Thursday, May 28, 2009

Memorial Day at PK

We got to spend Memorial Day weekend in Possum Kingdom at the Galvin's (a family with triplets in student ministries) Lakehouse. It is an AMAZING house and we found ourselves once again so grateful for their generosity and willingness to open up their home to us and allow us to enjoy it for the weekend with our boys and friends. As seems to be pretty typical, I got no pictures of the grownups, but we were there with the Sheps and Blakeslees and thoroughly enjoyed the company.

Check out the view from the back porch. Not too shabby!!
The weather was pretty crummy with clouds and rain on and off, but thanks to the hot tub the boys didn't miss out on the opportunity to swim.
These were taken about 8:00 in the morning. They COULD NOT WAIT to get out there!!

On Sunday we jumped in the jeep and golf cart and headed to The Ranch Pool. In addition to a full size pool, they have a pool that is about one foot deep, perfect for the little guys.
The water was FREEZING so I was glad Dad was there to keep an eye on the boys from the water while I sat on the sidelines.
And just in case they weren't already suffering from hypothermia, how about a snowcone!!
This picture of these four cuties, Cade, Wyatt, Stacey and Jack Henry was taken just moments before... a serious down poor, did I mention we were in golf carts and a jeep!?! Thankfully the house wasn't too far. But the drive was quite an adventure!
The rest of the weekend consisted of more good eats,
Stacey becoming one with nature, check out this video, he actually got to pet a baby deer!!
And finally on Monday just enough sun to enjoy some hoops in the big pool before we packed up.
It was a great weekend!!! Thank you Shepelwiches!!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I sink I sought it was paper?

Last week I was showering, I know the nerve of me to think I could leave my children unattended for 10 minutes, and unbeknownst to me, the boys were getting creative (or perhaps rebellious) with a sharpie. Yep, that's not washable marker folks - it is SHARPIE!!!!

By the Lord's good grace I didn't find this little disaster until Stacey was a MDO and Wyatt was napping so I had ample time to regain control of myself and rethink my initial desire to set them outside with a "children for sale" sign after an unprintable talking to.

Once we were all together we had a VERY serious discussion (followed by spankings, just in case you were wondering). During our little chat we reviewed the rules about markers.

Me: Stacey what are our rules about markers?
Stacey: You have to ask a grownup.
Me: And what else?
Stacey: You can only use one at a time. 
Me: (true but rather irrelevant at this time) What are we supposed to write on?
Stacey: Ummm...
Me: (prompting) we ONLY write on....?
Stacey: Paper.
Me: Is this paper?
Stacey: Weeeeeeeeelllllll...I sink I sought maybe it was paper???
Me: (nice try buddy) Motherly look of disapproval
Stacey: No, I sink I know that's not paper.

If anyone has any tips on getting sharpie out of leather I am ALL ears! So far the Magic Eraser has made the most progress.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Goodbye Incisor A Part II

Everything went smoothly this morning and Wyatt is doing great. We had to wake him up at 7:30 (incredibly rare at this house) to take him in, which was a huge blessing since he couldn't have anything to eat or drink. I had imagined two VERY long hours of denying him his "cuppy" or "ogert" but once in the car he was distracted and didn't seem to mind. 

Once they called us we went back with him, met the anesthesiologist and held him while he got a shot that gave him just enough time to look up at me and say, "'I'm tire..." before he was out. It was a very unnerving experience to hold such a lifeless baby in my arms. They took him back for the IV anesthesia and Stacey and i headed to the waiting room. We waited anxiously for a little over an hour, while being entertained thoroughly by the next waiting patient who had several creative games for us to play with her pipe cleaners. Dr. Judd said she was very glad we had decided to put him under because the tooth was in two pieces so she had to go in for the root. Ouch!!

Wyatt was really groogy on the way home and slept for several hours once we got home. He woke up happy and thirsty and looked like a drunk midget trying to make his way across the room, but finally seems to have his sea legs back.

Sorry, I know this isn't a very entertaining post (I like the way my vanity allows me to think my other posts are SO entertaining - HA!) with my boring play by play, but I wanted to document the day.

