Monday, October 6, 2008

Lil' Punkins

I saw these cute little dressed up pumpkins in my Mom's Good Housekeeping. I modified it a little bit by tying them at the top, but thought they turned out pretty cute. They would be even cuter in a big bowl with all different sized pumpkins. I LOVE ribbon and tend to have scraps around the house so this little project cost me exactly $3.
I found these other lil' punkins on a living room road trip. The car seats were inside waiting to be put back in my car and they are clearly more fun on the floor than in an actual automobile. These Halloween jammies (like SO many of Stacey and Wyatt's matchy matchy stuff) used to be Ryan (my nephew) and Stacey's. PTL for hand-me-downs!!

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angie said...

Those pumpkins are soooo cute!! Bravo! And you know I love the other little know Debbie was the one who gave Ryan those PJ's:)