Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Boys and Bugs

Gotta crawl, gotta crawl, gotta crawl 
To the ugly bug ball, to the ball, to the ball
And an happy time we'll have there 
One and all, at the ugly bug ball 

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Double The Fun!

I got to help host a diaper shower for my sweet friend Meghan who is preggers with TWINS!! they will be her fourth and fifth BOYS! So needless to say I can't help but look at her with nostalgia and just a hint of awe! The babies should be here this week!! Most of this will look familiar from Kacey's shower but of course we added some twin touches to the little mEn theme!

 I love this little twin book, I think Crew and Coyt might need their own copy.

 Storey, the baby whisperer loving on Tyler the newest member of the Davis family.

 Some prayers for these precious lives and their sweet family.
 So grateful for each of these girls and their Godly influence on our lives!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Mother's Day

Stacey's first grade class hosted a sweet Mother's Day Tea. They sang the sweetest song about all their Mommies do for them: cook, clean, drive, doctor, teach, preach, etc. and then put props on this stack with each verse. 

I LOVED it and had to fight off a few tears just listening to there sweet words. Just what I needed for Mother's Day!!
My alpha who made me a mommy.
And my awesome Mommy!
I was given some sweet gifts, including this key chain personalized with our initials,
and these sweet notes/pictures.

The decorations - hand made of course!
I tried to upload a few short videos of Stacey's parts in the song??

Then as if that wasn't enough Wyatt  brought me a hand made creation that I will treasure always!!

WOW! thanks buddy, I can think of no better reason to be loved by you. And don't I know I need his grace and mercy in motherhood every stinkin' day!!
On the real day we celebrated at Honey and GP's and Nana was in town for the festivities too!! 

Four generations!
All the grand kids with their grandmother and great grandmother, shocker Crew is crying.
My picture perfect posse! :) Let's be honest picture perfect is really overrated...not that we'd know...but I hear it's for the birds.
I was reading a little bible study on Eve the week of Mother's Day. Can you even imagine being the first Mother? So thankful I have had so many incredible women go before me and walk along side me modeling for me what a great Mother looks like!

Kids Zoobilee

Fun family night at Cameron Park's Kids Zoobilee. Thanks for the tickets CTIW!! :) 

Little Landscapers

Our tiny workforce put itself to good use when we were setting out some landscaping. We are super excited about having landscaping and these tiny tots jumped right in the mix without skipping a beat. And they were actually a huge help, transferring plants from the back of the house to the front. Stacey and I were melting just a little watching them work so hard and look SO cute all at the same time. :) 

It was also a beautiful evening, one of those rare Texas spring nights when the weather is just perfect, and I couldn't help but feel ridiculously blessed that this is my beautiful life!!
 Stacey's and his mini me.

Now we're just waiting on the planting fairy to show up and plant them all. :) Just kidding, Stacey has actually been working really hard and we're well on the way to having them all in the ground.

WCS Field Day

They boys were SUPER excited about field day this year! 

First mission, find purple shirts, we were fresh out of anything with even a hint of purple in our closets, go figure. :) But, when you are in the Purple Den, you need a purple shirt.

The students are all divided into dens with students off all ages and they do lots of activities and competitions throughout the year with their dens, field day being one of them. Thankfully families are put in the same den so we get to watch the brothers and cousins compete together!

The morning started with dens rotating through activities coordinated by the upper grades. It was so fun to watch the older kids lead and encourage. They did such a great job!

Big fans! The Cs actually did a pretty good job all morning. It helped that we were rotating to different spots and activities so no time to get too squirmy.

 Throwing water balloons from blanket to blanket
 Puddle jumpers. :)
 Armed and dangerous

Burrrrr, how many coins and marbles can you retrieve from the ice? This was the last activity for the purple den before lunch and they loved it!

New fan recruits arrived. :)

After the morning festivities inside different classrooms it was time for lunch and the outside portion of the day. We left after lunch so Aunt Angie captured the rest of the pictures.

The next round of activities were den against den.

 GOOOOO purple!
 Scooter competition

 ball between your legs relay
back to back relay

 The biggest hit of the day was the ice cream truck.  These two twines love them some sweets!
 I always marvel at the mess these two can make!
 and then the much anticipated SHAVING CREAM FIGHT!! 
They had looked forward to this for weeks!!!

 the giggles were endless

 and then the 3rd grade...a bit more intense

 happy camper!

THANKS for another fantastic field day!