Wednesday, September 30, 2009

State Fair of Texas

On Sat. we headed out for opening weekend of the State Fair of Texas. We love going every fall and checking out all the fair has to offer. Kacey, Josh & Lila made the drive to join us making the day even more fun!

We started with the beloved (beloved by Stacey not so much by me) car show.

Heaven help us when these two are legal.
III loved the Bumblebee Transformer Camaro (takes me back to my t-top Camaro driving days - good times)!!
A red Corvette is more the Wy guy's know understated and oh so subtle :)
And you can't go to the fair without getting a Fletcher's Corny Dog. Wyatt gnawed on his for about an hour but we polished ours off lickidy split.
The boys got to pick one ride in the Kid's Way and loved their spin around on these bouncy cars.

Howdy Partner.
Cutest cow ever.
The boys really enjoyed the "All Hands On the Farm" experience.

After all that fried fun as well as a petting zoo, dog show, and gadgets and gizmos galore these two passed out Disney style right in the stroller.
But this guy hadn't quite had his quota of fair goodness so we finished the day with some Texas shaped nachos.
Everyone slept good that night...well, maybe not everyone Kacey and Josh had the luxurious bunk beds for the night, but we were all tired for sure. :)
Can't wait for more fair fun next year.

The Force Is Strong WIth You

Last week we got to celebrate Ryan's (III's cousin and BFF) birthday with a Star Wars themed bash that was out of this world :).

As usual Angie had every detail Star Wars-ed out complete with Vaderade, The Force Fruit Salad, Ewok Eats, "Star"bursts and mini light sabers (glow sticks) for favors, edible light sabers, Yoda Soda, and Galactic pizza. I shamelessly stole this collage from her blog.
I've learned just about everything I know about Stars Wars from this guy.
Wyatt looks a little too good at this :)
Clearly I need to work on my fighting face, not sure what those expressions are...? I can't speak for Angie and Kacey, but, obviously the force is not strong with me.
Wyatt getting some love from a real Jedi Master
My little ewoks and I had a blast. Or as Yoda would say, "Fun at the party we had, hmmmm."

Friday, September 25, 2009

A Red Raider Family Lives Here

My parents used to (and may still?) have a little cross stitched sign in the hall that read "A Red Raider Family Lives Here" and lets face it, if it's been cross-stitched you know it's true. We all got together to watch last Sat.'s game at Kacey and Josh's. We'll be cheering louder tomorrow, but we had a great time in spite of the final score.
Aunt Kacey put on a cupcake decorating seminar for the little people.
As usual Wyatt was neat and tidy.

This is where the boys were perched for most of the game, watching Monsters Inc. on the tiny screen. I just love the little stair step of these three.

Cameron Park Zoo

The boys and I spent a few days in Waco this week. We came into town for Ryan's 6th birthday party (post to come), and got to enjoy several days with some of my favorite peeps. When we headed back on Wednesday III was already asking when we could come back to Honey and GP's before we were even out of the driveway. And as usual I was reminded how blessed I am, even if I am the "other" sister now and the rebel who is living it up in big city while the rest of the family resides is sweet home Waco, TX.

Sat. we visited the Waco Zoo and had a fantastic morning. The crew, Ally was home sick, just in case you were keeping track.

Sweet baby girl.
Wyatt pushed this stroller (with his sweet baby, I mean cooler in the seat) around the entire time we were there. he was NOT letting go of that thing.
Honey and Wyatt (he has been asking everyday where Honey and "BP" are)

For the record, Wyatt took this picture. We are laughing because we are moving to stay in the shot, but still not to shabby for a 2 1/2 year old.
I realize their sweet faces aren't in these pictures, but I still thought they were pretty cute. :)

I didn't hear one whine or complaint the entire time we were there, which is nothing short of a miracle so we'll be back Cameron Park Zoo.


Thursday, September 17, 2009

Picture Perfect Round 2

I was once again blessed by my friend Shannon taking some fabulous photos of my favorite two subjects. So now we have officially captured the boys at 4 years old and 2 years old. Officially because while I take pictures all the time the quality is nothing like those that come from Shani's camera not to mention her skills behind that lens and at editing (and if you couldn't tell just from looking trust me by how long they took to upload to the blog:). The boys did a great job taking direction and smiling. At their ages I would have been thrilled with just one framer, so obviously having too many favorites to pick from was a real treat!! I know the sacrifice that it is to take the time to do this and I appreciate these little treasures more than words can say.

And, I finally updated my extremely outdated blog header picture so you might actually recognize the cuties in it now. Wyatt wasn't even one in the other picture!

Here are some of my favorites. Ford Modeling Agency feel free to call anytime. :)

Monday, September 14, 2009

Shiver Me Timbers

Mad Cap'n Stace and his trusty first mate Peg Leg Smith aboard the black (or red gingham) pearl.
I asked the boys to get together for this picture and Stacey said, "Matey, (he referred to me as matey the whole time they were playing) pirates don't hug - they just don't do stuff like that." But I guess he decided to make an exception. :)
After a good while of plundering and scrubbing the deck III took off his bandana and told me that being a pirate was really wearing him out. Arr, the piratin life be tirin.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

In the jungle the mighty jungle...

Today I got to help host a baby shower for my sister-in-law, Shelley and baby Truett. We are so excited about this precious nephew/cousin that will be joining us soon and can't wait for him to get here. Shelley was gracious enough to let us host her shower at her house! It was sort of like a sip and see except everyone got to see the nursery, not the baby :). Shelley did a great job with his safari inspired room (all my pictures of the sweet baby bed were blurry, sad).
So, since the party was at her house we decided to keep things flowing with the jungle theme. Sarah's friend Brooke did the cute invitations and favor labels for us.
Sarah, Shelley and Me. I am so blessed to have two sisters-in-law that I truly love!! I really scored marrying into this family :).
All the details of the day...

The loot.
Truett scored some serious goodies!! And I was quickly reminded how precious tini tiny baby boy clothes are :). T-bird we CAN NOT wait for your arrival!!