Monday, June 30, 2008

Take me out to the ballgame

Stacey got tickets for the Rangers game this weekend so he and Chris (one of Stacey's oldest friends) took III for a boys night out. The Brown's just happened to be there too, so he got to hang with Landon and Reagan in the Austin Commercial suite and enjoy all the amenities (thanks Brad). Stacey was a champ and they made it through the whole game including fireworks!! Of course III's favorite part was the popcorn and M&M's.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Birthday Wishes

Stacey will be three years old on July 13th and for the first time he is really anticipating his birthday. He asks me just about everyday if, "Today we get to go to my bertday?" or "My bertday is going to be Saturday (this is his go to day of the week for anything that is in the future)." And anytime we talk about a birthday or go to a birthday party he will say, "My bertday is going to be next?" So last night Stacey was asking him what he wanted to have at his birthday party. His requests: donut holes, rootbeer, popcorn, cake and after a lot of thought, ice cream. I think he has had rootbeer maybe one time ever. What I wouldn't give to be in that little head of his.

This is probably as good a time as any to record some of my favorite Staceyisms as many are starting to fade from his ever maturing vocabulary.

I want to hold you me - hold me

Oops-a-spaghetti - his unintentional combination of Uh-Oh-Spaghettio and Whoops-A-Daisy

Ah Mam - said with the inflection of Ah Man

OK that wasn't very many, but I'll add to this list as i think of them...this is why you have to write them down!

Stacey "flossing" Dr. Cothern (our dentist) would be so proud.Stacey got into my makeup back on a recent road trip. It was unstrategically placed right beside him, but we obviously didn't know he had it until he had time to go to work. Notice the concealer as lipstick, very innovative.We love our Stacey III and all his two-year-old-ness :)

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Beach

We went to Houston last weekend to visit Kacey and Josh and find out if we are going to have a niece or a nephew, but Baby Warren wasn't feeling cooperative so the mystery remains for a few more weeks. Kacey was obviously very disappointed but we got to see video of the little miracle and he/she is perfect. We went to Galveston on Friday so the boys got to experience the beach for the first time. With the exception of some salt in the eyes (Stacey) and a few face plants in the sand (Wyatt) they loved it.
Poor baby, that salt stings.

Stacey and Ryan were collecting shells. He would bring them over and say, "This one is for Daddy, I'm gonna take take it home to him." So sweet.
Cute couple :)

Candylicous is a candy wonderland next door to The Chocolate Factory and somehow we always seem to fit in a visit when we're are in H-Town
Dueling Suckers
The hotel gave the boys some goody bags and they were a hit!

This might be my favorite picture of the weekend, Josh showing Stacey how to play the guitar - so sweet. He is going to be such a good Daddy!!!

Thanks for a great weekend.

Yes Jesus Loves Me...

A little singing on the road trip back to Dallas.

Monday, June 16, 2008

One Year Check Up

We went in today for Wyatt's one year check up. I know it is a little delayed since he is actually 14 months old now, but for whatever reason we didn't have an appointment on the calendar so better late than never. He is 25 lb. 11 oz. and 32". He is in the 75th percentile all around. He took his shots like a champ. But they had to draw extra blood to do some tests. Dr. Randall said his liver and spleen felt a little large so she just wanted to make sure everything was OK (she assured me it was more of a precaution than anything). Other than that he was perfect, just as we suspected. I HATE holding those sweet hands while he cries, but thankfully it didn't last too long. Here are a few pictures of our precious boy.

A man on the move!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Nerd Alert

We are continuing to have a great week in Waco, I have loved the quality time with my family and friends and enjoyed the change from our normal routine. It is also nice to have full time help with the boys, have someone else buy the groceries, cook dinner, and plan a slew of activities in addition to VBS every day. Thanks Honey, GP & Angie!!

We (Stacey and I with Angie and her kiddos, Wyatt stayed home with Honey for some R&R) went swimming one afternoon and the pool was just perfect for little ones. Last summer Stacey was a 100% water baby but this summer he has been a little slower to warm up to it, but I would say he is back in action after this visit. He LOVED the slide and went on it more times than I could count, but after several trips up and down the slide one of the lifeguards told him he couldn't wear his floaties because they weren't approved by the floatie police, or whoever approves that sort of thing. I thought he meant that particular pair of Batman floaties so I put on another pair we had in the bag, but apparently no floaties are allowed at the pool, so after a second reprimand we were sent to the lifeguard room for a super cool orange life jacket. The water was shallow enough that we probably would have been OK without a floatation device, but since we haven't taken the plunge (no pun intended) into swim lessons yet, I made him wear it on the slide. Thankfully he isn't aware that he looked like a giant nerd :)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Vacation Bible School

