Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wyatt's Wednesday Wisdom

We got Stacey's hair cut yesterday (one foot out the cult door, one to go), as well as getting the oil changed, tires rotated and groceries bought. By far the most productive morning I've had in weeks, maybe years. I could elaborate as to why we don't get their hair cut at the same place but seeing as how I have already elaborated on the boring errands we ran yesterday, something I am certain has already put you to sleep, as well as the fact that I'm afraid those dual haircut location details would cast me in a more crazy than sane light, we'll just move on.

In the back of the car on the way home Wyatt said, "Stace, your new haircut looks real pretty."
Of course Stacey immediately corrected him in his usual gentle and encouraging tone with, "WY-ATT, it is handsome NOT pretty."

I just cracked up at his spontaneous encouragement and complete sincerity. As well as his brothers obvious need to defend his four-year-old masculinity.

Happy Wednesday :)

Monday, June 21, 2010


Last week we were in Waco all week for our third annual FBC Woodway VBS. The boys had a great time both at VBS and with their cousins and I had a great time getting to see my family and some of my favorite friends every day!!

It is probably best that Stacey was back in Dallas working because with the exception of missing him I could get pretty used to living at my parents where the house is always clean, the fridge is always stocked, childcare is always available and meals appear are served and cleaned up with out me lifting a finger!! Thanks for taking such good care of us all week!!

I was a little lazy about taking pictures but here are a few from the week.

The furious five...soon to be eight!!!
Best attempt at all of us in our Amazon Expedition T's.
Just in case you are worried that I may have joined a cult that doesn't allow haircuts, fear not. I just haven't seemed to be able to make that happen around here, but I am aware that we have a problem and they say admitting that you have a problem is the first step. In a effort to stay accountable if you haven't seen significant improvements in this area of our lives within the week feel free to stage an intervention.

One afternoon we got together for lunch with some of my besties from high school: Katy, Me, Shannon, Shannon, Lauren and Kathi
We've amassed a rather large group of children who were bribed with rather large bags of skittles (thanks to Shannon and the Starburst golf tournament) for this photo.
VBS we just can't quite you and after a week like that why would we! Until next summer :)

Happy Father Day!

While our Daddy was playing in a Father/Son golf tournament with his Dad, the boys were hard at work on this masterpiece.
Stacey has gotten really good at opening presents with enthusiasm!!
I love these guys!!

After a few gifts it was off to the movies for Toy Story III.

Stacey you are an incredible father and I am so thankful that I get to have you as my partner in raising our growing family.

And I can't let a Fathers Day post happen with out a shout out to both our Dads. Stacey and I are both blessed with WONDERFUL fathers and we are so grateful for their continued influence on our lives and on Stacey and Wyatt!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wyatt's Wednesday Wisdom

Me: Wyatt, do you know what the bible say about obeying? It says Children obey your... _____?
Wyatt: "The bible says, (with index finger waving) don't get out of bed or you get a panking!"

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Telling The Family

I wanted to wait and tell my family the news that we were expecting when when we were all together at the lake for Memorial Day. After our doctors appointment the Wed prior I was DYEING to tell them but because I love a good surprise I held off until that Friday.

My sister Kacey is preggers too (we are due about a month apart!!) so Angie and I were putting together a little "Yea You're Pregnant" goodie bag, which I decided would be a great way to share our news. Once we all got to the lake we gave Kacey her treats. The video picks up right after I've handed them to her.
Just in case you missed it over the screaming, it went a little something like this:

Congratulations Kacey!!
I went ahead and made myself one...because I'm pregnant too!
And I made another because...we're having twins. :)
The End

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Obviously I have already announced on the blog that we are having twins and I realize i have been REALLY wordy with my last few posts so this may be a little repetitive, but for my own historical documentation I wanted to record some of the details surrounding the actual day we found out.