In the waiting room.
I had to include this one just for the shoes. Two year olds are so good at waiting :)
In recovery with our brave little man.
Recuperating at home
And finally back to being his happy self!! We'll go back in three weeks to get the new tooth, but I think he looks pretty sweet as is. :)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Goodbye Incisor A

I took Wyatt to the pediatric dentist this morning and it looks like his tooth is a goner :(. He let them take an x-ray (no small feet for a two year old!) and there was an obvious fracture so the tooth has to come out. Because of his age he will have to be under general IV anesthesia for the extraction and fitting for his new partial (AKA fake front tooth). We are VERY aware that of all the things your child might need anesthesia for this is at the top of the wish list, but we'll still be relieved when he is out. We go in tomorrow at 8:00, so if you think of it say a prayer for our little snaggletooth

Friday, May 15, 2009

Blue Steel

I think we may have just found Bravo's next contestant for Make Me A Super Model. We had a picnic by Stacey's office today and started snapping a few pictures by this pretty fountain. Wyatt was not in the mood, but III was workin' it.

Use the rail...
You're a fish...
Show me anger...
Yes Yes...
Turn into me...just like it...
Sweeter...I love it...
We got it - that's a wrap.

I will say that "someone" may have been trying to sabotage the competition what with Wyatt's whole "mysterious bleacher fall" resulting in a potential snaggle tooth and recent trim gone wrong, but even with these disadvantages, he is still pretty cute :)
Truth is, I'm not sure I could hang with the other stage Moms, and even though Zack & Cody make it look easy I'd hate to see his sweet face on "Child Stars Gone Bad," so for now we're just going to keep a low profile.

White Men Can't Jump

Or can they?? Stacey has been playing in a b-ball league with some friends through FBC McKinney and they finally had a 7:00 game (several were at 9:00) that didn't conflict with other plans so Daddy had his own cheering squad (and two very willing subs should they need them) in attendance. 

This precious picture of my three ballers was snapped just moments before Wyatt busted it on the bleachers and knocked his front tooth lose.
I have become rather accustom to falls that result in bloody lips following around these two rough and tumble boys and although unnerving I can keep my cool even when I realize they are bleeding, but finding the source of the blood is always the scary part. This time it wasn't just a lip. I talked to my dentist today and we are hoping that the coils that hold the tooth in place (Shannon M, don't laugh at my description) will tighten back up and that the problem will fix itself, but his tooth is REALLY lose and low. We'll go in early next week for an x-ray, so we're just hoping that he doesn't knock it out before then. Since he doesn't have all his baby teeth yet I'm thinking it will be awhile before a replacement arrives.

Sorry no team pictures! I started chatting with Melanie and sort of forgot to capture any shots of our athletes in action, but trust me, they looked good out there!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Cars In The Covers

This is a fairly common occurrence at our house. 
I'll climb into bed and find a few cars left like little chocolates on my pillow, except not on my pillow but hidden sneakily under the covers. Our house doesn't offer a lot of open play areas so every space, including our bed, is utilized. The bed is a particularly useful trampoline, wrestling mat (for Daddy and the boys, just in case you thought I was going somewhere else with this post) and open road for driving. Cars are scattered all over our house like confetti, then gathered up in their bucket daily to be redistributed. 

There isn't anything really noteworthy about  finding cars in my bed, except that it is just so classic little boy and it makes me smile. And it makes me a little sentimental about this sweet stage of life. I want to remember these days when my boys are driving real cars and roll their eyes at everything I say and wiping away all my kisses (which I plan to still give out regularly). Thank you Lord for little boys and little cars in the covers.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Cart Before The Horse

Seems we forgot a step here.
The boys were getting ready for baths, or a shower as was their preference this particular night, when we hear Stacey yell, "WYATT IS IN THE SHOWER WIF HIS CLOTHES ON!" followed by hysterical laughter. III is quite capable of striping down himself so he got right in and when I turned my head to chat with Dad, Wyatt followed suit, clothes and all. So of course in true blogger fashion we grabbed the camera. Hope this isn't the beginning signs of never-nude phobia.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

