Friday, August 19, 2011

First Day of School!!

One of the best parts of moving back to Waco is Woodway Christian School. My Mom is the director and it is sort of a dream come true for my boys to get to go to her school!!!

Last Thursday was the first day. Wyatt started preschool and Stacey started KINDERGARTEN!!!
The preschoolers don't wear uniforms but K-8 do (the official shorts weren't in yet). I am already pro uniforms, it makes getting ready so much easier!
One proud papa.
These two were very excited and ready to go! I was so proud of how confident they were.
Posing with the principal, AKA Honey. I overheard Stacey III telling Wyatt he HAD to obey Honey at school because she is the Principal! Wyatt said, "Yeah she's the BOSS!" Love it!
I got a little teary watching my alpha baby walk off to Kindergarten...sigh.
Once we got there Stacey III got his serious school face on and was pretty done with pictures. but I snagged one of his class starting the day with his teacher Mrs. Sims.
III was off so now it was time for my social butterfly to head to his class.

His "All About Me" poster. He did write his name at the top but it is really light so it isn't showing up below.
Finding his name in the hall.
As if the school wasn't enough of a blessing Wyatt's little class is chalked full of friends and even family!! Ally, his cousin is in his class as well as some other precious friends whose mommies I just happen to love (Ann sorry you're not in this picture)!! I mean what an incredible blessing!
Wyatt with Mrs. Dunlap.
We are three days in and I think it is going to be a great year. I am so thankful for God's provision of this school and the opportunity to send my boys there.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Eight Months Old!!

This month has brought lots of new developments. At the beginning of the month Coyt's first tooth made an appearance quickly followed by his second and about a week later Crew followed suit. Drooling, fussing and chewing on EVERYTHING in site came along with the four new friends. Coyt and Crew's hair has turned blond, much lighter than when they arrived in December. And just this week they officially went from scooters to crawlers. Watch out world the C's are on the move!!

Crew (check out the couture denim diaper, I know these have been out for awhile, but hilarious!! And he is workin' it!!)
Coyt (sweet thing has been a little sicky but still managed to give me some sweet smiles)
Last night in their cribs for awhile (because of the move). Coyt
Sleepyhead Crew
They are eating three meals a day and just discovered puffs and baby mum mums.
Don't let this picture fool you, while they've got the crawling down they still can't sit up!! The dismount from this position needs work - it's not pretty! Thank goodness for Honey and GP's cushy carpet.
And so it begins...

Couldn't help but include a few of this lizard baby. This is Coyt's new favorite expression? Cute huh?

My sweet precious baby C's it has been a crazy month but you have been delightful and continue to make my cup runneth over with absolute joy!!!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Warm Welcome

The last two weeks were jammed packed with saying goodbye to friends and family (sorry I was terrible about taking pictures!) and packing, painting and polishing up our house to put it on the market.

We were going pretty nonstop and when Sat. rolled around I thought I was ready to rip of the bandaid and head out with a big smile on my face, but I couldn't help but shed a few tears as I pulled out of the driveway of our home sweet home. :(
Somewhere down 35 I was able to turn my frown upside down as I thanked God for his perfect provision and plans for our family!!

The Wood/Warren/Purdy tribe was waiting at Mom and Dad's to welcome our circus with open arms. That quickly softened the blow of leaving and might have made me cry a little too. ;) I've been a bit of an emotional roller coaster.

We had a "Welcome to Waco" banner full of some of Waco's finest.
Yes, that is David Koresh - HA!! George Bush was also featured along with Zumba, Woodway Christian (where the boys will go to school), CTIW (where Stacey is working), the suspension bridge, Family Center, Waco Water Park, Cameron Park Zoo, Mayborn Museum, Dr. Pepper and of course our family and friends, just to name a few.
We had a great dinner and celebratory cookie cake.
Wyatt enjoying his self portrait in icing. Looks just like him.
There were also some sweet treats waiting for us on our pillows. The boys beds had skittles! We could really get used to Chateau Woodfall!!
Mom and Dad, with LOTS of help from Angie and Kacey have worked so hard to get ready for our arrival. They cleaned out closets, had a garage sale, rearranged rooms and furniture and even installed a dog pen for Bob and Jack in the back yard. We are SO SO THANKFUL for their willingness to let us invade!!Hope Waco is ready for us because ready or not here we come!!