I was scheduled to go in for my first checkup at 7 weeks (usually we go in at 8 weeks, but the sonographer was going to be out of town so we were going a little earlier). We went straight in for the sonogram first. Judy has done all of my sonos ever and is great. Before she started she said, "OK are you ready to see your baby...or babies?" she said smiling - because it was a joke of course. Then she started the sonogram and it did not take one little second until she said, "Well, I guess I better be careful what I joke about, because there are two in there." And as clear as day there were two little peanuts staring at us on the screen.
I think Stacey's first reaction was, "Holy Crap!" I grabbed his arm and just kept says (Loudly - I am sure they could hear us in the hall) "OH MY GOSH WE ARE HAVING TWINS, OH-MY-GOSH, OH-MY-GOSH"

Both babies had strong heartbeats and were looking good. She put me down as six weeks instead of seven (whoa nelly you just stole a week from me!!) handed us our pictures and we stumbled in a haze of joyful shock into Dr. Fogwell's office.

While we were waiting a sales rep came into the waiting room and said, "You guys sure do look happy?" I think we probably looked more like dear in headlights. I immediately blurted out, "We just found out we are having twins!!!" And so, a random sales rep was the first person we shared our news with. :)

Later in the day as Stacey and I were recounting the days events and talking about our reactions he said, "When she said there were two your face looked just like it does when they hand you a baby in the delivery room." I thought it was such a sweet observation of my emotions. Because essentially that was exactly how I felt, like someone had just handed me a baby.

Wyatt's Wednesday Wisdom

"Sometimes (which in Wyatt's world refers to anything in the future) when Stacey grows smaller he'll be free (three) like me!"

Telling The Boys

We couldn't wait to tell the boys the news that we were going to have another baby. Stacey was just 1 when we found out we were pregnant with Wyatt so he was clueless, but this time around both boys would have a much better idea of what was going on. Here is a little clip of us telling them:
There was additional footage but I wanted to keep Swamp Thing (me just out of the pool) off the video and it sort of rambles on. Stacey was confident that it was a boy because, "No Girls Allowed!!" And he would like to name him cheeseburger - darling don't you think??

The gift was two books a Big Brother One and this one:
It is a really sweet little book with just enough info for these little guys. There are some little yellow boxes with more detailed information should they have questions, but mostly I loved that it talked all about how Mommy might be feeling before the baby arrived. And this is pretty much how I feel these days:

And VERY nauseous.
I had pretty mild symptoms with the boys so this is all new territory to me. But at least I have confirmation that those babies are partying away in there even if it is a party that is making me sick. ;)

But back to the boys, they have been darling and hilarious. They tell the babies good morning and are very curious what they are up to. Wyatt likes to confirm that they are doing whatever I am doing. For example if I am swimming Wyatt will say, "you babies swimming?" Or if I'm under the covers, "you babies under the covers?" and so on.

And as we anticipated, they were NOT good at keeping our news a secret. We told the boys on a Friday and were planning on Telling the Smith's on Sunday. But we happened to see them the Sat in between. I hesitated to mention that it was a secret, knowing that might make it even more likely to creep out, but I felt like we should at least try. Stacey asked, "Mom I know we can't tell Big and Nannie that you are having a baby, but can we tell them that you're getting pregnant?" Oh Boy, then he told me not to worry because if Wyatt tried to tell he would stop him. Perfect. Although hard to imagine with such a perfect plan in tact we weren't there two minutes before Wyatt blurted out (out of nowhere I might add!) "Mommy's got a baby in her tummy (we have introduced the term uterus, but it doesn't seem to be catching on)." OK cats out of the bag!

Little did we know there was still more surprises to be revealed a few days later.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Telling Stacey

Everyone has there own way of doing things when it comes to pregnancy.* Some husbands know ALL the in and outs, help buy the pregnancy tests, stand in the wings waiting those torturous three minutes etc. But Stacey has always been a firm believer in less is more in that department. So, I get the treat of telling him the news/surprising him once I have taken a positive pregnancy test (a miracle that I do NOT take for granted).