I have been overwhelmed today reflecting on the amazing gift that it is to be a Mother. The story in our Watermark News this morning was about some friends that have a similar story to ours. They had a miscarriage with their first pregnancy, but recently welcomed their first baby boy. I'm not a numbers person and the anniversaries of our miscarriage or the day we would have had our first baby pass by without much note, if any from me. But Mother's Day, on the other hand, reminds me of that sweet baby that we won't know this side of heaven. My heart was heavy this morning thinking about him or her and I was caught off guard by the emotions and memories that flooded my mind. But in God's perfect provision, thankfully for us, with that sadness comes unimaginable joy at the blessing, miracle and gift of Stacey and Wyatt and the incredible joy and responsibility it is to be their Mother. No doubt these pictures represent two of the happiest days of my life.

I've wanted to be a Mother since I was old enough to say the word, and although some days I doubt myself and God's wisdom in giving me these two boys, I know that this is what I was made to do. And I would no doubt fail at it even more often than I do without the incredible gift of a legacy of mothers that love the Lord and instilled in me and Stacey the importance of a relationship with Jesus Christ. Not to mention some AMAZING sisters and friends that I get to do it right alongside. What would I do without you!?! 

Although the day started out a little rough with well wishes for Happy Mother's Day from III through tears over his apparent dislike for one of my favorite breakfast treats, orange cinnamon rolls, he quickly perked up and we had a great day. Thanks boys for a wonderful Mother's Day, I think I'm gonna stick with it. :)

Happy Mother's Day!

Mother's Day Tea

On Thursday Stacey's Mother's Day Out hosted a Mother's Day Tea. The kids were so cute and excited to see all the Mommies. They served us snacks and performed "I'm A Little Tea Pot", fitting for a tea party. :)

They also had a gift for each Mommy. They were instructed not to tell us what was in it and not to open it until Mother's Day. Stacey, following in his mother's rule following ways, did not tell me what it was, but did ask several times if we could open it and eat it. We lasted until Friday night and then I gave in and opened it early. This is what was inside:
The little note read: 
This isn't an ordinary bag you see, it's popcorn and drinks for just you and me.
Maybe a snack in the middle of the day, or maybe for dinner I'd like it that way.
Could be during a movie maybe, or snuggling like when I was a baby.
Mom, I love you a ton you see and I'm waiting for time with just you and me.

So cute. I'm game for quality time with my man any time! Thanks Stacey!!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Wyatt's 2nd Birthday Video!

I have to give Stacey props for putting together this video of Wyatt's Easter birthday party. The boys love to watch it and call out each person's name as they appear. Thanks babe for making such a fun keepsake of this fun day!!

Disclaimer: I'm not sure why the video quality is so poor when I upload this to the blog and I know this isn't short, and you've already seen most of these pics - but how could I not share this with you :)

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


They say these things come in threes so I'm hoping that we're about done for a while. I know what you're thinking, that is only two broken window's in a month what's the third?
1.) Boys throw a golf ball through the window
2.) Our Air Conditioner stops working...a few hours before my girls community group comes over. They graciously insisted that it wasn't that hot, but as I pealed myself off the leather couch and weighed in at 5 lbs. lighter than when the group started I know they were cursing me all the way home.
3.) Weed-eater throws a rock at the back door leaving the above shattered glass.

So here's hoping that the "they come in threes" theory  is OK with general destruction to our home and not specific to broken windows. If not, glass beware, we're on a breaking streak.

P.S. The AC was fixed with a simple panel replacement - PTL!!  So we won't have to endure a life of poverty or live without what might possibly be the greatest invention of all time. One night without AC can change a lot of opinions about those other so called great inventions.

Cosmetology School Here I Come

Stacey came home from MDO with this little buddy and was very excited to give him a hair cut per his teacher's (the real love of his life Ms. Christy's) instructions. I didn't have any kid scissors or a Flowbee vacuum haircutter handy so I handed him a sharp weapon and let him go to town.
The Before
Hard at work
His tongue was out most of the time - obviously a signature move he'll take with him the the Paul Mitchell Institute.
I'm looking forward to all the money I am going to save on haircuts. Maybe I can use a little to buy some safety scissors.