Friday, October 10, 2008

Playdates Rock

We got to play with Noah and Haley this morning. And the good times just wouldn't quit. A playroom full of new toys, shows, a huge ball barn, flashlights in the "fort" (otherwise known as a winding mostly empty storage closet) then lunch topped off with suckers. In the 3-year-old world it just doesn't get much better than this. And in my 30-year-old world I love getting out of the house and catching up with my sweet friend Karla!

Here are the boys in a hug...or maybe a headlock, always hard to tell.
Wyatt LOVES talking on the phone...wonder who he has seen do that?
Proud Papa taking his phone for a stroll.
How fun to have this contraption up stairs!!
This toy camera was a big hit (I think we can add a camera and flashlights to the boys Christmas wish lists). Shocking that they both new exactly what to do with this!! Stacey kept saying "OK, I'm gonna take a pichure of (fill in the blank with an assortment of toys)." Then he would encourage the inanimate object with, "Oh good job, good pichure."
Thanks for a fun morning!

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angie said...

keep the Christmas list ideas coming:) such a fun day!!