The day after Mother's day I suspecting this might be the real deal and took a test (this is probably WAY TMI for some of you so sorry about that!) I had bought a test at the dollar store because - hello they are a $1 - and normally tests are more like $10. I might not have excelled in calculus (or ever taken it for that matter) but even I know that is a $9 savings! And Sonic happy hour isn't free people. However the euphoria from my savings was soon diminished when it failed to tell me I was alive. Reluctantly I purchased the Cadillac of tests, because after the Dollar Tree flop I wasn't taking any chances, and a few minutes later saw that unbelievable, Praise the Lord, could this be real, little word "Pregnant." After a few minutes on my knees thanking the Lord and a few tears of joy I immediately turned my thoughts to telling my baby Daddy the news!!

That night at dinner I decided to play a family dinner game. We have a little recipe box of kid friendly little games. You pull out a card and play the game listed. One of the suggested "games" although not really a game per say, that we have done in the past suggests you place a piece of paper on the back of everyone's chair with their job for the night. I know it sounds so simple but our boys LOVE it. So that night everyone had a piece of paper on the back of their chair like this:
This is what they all said:
Obviously this one was Stacey's:
I couldn't wait for everyone to finish eating so we could open our cards. Stacey's reaction reenactment is featured below.

The boys can't read so we just kept it between the two of us that night, but we COULD NOT keep from smiling as the reality set in!! We went to 7-11 for ice cream after dinner to celebrate. The boys didn't know what we were celebrating but they were more than happy to participate.
More on telling the Big Brothers later!

*I just feel the need to say a little word to anyone who might be reading this wanting nothing more than to have a baby. I am praying for more than one friend right now that the Lord would answer their hearts desire for a child. Over the next few months as we journal this journey I will no doubt complain, joke and possibly offend someone reading this through a different lens than ours. I know that you would trade your left arm to feel sick and look terrible in a swim suit and that those types of things can seemed calloused when you want nothing more than to be pregnant. Just know that we are aware of the gift and miracle that it is just to get that positive test result and try not to take that for granted for a single minute. I don't always understand God's plans but I do trust in His goodness and faithfulness and pray that he will give you and I the desires of our heart in His perfect timing.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Smith Party of ?

YEP! We are expecting baby #3 January 17th.
What we weren't expecting was that baby #4 would be joining us simultaneously.


We are shocked, amazed, thrilled, overjoyed, a little overwhelmed, did I mention shocked?, but mostly just feeling grateful for such an incredible blessing.

Memorial Weekend

We had a fantastic weekend at the lake with my family (Uncle Frank you were VERY missed).

Great minds think alike...and apparently shop at Target. We all showed up wearing the same cover up. They walk alike they talk alike.... :)
Mostly we did a lot of this:
And this: (Honey rocks she jumped of the top AND skied - still got it sister!)
Soaked up a lot of this:
Enjoyed the neighbors generosity and took a few turns on this: Hung out with this crew at the low water crossing: Went on a few walks and ran across this:
Lila wasn't too sure about all of that!

Saw this: And HAD to get a picture!

Wondered if it gets any cuter than this:
Ate a bunch of this:

And even got a few of these!
Sigh...what a relaxing weekend! Can't wait to go back!!

Ooh La La

Last week we got to celebrate Grace turning three at a Fancy Gracie party full or perfectly fancy details!!

It wasn't all frills and sparkles, there was plenty of sophisticated fun for the boys too! First they made mustaches on a stick.
Wyatt couldn't quite figure out the correct placement. :)
These two crafters made me some BEAUTIFUL bracelets, and you better believe I have been wearing them all around town.
Then it was time to dig into some goodie bags and get the real dress up going. The boys all got these DARLING tie T-shirts, top hats, mustaches and silly glasses.To many options to choose from!
Stacey got creative with his multiple stashes and went for the mustache and go-tee combo look. So dapper.
Then it was time for a full on dance par-tay on the patio. As you can see the ladies weren't lacking for bling either!
Happy Birthday Grace!
Cori (Grace's Mom) threw a precious party I'm just sad that I didn't get a picture of Cary (Grace's Dad) in his tuxedo - Ooh La La indeed!