.
Super babies holding their own bottles.
Double snuggles from Daddy.
Racket ball man strikes again!!
My cutie-pie kindergartner. :)
Scrub a dub dub two babies in the tub!
These two precious messes went to the doctor yesterday for their 9 month check up and low and behold they were both on the charts!! 25% for weight and 50% for height!! They are almost exactly the same size these days both 28" tall, and 18 pounds (Crew 18.4 lbs, Coyt 18.1 lbs.).

Until my next random "Mode of Operation" post. ;)

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Friday, September 16, 2011

Nine Months Old!!

Coyt Austin - 9 Months
Crew Anderson - 9 Months
Yes it is September/fall and yes the boys are outside wearing shirtless sear sucker, but it is still so very very hot and this it's not a look they'll be able to pull of at 16 so it was now or never.

What a month. We don't go in for the Cs nine month check up for a few weeks, so no official stats yet, but I'll go ahead and bore you will lots of other details. :)

These two are getting faster every stinkin' day! I will leave them in a room and come back only to find them having disappeared in two different directions. Although, come to think of it, they do seem to follow each other around a lot of the time.

The two pictures represent their most recent positions well. They are pulling up on everything and can get to a standing position fairly easily but still haven't mastered getting down. They'll pull up to the side of their cribs and then scream for me to come get them because they are trapped there unable to descend the great heights they have climbed. Neither of them are excellent at sitting yet, but both can now do a little side sit, like Crew is doing above, when they are crawling around. So they are getting there, baby steps...literally. ;)

Both boys are wonderful sleepers taking two naps (about two hours each) and sleeping 12 hours at night. What a difference from jut a few short months ago! We've dropped the "dream feed" at 10:00, and I am just nursing them in the mornings. They are eating three times a day and taking bottles with lunch and before bed.

They can both say MaMa and DaDa, and sometimes I think they actually know what they are saying!!...of course other times not so much.

If you get on the floor with them they love it and will crawl all over you like two little puppies, panting and flopping all over the place.

This month, thanks to the amazing carts at HEB with TWO seats up front (genius!) I was able to take both boys to the grocery store and actually getting a FULL load of groceries. One small step for most one giant step for this mommy!!!

And lastly, this month, Daddy decided to channel his inner stylist and buzzed the babies precious little heads...(dramatic pause)...while I was at Target. I came home with feelings I can only compare to Shelly Long's classic Troop Beverly Hills "HE PERMED ME" moment. So many questions so few answers.

What monthly post would be complete without the consistent sentiment of, where does the time go???? and how are my twinsies NINE MONTHS OLD? Sigh, such a sweet stage, wish I could bottle it up for a rainy day.

Baby Faces

I was taking a picture of Coyt to document his first shiner - he had a run in with a step and needless to say the step won - but he decided to turn on the charm and show me all sorts of expressions.

These pictures really don't do his black eye any justice, it looks much worse in person. But, it has earned him some street cred with the other babies on the block...you know the cribs? (that's baby gangster talk). Oh someone stop me I'm cracking myself up!

Not to be out done Crew wanted to show you a few faces too.


Meet The Wildcats!

Today I got to attend an AWESOME pep rally for "Meet the Wildcats" at the boy's school. It was so cute and the kids were all beyond excited!! Keep in mind most of them have never been to a pep rally. This was Woodway Christians' first one ever and the first appearance of the wildcat mascot.

Everyone came in to the sounds of High School Musical blaring catchy tunes about togetherness and wildcats and if that doesn't get you fired up then I just don't know what will. It's like this generations, Eye of the Tiger. Apparently something about large cats just says - it's game time!

They were each given a pom pom and immediately it was spirit central. (It was yellow day in Stacey's class)
Charley and Wyatt
GP was on hand to help with the wonder twins. Thanks Dad!!
Honey did a great job getting everyone fired up and running the show. She started things off with a prayer for sportsmanship, in victory and defeat. I just love that prayer can be a part of everything they do at school.
The Volleyball team and Football team got to run through this banner. Pretty sure none of them weigh over 75 pounds, but they made it through just fine. ;)
While all the fans cheered them on. It's a little where's waldo, but if you look close you can find Stacey and Wyatt are in this picture.
THE Wildcat made his grand entrance and threw gum to all the cheering fans below.
Several of these precious teachers just happened to be former cheerleaders and led everyone in some cheers and chants. I was holding Coyt, who was temporarily a little freaked out by all the wildcat wonder, and sadly missed getting a shot of the pyramid - which included a perfect split and cartwheel by one of these superstars!! Just trust that it was fantastic (and something I couldn't do now or ever for that matter!).
What's a pep rally without a little spirit stick competition? Mrs. Dunlap's class was part of the winning group.
Just a little excited.
Go Wildcats!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Playdate Falshback

This summer we got to have some extra special play dates.

The Junods were in Dallas ALL the way from Doha. And even though they don't get to see each other as often as we'd like these boys have known each other since birth and play together as if they were next door neighbors - and I have to tell you it just makes my heart happy to sit back and watch. It also makes me wish they were actually our next door neighbors! :)

Barrett, Wyatt, Stacey and Brooks
Georgia (the precious princess in the sea of boys) and the Cs getting in on the action. We are already looking forward to some extended time together with this crew next summer!! Who is ready for Basket Ball Camp?
These next few pictures were taken at a Burger King play date (yes I said Burger Kind, Waco folk, don't knock it 'til you've tried it) in June. We were in Waco for VBS and Shannon M. (another lifelong friend of mine) was in for the Starburst golf tournament. We met up with the locals, Katy and Lauren, and as always enjoyed every second of catching up.

Wrestling - it is the boy love language that knows no bounds.

Wyatt, Charley, Stacey & Justin
The whole gang
plus these two peanuts.
There is just something so special about seeing your kids enjoying spending time with your best friends' kids!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Hodge Podge Happenings

Well my throngs of readers (basically immediate family ;)) have been commenting that this little bloggy blog needs some updating and I really have no excuses for my lack of posts as of late other than my lack of decent photography! And when you see these pics you might just assume I kept them to myself too. But, since the fans (ahem, grandparents) have spoken I must not disappoint my people!!

Here are the cousin twins, Ally and Wyatt, giving me a hand with the true twins. I must say we love all the extra help we have around the house.

Nannie and Sarah didn't waste any time getting down here to see us (thank goodness!) and we rewarded them by showing off the local sights with a trip to the Richland Fashion Mall! :)
We also got a two back-to-school packages from Aunt Sarah - which the boys of course LOVED!!
Angry Birds Rule!
A shout out to our London Peeps!! I love my "Mummy" - HA! Shelley got these for the babes before they were born. Heaven knows their Mummy loves them to pieces.
Before you get too concerned about the size discrepancy between the twins in the following picture, that is actually Stacey III. :) When he discovered that he and the babies (or one baby as it was) had matching jammies, via cousin hand-me-downs, he couldn't wait to wear the "chicken" jammies together!!
A little trip to Barnes and Noble, I was feeling very daring letting them loose! Of course somehow SpongeBob ended up in the pic. instead of a beautiful picture book, that porous little yellow fella is always trying to squeeze his way into my world.
Speaking of yella fellas, we went to to our first Baylor game as local fans with the Sheps (loved seeing you guys!)! I felt a little like a traitor in my green and gold get up but the game was AWESOME and we are confident that our cheers helped give the Bears the extra umph they needed to win. Can't wait to go back.
And lastly a few pics of us last night enjoying the B-E-A-UTIFUL weather on a blanket with my babies.

So there you have it, a hodge podge post no doubt, but as you can see - life is good in our neck of the woods!!