Sunday, July 31, 2011

Cowboy's Life Is The Life For Me

* This post is WAY out of order, and seriously delayed,
I wrote it several months ago but I wanted to wait until
I could include the video, and then it just slipped through
the cracks. Better late than never right? *

I couldn't help but take a little stroll down memory lane with my cutie pie cowboy...

Last month at the Parkway Hills Little Britches Rodeo (or Radio as III kept calling it - hehe) Stacey III had his singing debut in a quartet of precious cowpokes!!

When I got the note home saying that he had ben selected for a solo I'm not going to lie, I was VERY surprised.

And just as an additional scene setter that particular week I was drowning a little bit in babies and a staph infection for Wyatt which required horrible tasting medicine three times a day and extra baths and bandage changes yadda yadda yadda. Oh yes, and Wyatt's birthday was the same day as the rodeo and now I was also supposed to make sure Mr. stage fright didn't freeze up on stage. I know boo hoo poor me, just saying, I was already feeling very "Calgon take me away"!!!

Now at home III is the next American Idol, but in front of a crowd he tends to be very shy. I always loved performing (I know no one is shocked that I have a flare for the dramatic) but Stacey (Daddy) on the other had will throw up just thinking about getting up in front of a crowd. And I think I had just sort of unknowingly assumed that performing wasn't going to be III's cup of tea either. However, I just love that Mrs. Jerry loves him enough to see that little spark of leadership and wanted to challenge him. I think sometimes I am too quick to categorize my kids instead of looking for ways they can stretch themselves and explore all the possibilities. I know I sound way to serious to be talking about this tiny little thing (especially when you see how unserious it was!) but, it was a good little Mommy life lesson for me.
We played the practice CD on a nonstop loop for several days and by the time the rodeo rolled around he was ready.
First there were the rodeo relays
Then the cowgirls and cowboys gathered around the campfire. And then it was time...OK buddy here goes!!!

I could not have been any prouder!!!! Stacey III you are a precious little cow-poke and super singer. Forgive me for underestimating your star potential. ;)

(please excuse a little technical difficulty with the microphone)

Sherrill Park Junior Golf Camp

A few weeks ago Stacey III got to go to golf camp courtesy of Big and Nannie. It was a week long camp from 8 to 12. Stacey was the littlest one of the 15 or so kids there and didn't know anyone going so I was just a little nervous for him. But there was no need for nerves, he did great and loved every minute of it!

When I pulled up to pick him up the first day, he was out on the putting green and I about exploded because he looked so darn cute out there in his little golf get up. Even though he was the youngest one he looked so grown up and I was so proud of how independent and confident he was.

I know I'm his mother so I am a bit biased, but stop it with the tiny golfer preciousness!!

Just a little clip for ESPN when he is on the tour ;).

Saturday, July 30, 2011


If you are reading this here instead of hearing it straight from me I apologize! Things have happened rather quickly, but Stacey accepted a job in Waco and we'll be heading there permanently on August 7th! And by permanently, I mean we'll be living with my parents until our house here sells and we're able to find one of our own.

As fun as it would have been to try and show our house with four boys and two dogs we thought it might be just a bit simpler if we got the heck out of dodge. So, we've been rushing around like chickens with our heads cut off trying to get this beauty ready to put on the market.

I've always thought I didn't want to be one of those people that waits to fix everything up until they are going to sell instead of enjoying it themselves, but reality often trumps such aspirational thoughts.

We are super excited about the job, and all that waits for us in Waco (my family, lifelong friends and all a smaller town has to offer!), but we are equally sad to be leaving everything we love here (our family, lifelong friends, all that big-D has to offer)!! Clearly it is bitter-sweet. Thankfully, we know that friends are friends forever if the Lord's the Lord of them and a friend will not say never cause the welcome never ends...What? sometimes the '90s Michael W. just says it best. ;) We are happy that we'll just be a couple of hours away and when we need a Dallas fix we can make it happen.

And while I am letting sappy songs do the talking I can't help but hum a little...if these old walls, If these old walls could speak, of things that they remember well, stories and faces dearly held, a couple in love living week to week, rooms full of laughter, if these walls could speak...I know a house is just a house and moths and rust will soon destroy and all that, but this particular house is where I brought home four precious babies and where we were reminded repeatedly that loves grows best in little houses, so it will always have a little piece of my heart.

And it could have a piece of yours too for the low price of just...JK. But seriously.

Seven Months Old!!

Whoops, I am about 15 days late posting these seven month pictures, but rest assured they were taken on the actual month marker. :) Things have been just a little crazy around here, more on that in my next post.

These sweets are as happy as they've ever been and continue to melt me. We weighed in at seven months to make sure our teeny tiny babes were growing and they had both gained a little over a pound. Coyt was just barely on the chart, but we got a thumbs up to keep on keepin' on.

Crew 15 pounds 1 ounce

Coyt 14 pounds 11 ounces

These two pictures pretty much sum up month seven.

Lots of eating,
and even more playing. Coyt and Crew LOVE their toys, and scooch all over the place to get them.
The brotherly love still abounds. :)

The C's also got some extra special loving this month from Aunt Margaret (Stacey's great aunt). We loved having her in Texas for a few weeks!!
And Beth and Aunt Boochie (Stacey's Aunt and Cousin). I loved having all the extra arms.
The magic touch.
All the boys enjoyed meeting and playing with sweet Kira, their second cousin.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Friday, July 15, 2011

Six Years Old

I know it's the same song second verse, but where does the time go???? Feels like just yesterday we were bringing our teeny tiny baby home from the hospital.

