Friday, April 29, 2011

Thursday, April 28, 2011

UFC 2030??

Stacey and Wyatt got some new ink last week.

Apparently Wyatt thought it made him look tough. :)
Shortly after I let this body stamping go on it occurred to me that the stamps they get a church usually take a few baths to come completely off, hum, perhaps not my best parenting decision?? We headed to the showers and after A LOT of scrubbing with few different types of soap and a few inches of skin exfoliated the temporary tats were gone. On the bright side they were they were squeaky clean. ;)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter 2011

We had a great Easter weekend in Waco with my family!! Sweet Lila had a staph infection and spent a few nights in the hospital and ended up returning on Easter eve to the ER (She is doing much better now PTL!). So a few things looked a little different than we had originally planned. That and I am finding most things look a little different these days when our traveling circus comes to town. :)

Before we left on Thursday the boys took a few Easter treats to school. I just had to document their priceless little signatures. So sweet.

Stacey had the snack basket for his class and as usual eighteen25 (a blog that has free printables that I use ALL the time) had a perfect little Easter treat, Bunny Tails! You may not be able to tell in the picture because size doesn't always translate, but those are the biggest marshmallows, ahem, bunny tails I'd ever seen!
After welcoming the Warrens home from a few LONG days in the hospital and visiting with some friends at my sister's Waco Supper Club, which I crash regularly! It was time for Ryan's baseball game.

The fans
He is a natural just like his Daddy and hit a home run his first time up to bat!!!
This little fan (Crew) crashed out
in G.P.'s arms. Wish I could say the same for Coyt. He wasn't a big fan of the wind, but eventually gave it up as well.
Sisters and Brothers.
The snaggletooth twins had a ball playing at the game.
The next morning we got to watch Ally play T-ball. Just a wee bit different than Ryan's game - HA!! Pinky did just fine for herself and managed to round the bases as touching them that is a different story. ;) Angie said it was a good thing she liked dance, but you never know.

Super Kacey...remember the one whose daughter was in the hospital?? Yea here she is looking beautiful coordinating a little early egg hunt for the cousins. Rockstar.

They were trying to lift Wyatt up to get an egg hidden too high, but couldn't quite figure out how to do it. Lots of laughs.
We got to celebrate Uncle Marky's birthday.
Happy Birthday Mark!

On Easter morning before any one was awake and things got crazy I got to steal a minute outside in front of the cross my Dad lights for Easter. A sweet stolen moment remembering what Easter is all about before the day began. Stacey and Wyatt sat with us in church so I have no idea what the message was really about and the rest of the day, as things tend to be with eight kids three of whom are four months old!, was just a wee bit crazy (thankful we've had a month to talk about the real meaning of Easter and I'm purposing to do better on the real day next year...because I am sure 16 month old twins will make it so much easier - HA HA HA!).
Easter baskets filled with treats
Good morning!
The lizards were a hit. And we got one more year out of the I Love Chicks Easter jammies.
This little bunny boy was happy to check out his first ever Easter basket. Don't worry I know someone who can help him eat that chocolate candy!
The babies were napping when we started taking pictures and the warren's were still recovering from the nights events at the ER, so our photo shots were all sorts of combinations of kids and families, but I think we got some keepers.

Stacey and his BFF Ryan.
Wyatt & Ally
The Woods
Four of the six
Me & my Bigs
Honey and G.P. with half of their eight grandkids.
Me and the hubby
My PRECIOUS nieces!!!!
My five guys looking springtastic :) oh man am I one blessed mama or what!!!!
We finished up the weekend with an Easter egg hunt before heading back home.

They looked like caged animals ready to pounce!

We love our family so much and just enjoy every minute we get to spend together!!!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Hippity Hoppity Easter's On Its Way!!

Wishing you and yours a blessed Easter weekend remembering the sacrifice of our Savior!!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Nick & Sam's

Last year when I was VERY pregnant we got to attend an unbelievable casino themed 40th birthday party for Blake Bozman (Blake and Tara used to lead our community group).

We gambled the night away and due to our superior skills, or perhaps a little luck, at blackjack ended up with A LOT of cash (fake cash but still!). You traded in your winnings for raffle tickets and at the end of the party there were some fabulous prizes to be won. Most of our group had headed home to relieve babysitters by the end so we pooled our tickets and Stacey and I agreed to stick around just in case and make sure we didn't miss out on any prizes.

Wouldn't you know it the very first number called made us a winner, and also allowed us to pick our prize!!! I waddled myself and the unborn C's to the front and selected - Dinner for eight prepared in your home by the head chef of Nick & Sam's. Holy jackpot batman!!

Well babies were born, holidays celebrated and so on, but on Friday night we were able to redeem our prize and make that dinner happen...and it was AMAZING!

We were sure that Samir (the chef) would have loved cooking with our hot plate and one star kitchen amenities, but instead we convinced the Bozmans to join us and let us have the dinner in their beautiful home. That and we are constantly looking for ways to get them to rejoin our group. ;)

We were SUPER excited about a date night with grownups!
And we always enjoy the company of these friends.
The Girls: Julie, Caryn, Kristin, Tara & Laura (preggers with boy #2!)
The Guys: Brad, Craig, Stacey, Keith & Blake
The Gummelts weren't able to join us when Sam got sick last minute and were very missed.

I never seem to take pictures of events that don't involve our kids so I was determined to document the evening and may have gotten a little carried away. Trust me when I say that my amateur photography does NOT do justice to this incredible meal!

We were greeted with champagne and prawns the size of my head.
Samir introduced every course to us and was as nice as they come.
I could have left after the first course and been very satisfied! This was a portobello mushroom in a balsamic marinade with a mozzarella like cheese I had never heard of over asparagus. Seriously, ridiculously good.
Mixed greens salad with crab and fennel.
The main course of a softball sized steak and Australian lobster cooked to perfection.
Dessert was a molten chocolate soufflé with chocolate gelato. HEAVENLY!
Wine was served with every course and just in case I haven't been obnoxiously clear things were pretty delicious. :)
It never ceases to amaze me when we get to experience things like this based solely on the generosity of others! Thanks for having a birthday Blake and for allowing us to be a part of your celebration and for hosting the dinner, this was one we won't soon forget!