Friday, January 30, 2009

Indoor Adventures

This week has been a chilly one in D-town so we've had some fun days indoors. The boys waited patiently to see what these magic capsules (that Mommy got at Dollar Tree and has been saving for such a day as this) would turn into.
Oh the anticipation...(not sure how that one bare foot freed itself from its shoe and sock on such a cold day?)
Ooooooooo Ahhhhhhh
TA DA!!! 
We are now the proud owners of tiny sponge farm animals. They were actually a lot tinier than I anticipated, but hey they were $1 we're not complaining. Don't worry after some supervised fun they secretly made a trip to the trash so as not to be choked on. But not before Stacey could separate them into their friend groups by color. If Wyatt tried to mix them up he would say, "No,Wyatt,  they are with their friends." I tried to encourage him that I was confident the blue horse would like to play with the red rooster, but apparently that is not how they role on this farm.
Big and Nannie dropped off some Valentine cupcake toppers earlier in the week so yesterday the boys decorated some very eagerly anticipated cupcakes.
We ended up with some pink hair and took baths before dinner due to all the "fun" we had.
And tasty :)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Today was Cowboy Day at Stacey's MDO so I got my little cowpoke all dressed up in his best git up. Tipping his hat to all the cowgirls out there. I think any little lady would be mighty lucky to lasso this cowboy cutie!
Of course little brother had to be a cowboy too!
Sadly, Wyatt is the only one of the two with boots that fit so III was a bit of a city cowboy in his converse - ha! 
Happy Trails :)

Monday, January 26, 2009


We joined our friends the Self's at Canyon Creek Gymnastics for open gym on Friday and the boys had a ball, after an hour they were worn out and ready for lunch and a nap!
Hanging around with Noah.

Bahama Bust

I got to enjoy another girls weekend with my favorite girls a few weeks ago and celebrate Miss Payton Brown's pending arrival!!! I have known Shannon (her Mommy) since elementary school. And she has known me longer and better than anyone else in Dallas, making her and her family VERY special friends. She has been a bit of a trailblazer with this group of girls, getting married first, having a baby first (right alongside Lauren) and taking the plunge to two kids and now three before any of us. We all get to watch her lead the way and show us how it is done. Thankfully, she is an incredible Mom and sets the bar pretty high. She is also hilarious and laid back so that we all feel like we too might be able to do this multiple blessings thing someday (not the Jon and Kate 8 kids kind, but perhaps the three). Her sweet baby girl will be here in just a few days!!! I can not wait.
So back to the Bahama Bust experience. During our weekend we were going to get a little snack and it was mentioned that a few of these BFF's had never been to Bahama Buck's - WHAT!!?? Well, I of course, as any of you who know the greatness of the world's greatest snow cone would have, insisted that we give it a try. It was an unseasonably warm day so we weren't the only ones with this idea and apparently the staff that day wasn't quite prepared. We waited FOREVER (seriously it was a little ridiculous) and they messed up almost all of our orders. Needless to say I was taking some heat from the first timers for my great suggestion. And based on a few posts...I'm not going to mention any name (Shannon M) I think there still may be some bitterness floating around. Can't you just feel the anger in this picture! 

But to all you naysayers, I stand by my Bahama Bucks and say that everyone can have an off day an who among us isn't in need of a little grace and a second chance. That said, next time we're all together I'm going to remain silent when we pick out mid day snack spot, and you can drag me wherever you like. ;)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

We're Baaaaack

We are thrilled to have a new computy and be back up and running. Sorry for the no picture post I have some grrrreat ones of my husband with the computer box (he will be happy they are not included) but I have to get a different connector/adapter to upload to this computer (the connection to my camera from my USB thingy is broken and the duo adaptor doesn't fit this computer - TMI but just in case you were wondering) no pictures yet :(.

Our transition involved switching from a laptop to a desktop, and since we had no desk we also went ahead and transitioned a few other things as well. We got a desk (early birthday from the Smith's - THANK YOU!). It was from IKEA so anyone who has put together a piece of furniture with a million pieces and only pictures for instructions knows Stacey deserves big kudos. We don't tend to work very well together on this sort of project (we've learned a few things about ourselves in 8 years of marriage) so he totally did the job by himself.

We put the desk in Wyatt's room which meant a slightly earlier than expected transition to a big boy bed and sharing a room with Stacey. The boys think this is awesome and every night is a party. They are hilarious talking and giggling, but more than a few spankings have been given for getting out of bed and they have both been pretty tired due to the late nights. Stacey continues to tell us that Wyatt really LOVES sleeping in his room. He is always very in touch with what Wyatt is feeling. We have a trundle bed in there right now and other than a few thuds of Wyatt slipping off the one foot bed to the floor, transitioning to the actual bed hasn't been a issue - just the BFF in the same room doesn't equal 7:00 bedtime. 

We still have the crib up for now but it will go down soon and I'm not going to lie I've been a little sad that my baby is less and less of a baby every day :( Pictures of the roomies to come soon.

Saturday, January 10, 2009


Our computer has died :( out of nowhere and after two years of no problems at all. I am experiencing a little denial and some mourning. I am SURE you have been missing my witty posts and precious pics - wink wink (thanks Miranda for missing me :). I am posting this from my in-laws but hopefully we'll be out of the dark ages soon. I would say I'd keep you "posted" but, well you understand.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Picture Perfect

As I have mentioned before I feel extremely blessed to get to stay home with my boys, but it comes with some sacrifices. My FAVORITE photographer Kristin (click on her name to check out her site she is awesome!) has taken annual pictures of the boys, and they are some of my most prized possession! Even though I have bazillions of pictures of them there is something special about letting someone who knows what they are doing capture them at each stage of life. Anyway, even though Kristin is very reasonable it just wasn't in the budget. I tried to justify it believe me, but it wasn't happening. Most things like this are no big deal for me to sacrifice, but for some reason, that was a tough one. I mean they are only 3 and 1 for little while :). So, I persuaded my friend Shannon, who has a great camera (and knows how to use it), loves photography and takes great pictures, to take some pictures of the boys. It might seem silly, but this was such a HUGE blessing to me and just another example of the Lord's perfect provision. Shannon, I can not thank you enough for this gift!!!! I'm not posting this so that you'll ask Shannon to take your pictures for free :) but just to say THANK YOU for taking the time to take these and edit them! And of course to post some of her fabulous pictures of my favorite two cuties!!