We are in Waco this week for VBS at FBC Woodway, my old stomping grounds, and having a great time. Stacey is loving it. I was able to watch him in worship yesterday and he was doing ALL the motions to the songs he was so precious. I am helping out in the entering Kindergarten glass with my sister Angie and one of my BFFs Lauren so it has been fun to get some quality hang time with them. Check out our super cool matching T-shirts from Monday. Stacey kept saying, "Hey, she matched us too." or "he, matches us too." about everyone wearing the official VBS T. Like it was just a really neat coincidence. Angie, Mom (AKA Honey), Me, Stacey, Ally, Ryan and Wyatt

Is this your kid?

Today after VBS we met some of my best friends at Chick-fil-A to have lunch and catch up. This is always a challenge as you try to wrangle the kids and meet their demands for lunch. We set up a kids table and hoped for the best. But "the best" was not in store for the Smiths today. As a side note I LOVE Chick-fil-A, if I take the boys out for lunch this is usually the place of choice. They are a great Christian company, it is SUPER kid friendly, they have a great age appropriate, indoor play area for Stacey and Wyatt and we all love the food (sweet tea - YUM). Anyway all that to say it is a familiar place to our family so I was not a bit concerned when we couldn't find a seat right in front of the play area. The kids ate and then were off to play, while we finished up. Then Caroline (the beautiful 5 year old in the pics) came up to the table and said, "Caryn, Stacey had an accident...and he was kind-of at the top." The ladder part of that being the real clincher. So I leave Wyatt in the watchful eye of the other Mom's, grab, my wipes and a pair of shorts (Wyatt's - Stacey's are in the car, because he hasn't had an accident in quite some time and what are the chances? HA!) and head for the play area. Upon entering an employee asks,"Is this your kid?" Oh you mean the precious two year old who wet his pants and has forced you to evacuate the entire play area? The one who is still in there crying? The one whose Mother was munching on her nuggets while the other Mom's grab their kids and run? That kid? Yep he is mine all mine!! Somewhere in here I start to lose my cool a little and it gets blurry, but I remember yelling at Stacey to "Get down!!" a few too many times and then having to pull him out striped him down, switch shorts and head out to the car in the blazing heat for a better clean up and new clothes. I am sure it was a site to see for all those with a window seat. So after sweating bullets at the car while he cries that he doesn't want to leave Chick-fil-a we go back in to retrieve Wyatt and clean up the mess we'd left behind. To top things off on the way out of the parking lot a car was honking and pointing, but of course the only thing on my mind was getting the heck out of dodge. Katy called a few seconds later to let me know I had driven off with my sweet tea (the only really successful part of our trip) on top of the car, hence the honking that I ignored. So to Shannon, Ann, Lauren, Katy and all other paying patrons at the Waco Chick-fil-A around 12:30 yesterday our most sincere apologies. I hope to catch up with you for real soon...maybe this time we'll leave the kids at home :)
Charley, AnnMarie, Caroline, Wyatt, Stacey and Justin

Friday, June 6, 2008

Jump Town

This morning I took the boys to Jump Town. And if you are looking for a fun indoor activity it is $6 well spent (under 2 yrs are free). It is in Plano at 15th and Independence and they have open jump from 9:30-11:30 four days a week. Stacey jumped, climbed, slid, shot and played to his little hearts content and was worn out after about an hour 1/2. Wyatt did some bouncing but mostly just tottled around with me and enjoyed the open roaming. I personally enjoyed the "Kids Rock" or whatever CD was jamming kids singing the latest hits. Nothing like a bunch of 5th graders belting out Ashlee Simpson, Coldplay, Switchfoot etc. :).

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Mom of the year

Well it is really a wonder that the Lord entrusted me with these two boys with all the mistakes I make, but I think tonight's takes the cake. And I apologize in advance for how long this entry got.

A little background, Stacey doesn’t like vegetables and we have to do some pretty strong persuading to get him to eat them, Wyatt on the other hand will eat green peas and broccoli like a pro. The general rule is you don’t have to eat your vegetables, but you can’t have dessert if you don’t. So lately I’ve been making a really big deal out of how great Wyatt is at eating his vegetables and giving him a cookie in front of Stacey all in an effort to get Stacey to eat his. He’ll say, “These vegetables will make me big and strong?” So cute. And on a good day he might eat some peas. But he’ll often toss a few on the floor when we’re not looking (which Wyatt does but that is because he is 1 and eats like a drunk monkey) or act like he accidentally missed his mouth with his spoon, you get the idea.