Stacey woke up and collected his trail of #6s and then perched himself in this spot until we were ready to open some presents!!
He kept saying, "I just can't believe I am six-years-old!" :) Precious thing."Wyatt" got him a Cars 2 (the 2 part is VERY important to these boys) Lego. We've got to work on Wyatt's gift giving skills, he is still a little rusty on the - not what you want what Stacey might want - concept. Thankfully, I think they both liked this one.
Coyt and Crew got him, some Phineus and Ferb figurines.
It was McDonald's flapjacks for breakfast, yes with Sprite - you only turn six once.
Then LOTS of playing with all his new toys, Wii games and swimming!
I asked III if he wanted to go anywhere or do anything for his special day, but he just wanted to stay home and play. Thank goodness, because Daddy had to work super late so it was just mommy and the boys all day. As much as I love taking the super twins and big brothers out on the town alone we operate a lot better four to one at home.

We ordered pizza for lunch per the birthday boys request. And we decorated a spectacular cake with, what else, the #6. It was a super simple birthday, but it was such a fun day with my boys.
Leftover pizza for dinner? Yes, please!Not gonna lie, Wyatt and my duet of Happy Birthday was a little weak.

Hope all your birthday wishes come true buddy!
Stacey Reese Smith III you are an absolute delight and it is such a gift to be your Mommy. This year you have grown so much in your independence. You have pushed back and tested your boundaries a lot and tested us as well!! You're often too cool for Mommy's kisses and have mastered the art of rolling your eyes. But when it is just us I KNOW you still love and need all our love and affection...even all my kisses!
You remain incredibly thoughtful and kind and for the most part you are a rule follower. You and Wyatt fight like cats and dogs, but you are ALWAYS thinking about him and you really are an AMAZING big brother. You adore Coyt and Crew and the feeling is mutual!! You are very helpful. I'm not sure how I would manage to entertain the C's without you! You shine when our whole family is together and as much as you love to go and do you also love days when we are home in our PJs all day long.
Your competitive drive has really risen to the surface this year. You are very serious about sports and games and DO NOT like to lose, but you are learning to have self control and be gracious when things don't go your way. You are pretty fearless and I'm amazed at how adventurous you are.

We call you the hummingbird because you LIVE for candy and dessert (yet you are a bag of bones)!

You are funny and smart and I know that you are going to thrive in Kindergarten. You often surprise me with your wit and I am amazed at how much information you soak up every single day!
I could go on and on but the bottom line is you are an AMAZING kid and we are so glad your ours. Happy Birthday, we agree with you, we just can't believe you're six-years-old!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Happy Birthday Hawaiian Falls Style

Since last summer our little kahuna, Stacey III, has wanted a birthday party at Hawaiian Falls. It is a great little water park that has all the bells and whistles you'd expect, wave pool, lazy river , slides, kids area etc., without being so huge that you're walking all over the place and waiting in line all day. And is is very family friendly. Is the PR dept. hiring? because apparently I have developed a few talking points for them!

He really wanted his BFF Ryan there and since I wasn't sure I was up to being responsible for a lot of kids in the water we stuck to a cousin invite list this year.

I know you'll be blown away with this original idea, ;) but we went with a pirate theme.

The invitation:

I found the liners and pirate flags at Michael's, but wanted to add a little treasure too. I was picturing the little treasure chests you get from the dentist office when you lose a tooth, and after a little searching found these at Mardels.

Some decor for the land-lubbers:
Personal treasure chests full of loot (snacks) for the never-land crew:

How could you not include this themetastic treat:
Birthday Boy!

The birthday book:

This book is precious, just perfect for my six year old pirate and soccer loving boy.
Stacey wasn't tall enough to do all the rides but these two rode this one over and over.
They rated it TOTALLY AWESOME!
This was more the girls speed.

Remember those pictures of the cupcakes from the beginning of this post? Well, I'm glad I snapped a few before we left because by the time we were ready to sing Happy Birthday they had melted into a giant mess. It was only 100+ degrees, can't imagine how that happened.

Six years old. Sigh...
No one seemed to mind the missing "sand" too much.
Besides, the candy treasure was the best part.
I was trying to get a little group shot when the giant bucket dropped and drenched everyone, sadly I missed the money shot of the actual soaking.
My boys love it, but Lila was not a fan of the surprise attack!
Nothing Mommy couldn't fix.
Thankfully Aunt Angie was there to solve the sunscreen crisis of 2011. She is so patient.
Aunt Sarah and her SIX-year-old nephew.
We are certainly blessed with some amazing sisters/aunts. Don't know what I'd do without them.
Don't know what I'd do without this precious boy either!!
Party favors:
Beach towels, pirates for the boys and mermaids for the girls.
After we had filled up on water park fun we headed back to Nannie and Bigs to retrieve the C's (Debbie and Aunt Margaret watched Coyt, Crew and Caroline during the party - THANK YOU!!!) and opened a few gifts.
It was a great day and most importantly III loved it.

My forward thinking party planner clone is already plotting for next year, he's requested a paint your own pottery party - HA!! He has very diverse interests for six!