Wednesday, November 23, 2011

5, 6, 7, & 8

Love when these two do their perfectly synchronized choreography.

Soooo Much to be Thankful for!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Alphabet Lunches

One week I decided I would make Stacey a letter lunch to go with the letter he was studying at school. So I made a letter "O" lunch...and that was all it took, I was hooked and so was he! He loved it and couldn't wait for his next letter lunch, and I couldn't disappoint him.
Stacey loves buying his hot lunch so I only actually make his lunch a couple times a week, if that and when it isn't a letter lunch it is usually a lunchable or something equally as easy, but once a week I muster up my creativity. I'm not sure who has more fun, me or Stacey. I'd be lying if I said I didn't sort of love scouring the isles for specific letter items. Some weeks are harder than others like "I" for example, but it's become a fun little tradition and keeps us from getting into a rut with our snacks. :)

Several weeks ago the kids had an early release day so we invited the cousins to join us for a letter "T" lunch at home and you know I can't resist a good Treasure hunt.

Ta-da, a T lunch with a Train Tortilla, Teddy Graham, Turkey rolls with Tooth pics, Transformer fruit snacks, Texas crackers, Tri-Color Tortilla, Strips, Trix and a Tootsie Roll
And what do you drink with a letter T lunch? Tab of course - HA! Didn't even know they still made Tab, or exactly what it was, but they do and it was a hit.

They study the letters in random order so I never know what the next week will bring, oh the anticipation! ;) We're about half way through the alphabet so lots more letter lunches still to come.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Eleven Months!!

Well I managed to take and upload these pictures last week, but neglected to actually post them! Whoops. The boys are over the hat and would rather take it off and chew on it than wear it for two seconds, so these aren't are best pictures, but they are my precious messes at 11 months.
My mind just can not comprehend that these two are closing in on their first birthday! I really do feel like it was just yesterday that we found out we were having TWINS!! And that I was waddling around town blowing everyones minds with my girth.

Coyt and Crew are pretty happy boys unless they are tired or hungry and the occasional teething outburst. We are trying to transition from baby food to table food. Crew is good about eating whatever you give him, but Coyt will sit there with a tray full of food and cry until you bring out the babyfood.

They are pulling up on everything and reaching new heights every day. Just this morning we heard the piano being played by 20 tiny fingers that just a few days ago couldn't reach such high heights. They can sit in real high chairs at restaurants and we switched them from their infant carriers to regular car-seats.

Even though they are still very much babies all those little milestones are just evidence that they are getting bigger and are a little less baby everyday...sniff sniff. However, knowing that these PRECIOUS days are going to be gone in a blink helps me keep my cool when they are crying in surround sound, or peas are getting spit at me or I am changing what feels like the hundredth diaper of the day. Because I know in jut a matter of months I will be wishing for these sweet sweet baby days.

Friday, November 11, 2011

BU Homecoming

Last weekend was Baylor Homecoming and since we have officially taken the leap into full on local fans we enjoyed all the festivities from the bonfire/pep rally to the parade and game. We also loved getting to see friends who were in town for the weekend (sorry no pictures to prove it). It is really fun being in a college town especially since some of our very favorite people went to Baylor and like to come back to their old stomping grounds!

Wyatt taking in the parade, he LOVED it!
It started out a little chilly and these two weren't sure what to think.
Look who we ran into. :) I have no idea where he gets this head tilt cheesy pose!! But it is his go to.
We saw Claire, one of my small group girls, who is now a SENIOR at Baylor, oh my heavens, looking BEAUTIFUL as a homecoming queen nominee. She'd get my vote!
And the Woodway Wildcats were in full effect rocking the parade!! You can see Honey, Ryan and Stacey at the front of the float.
Totally awesome!
The scarf sisters!
Such a fun weekend.

