Thursday, December 31, 2009

Spider Monkeys and Bat Puppies

This Christmas we had four special friends join us. Ally's Christmas Reindeer, Wyatt's Batman Puppy, Stacey's Spiderman Monkey and Ryan's Camo Darth Vader. There is only one place that could create such "special" friends. :)
One morning when the stars aligned and all four grandkids earned something in their daily stocking (this is nothing short of a Christmas miracle!) Honey & GP stepped in and gave them all a trip to Build A Bear!!! We have never been so my boys didn't know quite what to expect, but they were excited!!
The heart ceremony - so cute.
I love Ryan's face in this one - he is trying to be cool, but can't help but bless that precious bears heart :)
In bed that night Wyatt wanted to sleep with "dat heart - Mommy, get dat heart out so I can sweep wif it."
Bath time.

Me: Wyatt look over here at these cute Christmas Jammies - would you like those for your puppy?

Well OK then, a man with a plan.

I love this picture of GP entering the information for these crazy creatures birth certificates. Dad you're the best!
Thank you Honey!!
Stacey named his monkey William (?) and I have never seen him so attached to a stuffed animal. William did everything with him all week. William needed a kiss in the morning and William needed me to tuck him in a night and William needs a snack etc. I'm hoping William isn't expecting a college education because this gravy train will only take him so far!

We went to see Santa afterwards and Wyatt asked him for none other than...a Batman Puppy. I guess there was a little extra room in the sleigh because that wish was already granted. :)

As expected it was huge hit with all four kids!


shannonmichaelis said...

william wants a college education - caryn, your writing really does crack me up! you are such a good storyteller!

Craig and Julie said...

So Fun!!! I have never been to build-a-bear either but we have a hand me down puppy that Caleb loves. Not quite like William has been included in the family. I agree with Shannon-you crack me up and I feel like I am reading a novel when reading your blog. See you soon and have a great date night tonight!

angie said...

He he! I love those hilarious little stuffed animals too. We have been sleeping with our every night too! I hope you had a fun date night last night. Happy New Year!!!