Monday, January 24, 2011

This and That

Just a few snapshots from around the house these days.
Our super babies are dong great. They are gaining weight beautifully - thank you for all your prayers on their behalf!
Crew is Spiderman, Coyt is Batman
A little self portrait from the budding photographer
The bigs have been blowing off steam with a little bedhead boxing. Apparently we are a clothing optional house these days?
These little outfits were Ryan Wood's and have been hand-me-downed and worn by all the boys in our family. :)
Crew in blue, Coyt in red
Somebody get me out of here!
Coyt is ready for his own swing, Crew is expressing himself!
Our arms are full, and our home is happy...and tired and messy and hungry and sometimes grouchy, but above all H-A-P-P-Y!!!!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

One Month Old!

I can't believe my little C's are ONE MONTH OLD!!! We've made it through a whole month of this wonderful world of multiples and we're living to tell about it...better yet we are loving it. :)

Way back in the dark ages before this blog existed I tortured Stacey and Wyatt with monthly hat pictures to document their first year and now it's Crew and Coyt's turn to continue the tradition.

Crew - 20 3/4" (25%), 7 lb. 8 oz. (5%)
Coyt - 21" (25%) 8 lb. (10%)

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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas 2010

We had a wonderful Christmas this year despite being just a little sleep deprived due to these two Christmas blessings.
It was a Smith Christmas so we didn't have to go far to enjoy all the festivities. While everyone else headed off to the 2:00 Christmas Eve service I stayed back with the babies and enjoyed a little peace and quiet. Eventually I couldn't resist snapping a few pictures.

Can you find the best gifts under the tree??
There they are. :)
Debbie had everything looking beautiful and festive. She and Cassie took care of all the plans, activities and meals so we could just sit back and enjoy. They always have creative games and thoughtful gifts planned for the whole weekend.
The kid's table
A little Coyt stocking stuffer.
After everyone returned form the service the kids decorated gingerbread houses.

There were plenty of arms to love on the boys.

We enjoyed a delicious dinner and then it was time for presents.

Roarbert was a huge hit!
Legos all the way from London's LegoLand.
Toy Story III galore,
and enough baseball gear to get ready for the big leagues.
We went home and spent the night at our house but Santa came to Big and Nannie's so we were back bright and early the next morning to see what he brought.
and a little acoustical jam.
Love this, tuning his guitar, where do they pick this stuff up??
Thankfully Santa was listening and brought the things on the top of Stacey's list: a pointer, rain boots and silly bands. :)
Luke....I am your father.
T-bird in his Thomas tunnel
Brylie modeling just a few of her fancy new clothes.
Wyatt modeling his new Batman Underoos :)
Brylie with her Bitty Baby in matching PJ's (I think my inner three year old was a little jealous).
But then I remembered I have the real thing. :)
We enjoyed the traditional Smith Christmas morning brunch of eggs Benedict and spent the rest of the day in our jammies just playing. It was a FANTASTIC Christmas celebrating God's greatest gift, his son Jesus, and the four precious sons he has blessed us with!!!!

The Three C's

After much anticipation our little triplet cousins finally got to meet each other!!! Caroline was born on December 6th and as I have already blogged about, I was pretty crushed not to get to be there in person. Coyt and Crew came along 10 days later and Kacey was feeling the same way. It was an absolute joy to get to share our pregnancies together and I can't wait to see this triple threat grow up together.

Here I am in the hospital showing Kacey the boys.
And here we are meeting our niece and nephews for the first time!!!! I was just a little bit excited. :)
Lila and Crew
Caroline is BEAUTIFUL.
We've been thinking about this picture ever since Angie gave us the C onsies.
I'm guessing there may be some teasing about this photo in later years when Coyt and Crew are big strong boys (keep your fingers crossed) and Caroline is precious and petite. But, for the time being, she could dominate her cousins with her chubby cheeks and edible rolls.
Couldn't resist!
Kacey and I sat around all day like milk maids. It was nice to have such empathetic company.

Honey and her newest grand-babies.
I suppose now is as good a time as any to make a note of how incredible my mom is. She is always pretty amazing, but when you have a baby she turns into super woman. She stays up all night with the babies and brings them in for me to feed then takes them to burp them and change diapers and keep them until the next feeding rolls around. Then during the day she cooks and cleans and entertains Stacey and Wyatt like it is nothing. She has been here for about two weeks and spoiled us royally. She had to go back home today, and yes, many a tear was shed at the mere anticipation of her departure. I know we'll survive without her, but it sure is easier when someone is waiting on you hand and foot. ;) Thank you Honey!