So today Stacey had helped (and I’m using that word loosely) me make chocolate chip cookies. It was dinner time and the boys were eating at their little table, Wyatt was eating peas and I gave Stacey the other half (they come in a plastic cup, like fruit). I was messing around in the kitchen, Stacey was up and down out of his chair, and when I came back to check on their progress I noticed his container was missing. So I asked him, “Stacey where are your peas?” He just smiled up at me (I thought rather guilty like). “Stacey, did you throw your peas in the trash?” “No” So I asked again, “Stacey, did you throw your peas in the trash?” He said, “Yes…?” So I go into this long spill about how when he said “No” that was a lie and how serious that is, and how sad that makes me and how it hurts Jesus' heart and on and on and on. His punishment was that he could not have any of the cookies that we made. Dad comes home and I go on and on about how we made these wonderful cookies, but Stacey can’t have any. He in his little precious two-year-old voice explains to Daddy that he put his peas in the trash and told Mommy a lie so he can’t have any cookies. We even prayed when I was tucking him in that Jesus would forgive him for telling a lie.

So you can only imagine how wide my eyes got when later, after the boys were asleep I came into the kitchen and saw...THE PEAS sitting right there on the counter!!!! I immediately asked Stacey (Dad), “Where did these come from?!?!?!” “They were in the microwave.” That’s right I put them in the microwave to warm them up. And I accused my precious baby of LIEING to me. I felt about an inch tall and just started crying.

Needless to say we’ll be having cookies for breakfast with a side of Mommy is so sorry!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Pools, Pigs and Picnics

We had a really fun family weekend just hanging with our boys. Nannie and Big got a "basketball pool" which they loved, especially Stacey. As the video shows the boy has no fear.

Brylie and Wyatt with Nannie after their swim.

We celebrated Grace Gummelt's 1st birthday at a PRECIOUS Pig-Nic party and enjoyed every little piggie detail!!! Cori (Grace's Mommy) is super creative and I'll be paying her royalties for this one when I start up my birthday party business :) Cori and Cary live right around the corner from us and are in our community group at Watermark, we have loved getting to know them this year and sharing Grace's and Wyatt's first year together.

Stacey in the Hog Wash

Grace and Wyatt in the Pig Pen
We also went to the spray park for the first time this season and Wyatt LOVED it. We frequented the same park last summer, but he was just a newbie and would snooze in the stroller while Stacey played, it is amazing the difference a year makes.

We had lunch at the park, here is some live footage of our little picnicers. Nothing too exciting, but we think they're pretty cute.

Monday, June 2, 2008


Those of you with kids under two years old can probably appreciate that from the moment you brought that bundle of joy home from the hospital things that were previously almost an unconscious part of your daily routine: sleeping, showering, brushing your teeth etc. are now a much more advanced accomplishment. And at least in my own mind I give myself a gold star or a pat on the back when I can check that box. Way to go self you managed to feed your children and give yourself a shower today – Woohoo. As the boys have gotten older this has become a little easier to accomplish, and while there is no longer a bouncy seat or a Johnny jump up just outside my shower door there is a chatterbox that does not seem to understand that every time you open the door it get a little chillier in the shower. Our current morning routine - 7:00 rise and shine, eat breakfast, Stacey watches shows the boys play, I try to slowly bring myself out of the fog…this goes on until about 9ish when Wyatt goes down for a nap. This is the window of opportunity where I jump in the shower. Today I gave Stacey a snack (a banana) and told him he could play I was getting in the shower…which in his mind is apparently an open invitation to chat.

Me: get in the shower
Door opens: Mommy I don’t want the rest of this banana
Me: Ok throw away the bottom part
Door Opens: Mommy I need to wash my hands
Me: OK get your step stool
Door Opens…curtain swings open with antibacterial in hand (this is how we often wash our hands) two squirts are given from the shower and he is off again
Door Opens: Mommy can I let the dogs out? (He means in, but he often gets those two confused)
Me: OK, thank you for asking
Door Opens: Mommy I need to go potty
Me: OK
Door Opens: Mommy I don’t need my stool, I go potty like a big boy like Ryan without my stool
Me: Good Job baby
Door Opens: Mommy I need to wash my hands….see line six
I step out of the shower in my towel
Door opens: Hey you’re wet!!!
I guess he didn’t realize that I WAS IN THE SHOWER! :)