Sunday, October 28, 2012

Pumpkin Party

Last night we got to enjoy an annual pumpkin party thanks to our sweet friends. The boys went to bed thanking God for letting them go to such a fun party, so I think it is safe to say they had a ball!! And who wouldn't with pumpkin picking and painting, great food, a hay ride, bounce houses, s'mores and beautiful weather!!

Picking pumpkins from a real pumpkin patch!
Coyt found one just his size! I was melting just a little over the boys carrying around their tiny lil' pumpkins. :) They were so proud.
 I eat this right?
 OK, got you guys all lined up.
 Just three of my favorite little cousin pumpkins. :)
 Hee Haw. The C's were enamored with "Guacamole" the donkey.
 Time to snuggle up by the fire
 and make s'mores!

Sweet sister, who will be adding another pumpkin to her patch soon!!! :) I know that was a little too much with the pumpkin verbiage, but I went with it.
Just another perfect family picture of the Smiths, bahahaha. ;)
Thank you Cooney's for a fabulous night!


We have been spending A LOT of time this season watching Wyatt dominate in soccer with the Whales and Stacey excel in Football with the Angry Birds. 

Luckily for us the Family Center, where they both play, is just a stones throw from our house!

I just happened to have Angie's camera on Sat. so I snapped a few pictures of Stacey III in action.

This is our first experience with football and Stacey has learned a ton and is really loving it. His coaches are wonderful and flag football at the Family Center has proved the perfect place to start.

Team prayer before the game, reason #1 to LOVE the Family Center. :) 
Grabbing that flag!
 Fancy Footwork!
 On his way to a TOUCH DOWN!!
I snapped a few pictures of his faithful fans too.

Honey and GP helping with the twinadoes.

Pumpkin Patch w/ My Wy-Guy

I was treated to a trip to the Pumpkin Patch with Wyatt and his class. It was our first time this season and Wyatt was SUPER excited. I love that he wanted me there and try to soak it up knowing that won't always be the case. :)
Giving Landry a little squeeze during the story. HA! Wyatt is my snuggle buddy and apparently isn't too cool to give his buddy a hug too. :)
This one is a sweet as they come!!
Found it! Little sunny I guess.
I love Wyatt's sweet sweet class.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Goggle Giggles

I meant to add these to my last this and that post. The boys love these goggles which are actually part of a build-a-bear summer swim outfit so the eyes are a little closer together making them even more ridiculous. 

Oh swim goggles, you never fails to make me laugh.



Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Days of Our Lives

Just a few unedited updates straight from the iphone

The bigs and I went to the fist Baylor game for some HOT football!
 Sweet love from brother XOXO
 Puppet Show from the C's (in each others chairs).

 Jumping Rope just like his big brothers.
 Must have been a two for one special ;).

 Bobble head (Coyt)

 CHEESE!!!! (Crew)
 CHEESE!!!! (Coyt)
 Movie night
 Notice Coyt has Crew's foot. :) And I can guarantee you the littles didn't sit there long.
 The open windows on a cool morning were THRILLING to the babies...until Crew got a little overzealous and fell out of one. Whoops.
 Showing off some very overdue haircuts.
 Celebrating Ryan's birthday in style.
These babies keep us going 90 miles an hour but I LOVE these days of our lives and wouldn't trade them for anything.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Family Fair

At lunch yesterday Stacey suggested we make homemade corn dogs for dinner and have a little family fair night. I thought that was an inspired idea from the hubs so that is exactly what we did. It was VERY impromptu, as you'll see by the signage, but super fun and the boys LOVED it!!

I had a few helpers in the kitchen, I'm sorry make that the Food Court. :) Ally and Ryan were over for a bit too and we decided next year we might need to make it a cousin carny event with the whole fam.

Carmel apples!

I'm pretty sure the State Fair and the H.O.T. fair will want to serve this little bit of deliciousness as soon as they hear bout it - Fried Pimiento Cheese!! YUM. Don't let the fact that it is oddly the exact same color as our floors worry you, it was tasty!
Q: "What color did you guys decide to go with on your stained concrete?"
A: "We went with Corn Dog Batter, we just loved the deep fried hughes."

Since I've totally derailed, our floors are also the EXACT same color as scorpions, but that is for another post.

 Carmel apples were a hit all around. We couldn't even wait for them to harden.

Not sure, but I think he liked it. :)

Everything, including all the food, cost a certain number of tickets (small piece of paper). They got 10 free tickets to start the night and then had to "earn" the rest, by picking up toys, brushing their teeth etc. Whenever they ran out they would run do something to earn a few more and by the end of the night they were all ready for bed. Perfect!

Had we planned ahead a little more we could have let them earn tickets all year.

Jack-o-lantern decorating, otherwise known as coloring an orange with a sharpie.

Bobbing for apples. I got a little overambitious and used all the apples making carmel apples so we just bobbed for carmel apples. Such a waste of good carmel. And a little gross, but we never said the Family Fair was going to be pretty.

Angie I thought you would really love this event. HA!

Somebody (Coyt) got a little overzealous about bobbing for apples and dove face first into the water bucket. I had to bust out my super Mom skilz (yes with a Z) and grab him out of there with humanoid speed. 

Just a wee bit wet.

Perfect timing for our next activity:
Which was made all the more challenging by the twin decoys and the fact that all I could find for "ringing" the ducks were hair rubber bands.
Can you guess my weight?? Nope. Who knew BOTH boys weigh exactly 50.5 lbs. The Carny was way under.
And finally for the grand finally, a fair favorite that we had shipped in special for our own private viewing, The World's Smallest Horse.

This was Stacey's idea and it was hilarious.

I had the boys all prepped. SIX tickets taken and warned them that he could be a little skittish so they had to be very quiet and calm and oh what a privilege, yadda yadda yadda.
This picture is terrible but you get the idea of their reactions when they opened the door expecting to see the World's Smallest Horse only to find Jack in a Pack-N-Play. Hilarious. Good one Daddy.
Such a simple thing and such a fun night.

Stacey and Wyatt went to bed listing off their favorite activities which included all of them.

And isn't is just life that you can plot and plan for weeks about something only to have your kids role their eyes or complain about what you envisioned as a super fun treat and then other times you can bust out a few sheets of orange card stock and fly by the seat of your pants and end up with a new fall family tradition.