Friday, December 4, 2009

Harry you're alive...and you're a horrible shot!

While at the country over Thanksgiving Uncle Teddy let gave us a few lessons on firearms and let us test our skills with some target practice.

Intruders beware.
Turns out, and this will probably shock most of you, but I'm a terrible shot. ;) Stacey and Sarah were pretty skilled with their weapons and I did OK with the 22, but the Glock and I didn't see eye to eye. This may be due in part to the fact that I am right eyed (just trust me) but I am unable to close my left eye alone without assistance. I know it is amazing that I was ever able to land my man without the ability to wink, but this missing skill from my repertoire of gifts is rarely a problem. However, it turns out when it comes to shooting guns I might be a better shot with a eye patch on.

So if you come over in the middle of the night don't be alarmed when you find me sleeping with an eye patch on, because you can never be too prepared. Actually, on second thought you had better call first because if you com over in the middle of the night and I happen to have an eye patch handy lets face it you're a goner.
Thanks Teddy for an unconventional Thanksgiving memory!


Shannon said...

H.I.L.A.R.I.O.U.S! Love it all!

Katy said...

But Cary, you looked like such a natural!! :)
Don would be SO proud.

angie said...

Dito;-). One eyed Caryn! Love it.

Sarah said...

That's hilarious! I am also a terrible shot, though I haven't tried since I was probably 12. But that was a horrendous experience as I somehow managed to smash my finger in some part of the gun and it blew up like a fun. :)