Thursday, October 9, 2008


I know this makes two Wyatt posts in a row, don't worry Stacey is getting plenty of attention, but (ironically, because he is younger) Wyatt usually wakes up from his nap before Stacey so we get a little one on one time then as well as during MDO twice a week. And some days he just loves the camera, and since I am well aware that might change tomorrow, I'm striking while the iron is hot...or something like that. He was so proud of himself for crawling under this chair.
I've been going to a Watermark playgroup on Thursdays with other Moms who live in Richardson. I've really enjoyed having something fun to do with just Wyatt and since most of the kids are younger it has worked out great. It is beautiful here today so we met at the park this morning. One creative Mommy brought little pumpkins to paint - great idea! THANKS BROOKE!! Wyatt loved it and is VERY proud of his pumpkin. He's holding it below but it's upside down so you can't really see the masterpiece.

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