Sunday, June 23, 2013

Joys of June

Just a few random ramblings from this month.

Future Mouseketeer Puppeteer?

 Jack wanted in on the action.
We enjoyed a great week at VBS at FBC Woodway. They put on such a great program and all four boys loved it.

I worked with Stacey's class this year with one of my besties, Katy.
She used to teach first grade and has some skilz in the classroom!!

I loved our group of sweet first graders and knew A LOT of their mommies! It was fun being with the "big kids" after lots of years with the preschoolers.
On Thursday night we went to the Go Fish concert and I had a ball with my bigs. The concert is just SO much fun and such a great example of how worshiping our savior is a joy and a delight. The Go Fish guys know how to do it up right!! Highlight of the week for sure! 
After a full week of VBS (I LOVE VBS but it takes it out of you like nothing else!) I was headed to Dallas for a night with my girlfriends to celebrate Wendi's baby #4 on the way, and enjoy some R&R with six of my favorite people ever!
Townley will make baby number 23 for our little group. Isn't that crazy??!! Shannon made this collage and we all just poured over it thanking God for each of these 23 incredible blessings. It was so fun to see them then and now.
 Looking cute in our VBS shirts - ha! ;)
Shannon recently moved and her new backyard is like a resort - so so beautiful! So went spent most of our time together just visiting and swimming - a delightful way to spend 24 hours!
 The following week Wyatt was in Dallas with Big and Nannie soaking up some quality time and things were pretty low key around here. It is amazing the difference the absence of just one makes.

I hosted bunko and and little improptu birthday celebration for Kacey.
 $$ for shoes! :)
The big dice I had pulled out of my stash for bunko reminded me of a big game I had seen (on pinterest of course) so III and I went to work making our own version.

Both on the banana spot, you know what that means? ;) Go back to the Monkey of course.

Doing push-ups to move forward.
 I don't think Milton Bradley will be calling anytime soon, but we had fun. :)
 Ryan spent the night one night and we made marshmallow slingshots.
 Love that if you look close you can see the marshmallows in motion.

 These two ate more than they launched but that was half the fun.

Pockets and Pampers

These are just a few of the tiny treasures purged from Coyt's pockets before or after they went through the wash. He is CRAZY about his pockets and must have some combination of a lego guy, ball and car  in them at ALL times.

I looked over at the pool a few days ago to find him digging around in his swimsuit. No pockets? No problem, he just stowed away a few treasures in the lining of his swimsuit. Sweet boy I love you and your bountiful pockets!!

Since I am logging a little current Coytism for my memory I'll include one for Crew too.

He is currently OCD about which diaper he gets. Pampers have pictures of the Sesame Street gang and while the Cs have watched the show pretty infrequently they are very familiar with the characters. For Crew ONLY Elmo or Cookie (Cookie Monster) will do. Big Bird? Grover? Ernie? They are chop liver as far as my man is concerned and he is NOT having it! And he will NOT be swayed by the small Elmo on every diaper. Ha! Nice try Mom!

He pulls the diapers out like it's a lotto and is quite thrilled when he finds his Elmo/Cookie. The rest of the gang, "dats bubba's biaper." Thankfully, "bubba" is too busy taking inventory of this pocket passengers to care too much. :)

I know, another thrilling episode of...these are the days of our lives...but you know I'll blink and pocket and pamper obsessions will be long gone, so I have to write it for my own stroll down memory lane.

Ghost Dragons!

Wyatt had such a great season playing baseball with the Ghost Dragons. He completed it weeks ago, but these pictures slipped through the cracks so I am a little slow with this post.

The coaches let the boys come up with their own team name each season, but we had some extra input this time around. A few nights before his first practice Uncle Josh was asking Wyatt what team he was on. Upon hearing they were yet to be named he and Stacey rattled off a few (hilarious to us) far fetched options, one being the Ghost Dragons. So of course, when the question was asked at the first practice, "What do you want our team name to be?" Wyatt spoke right up with an enthusiastic, "GHOST DRAGONS!" mob mentality set in and Ghost Dragons they were. :)
 I puffy heart tiny baseball pants!!
Faithful fans

 If only his enthusiasm and ability to strike a pose as a baseball player was transferable to the actual game. ;) Just kidding, Wyatt was a determined player and gave it his all for a great season!

As always his coaches were beyond wonderful, so blessed to get to play on a team with such great leaders and friends.
These faithful fans were taking in a ridiculous amount of baseball with three separate teams/grandsons to support. So thankful that they can be and want to be at the boys games!
Goooooo Ghost Dragons!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Summer Sightings

I have such mixed emotions about summer. On the one hand I love a break from homework and packing lunches and all he schedule and business that can come with the school year, but on the other hand four boys that are all mine all day everyday can be a little intimidating!

Thankfully, so far this summer is off to a super start. :) 

We celebrated Memorial Day at home with friends and a little BBQ - and cotton candy compliments of Biggie. 
Until recently Crew and Coyt wouldn't watch more than two minutes of anything but they have discovered "Back Back" and they are like little Backyardigans addicts. Thankfully this particular addiction allows me to get ready is peace so we are all for it!!
 We were out of school before most of the big school districts in town so we decided to take advantage of our early start to summer and beat the crowd at Hawaiian Falls. We surprised the big boys the morning of and they were SUPER PUMPED!

We met the Woods and Bowdens there and had a GREAT day.

 We've spent several evenings in the driveway just riding away.
A few races. I love how Crew has no idea that his Flintstone peddled car has no chance. :)

 I think I can. I think I can. :)
And just a random picture of a french toast breakfast on Sat. morning because someday I might want to remember the days when the boys all sat on one side of the table. :)
Hope your summer is off to a smashing start. :)