Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas Sing Along

Before the break we got to attend a Christmas Sing Along at Parkway Hills - Stacey's Preschool. The kids were all asked to bring their own Santa hat for the performance. I'm not sure what was threatened if they didn't but apparently it was serious because Stacey would remind me EVERY day that he needed that Santa hat!! And you could tell he was nervous about what might happen if he didn't get it.

You would think with so many reminders I might have been able to purchase a nice fluffy perhaps child sized Santa hat - right? Wrong. I kept thinking I would run across one, but as the day got closer and closer, and I became increasingly concerned about my 4 year old's anxiety level, when I saw one at the Dollar Tree I snagged it. And as we all know sometimes (although not always at Dollar Tree because let me tell you they have some treasures for $1) you get what you pay for. Poor thing looked like someone stole his fluff and shrunk his head in that pathetic hat! Thankfully he was clueless (and probably just relieved that he didn't have to endure the lashing showing up hatless would have brought him) and the sing along was priceless nonetheless.
Afterwards, we got to go to the classroom and have cookies with Stacey's class. This picture in no way shows just how cool Mr. Wyatt thought he was standing by Stacey, in his class with all his school friends. He was playing it so cool saying, "Hi, I'm Wyatt what's your name?" And then dyeing laughing at whatever they said. Polar opposite to III who didn't speak the first few weeks of school.
Sweet thing cries every time we drop of Stace cause HE wants to go too!!
Next year buddy - don't worry we'll try to save for a better Santa hat by then.


angie said...

That hat!!!:-). Stacey you did an amazing job singing at your program. We are so proud of you buddy!

Sarah said...

That is SO funny! I love his little head stuck under the giantness! But I do agree with you on the treasure finding in the Dollar Tree...I think it's quite fabulous

Katy said...

omg seriously I am cracking up at the Wman. seriously. "dat heart"? hilarious. And I'm laughing out loud thinking about him introducing himself to all the kids in Stacey's class and then hysterically giggling.
that little one is too much.
bless little Stacey's heart in his santa hat. i'm with ya on the dollar store finds! :)