Fredericksburg Girls Trip

A few weeks ago I got to spend the weekend catching up with my best friends from my college days at TTU. At one time we were all in the DFW area so we would meet for dinner in Dallas or Fort Worth about once a month, but, Lisa moved to Wichita Falls many moons ago and now that we're in Waco we were past due for a girls weekend together.

Pit stop at the Dr. Pepper Museum on the way there.
I got there with my camera but no sim card :(, thankfully we took a few iphone pics.

We walked through the shops in Fredericksburg and went out to dinner.
We grabbed lunch at the Peachtree and shopped 'til we dropped. My cute avocado soup.

Then, we spent Sat. night at lake LBJ. We had a fantastic dinner at the Lost Oak Vinyard Tree House Bistro, stopped by the Kingsland HEB for magazines, and solved most of the words problems by 11:00.

And while we were away our husbands and grandparents managed to hold the fort down with only one trip to the ER. Yes, seriously, but a few stitches later Jude was good as new!

I don't see these girls as often as I'd like but when we get together we pick up right were we left off like we haven't skipped a beat since our days at Savannah Oaks. We reminisce about Brooke and what she would be doing if she were still with us. We laugh about our former selves and how much we've changed and simultaneously how we're all exactly the same! It was a great weekend and good for this girl to spend some quality time with some of my favorite people. I can't wait to do it all over again soon!!

A Major Award!!

OK I know you are sick of hearing me brag about my kids, what with the soccer post and INCREDIBLE feather creations (wink wink), but I just can't help but post one more braggadocios post about my firstborns award winning week!

And please know that this kid gets in trouble he hits his brother, he talks back, he's the pickiest eater I've ever met and does all the normal things that kindergarten boys do, I am under no allusion that he is perfect.

However, he is also a pretty great kid, and this week at school he was awarded the WOWCat (Woodway's Outstanding Warrior for Christ). It is an award given by the teachers to a student in each grade every six weeks. Way to go Stacey, we are so proud of you!!

Every Thursday in P.E. is Mileage Club which means running your heart out! They run as many laps as they can and at the end of the six weeks they receive a ToeToken (little foot key chain to hang on their backpack) for every five miles they've run that six weeks. Stacey got his second ToeToken this week, which he is beyond thrilled about. And, along with two other kindergarten boys has run more than anyone in the school thus far!!! I'm thrilled that he has picked up on my love of running - HA - J.K. - not sure where he gets it, but I'm so glad he loves it!

Stacey, we are so proud of you for being a good listener and obeying in your classroom and for doing your absolute best at school both in your classroom and in the gym. Way to go buddy!!

Birds of a Feather

This month Stacey and Wyatt both came home from school with a turkey feather to be decorated however they desired and returned to school to display with the rest of the class creations on their turkey.

Stacey of course wanted to decorate with his favorite thing in the whole world - candy, but, no edibles allowed, so we went with the next best thing - candy wrappers. Then he also wanted to decorate it with Texas Tech and Baylor, hummm, interesting theme?? We went with a double T made of candy wrappers and he was very pleased.

Wyatt also had no hesitation with his inspiration, batman and spiderman, I had just picked up a cape and mask for $3 in the Halloween clearance section at Wally World so ta-da our Super Wyatt feather was a no brainer. Wyatt was more of the brains of the operation and lost interest when it came to actually assembling it, but trust that he made ALL the decisions, right down to the placement of each hair.

A fun family project and great lesson in patience and letting go for mommy, I mean lets be honest who wouldn't choose super heros and candy over fall leaves and acorns? ;).

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Soccer Studs

We had a fantastic soccer season cheering on the Sharks at the Woodway Family Center. We let Wyatt play up so that he and Stacey could be on the same team and I am so glad we did. One practice schedule & one game = greatness. Not something we will do forever, but perfect for this season. And several of Wyatt's classmates were on the team too so it worked out perfect.

Our coaches were fantastic encouraging, teaching and corralling these boys all season.

