Monday, December 14, 2009

Roadrunner Wrap-up

Our precious little #3 had a ball playing soccer this season. In addition to him being Stacey III, making the number a good fit, his Daddy was also #3 for many years.

Stacey II tells the story of getting the call from his coach to pick out his number. Number one was his first pick but it was already taken as was number two. So, he very sadly settled for #3. He was NOT happy about the number he was left with. To console him, his Daddy (Big - Stacey I), told him that #3 was a perfect number because it represented the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. So from then on he wore the number with pride! What a sweet Daddy.

Our last two games were canceled due to the weather and scheduling conflicts so we ended the season with a little team gathering at Raising Canes.
Ean, Italia, Omar, Mia, Kara & Stacey (we were missing Ryaln and Ben).

And what better way to end the season than with a trophy presentation!
I am so proud of both of my #3s!!!

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Sweet posts Caryn! :-)