Tuesday, December 29, 2009


The week before Christmas Stacey headed off to Colorado for the annual Watermark Student Ministry ski trip and we headed to Waco for a week full of family Christmas festivities!! We kicked things off on Friday night with a Candyland birthday party for my niece, Miss Ally Wood. And it might have been the cutest birthday party ever!! Angie outdid herself once again and had every Candyland detail looking party perfect! And the best part was Ally actually appreciated every little detail and thanked her sweet Mommy repeatedly for her perfect party! Precious Girl!

She looks pretty excited to me.
The kids decorated gingerbread houses as well as a few other available crafts. Angie converted the garage into party overflow space, but you didn't miss a beat as the sugarplum fairies seemed to have been there as well.

It's nice when your sister hosts a big party the night you get in town because in addition to my entire family being there so were some of my best buds!! (Sorry Katy our picture was a little blurry!)
The decorations were the stuff Candyland dreams are made of. I kept finding Wyatt lingering around this particular table. All the kids got to fill a bag of candy for the road.

The game board ran all through the house! And even had the picture spaces just like the real game.

Happy Birthday Ally. I can't think of anyone sweeter for this sugary party. We loved celebrating with you and WE LOVE YOU!!

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angie said...

Oh I love these pictures! Thanks for the compliments and for making all those mini houses...they looked great!