Stacey III totally gets soccer and not to sound too much like a bragging biased Mommy, even though that is exactly what I am, :) but the kid has got some skills!! "Franchise" was his nickname an he was so fun to watch!!

Way to go #1!!
#3 is equally fun to watch!
Our Wy-Guy had so much fun playing soccer. He loved being on the same team with his brother and buddies and he managed to get that ball in the goal several times over the course of the season. The Family Center is just his speed and you would never know this was the same kid that shed many a tear his first season, those days are long gone.
Gooooooo Sharks!
Smith brothers
Love this team picture, pretty much says it all.

We had lots of fans come watch the boys play but their #1 fans, the twinados, kept me from getting many pictures of our cheerleaders.

Next up, basketball.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


This year we took a departure from traditional race-car drivers, superheroes, and pirates of years past and decided to go straight W.T. as "Swamp People." I'm really not sure how this came about but somehow after tossing around lots of ideas this is what we landed on and the boys were thrilled.

You may not be familiar with the hit show that chronicles the adventures of back woods gator hunters, why would you be?, but, it is a family favorite around here. However, if you are one of the Cajun loving viewers than you just might recognize these two.

Meet "Bruce" and "Willie"
I seriously gave no instructions for these two poses.
Look familiar? Ha! This is Bruce (in the overalls) but this isn't actually Willie pictured, Stacey was more of a mix of several characters, but you get the idea.
Ready to "choot em"

What kind of hunters would they be without some live gators to test their skills!
Got em!
Catch of the day. Dats suh big allugatahs
Don't worry, no gators were harmed in this reenactment.

Daddy with his tiny tree-shakas
Friday night we met up with the cousins for some pictures before heading to FBC Woodway's Fall Fest.

These two know just how to turn on the charm!
And drumroll please...join us under the sea with King Triton, Ursula, Ariel and Sebastian. I mean could you die!? Kacey really knocked it out of the park for her sweet family!! And Lila was in heaven!!
A city champion and a beautiful ballerina.
Love this picture. They're looking at each other like "What the heck are we wearing?" HA!!
Cousin Crew
Saturday I hitched my wagon to my sisters and got to attend an AWESOME fall party at the "Cooney Pumpkin Patch" It was an absolutely beautiful night out in the country and we had a blast picking pumpkins, decorating them, jumping in bounce houses, eating BBQ, going on a hay ride and visiting with friends.

I like this picture just because you can see Ang and Kacey wresting the triplet cousins (no small task these days) while I am off taking pictures. :)
Don't these three look like they could all be sisters? I think it's the hair? Sisters are not they are cutie pies!
On Monday morning Wyatt got to wear his costume to school. We decided to give Bruce a break before trick or treating and he went as SpiderMan!

Serious spidy skills!
"Don't worry Mom, it's just me, Wyatt." He is still completely conviced that he IS spiderman when he has his mask on and we have no idea that it's Wyatt until he reveals himself. Hilarious
We got to celebrate with his precious class at a fall party.
Later that same day Stacey's III's class had a 50s party celebrating the first 50 days of Kindergarten.

Stacey and his sweet friend Jackson.
Had to document the comb in his back pocket. ;)
Yummy sundaes!
Stacey with his amazing teacher Mrs Sims. Isn't she precious in her poodle skirt!!
After snacks at Mrs. Sims Diner it was off to the "drive in."
Monday night the alligators were back on the prowl looking for trouble.

Thankfully the local zoo keeper was around to keep them out of harms way. :)
In the wild.

You can't really tell in pictures but when they were crawling they looked so funny, they move like real baby alligators.
Before we headed out with friends for the actual trick-or-treating the boys wanted to practice at Honey and GP's so they snuck around to the front.
Decisions, decisions.
Then it was finally time to hit the streets and trick-or-treat!

Can't get enough of this one.
What's a gator got to do to get some candy?
Until next year, Happy Halloween, from our swamp to yours.