Friday, January 1, 2010

This & That

This post is just a hodge podge of some of the things we managed to do the week leading up to Christmas.

We had a birthday party for Jesus.

We did have kids attend but none of my pictures turned out very good so I'll just show you the cake instead. :) We talked through all the meanings of the colors: Black is for our sin. Red is for Jesus Blood that he shed on the cross. White is for forgiveness and our new life in Christ. Green is for our continued growth in our knowledge of and love for Jesus.

In the past we've done a layered cake with all the colors, but adding some green and red M&M's to a Great American Cookie cake did the trick just fine and was OH SO yummy!!! I think we may stick with this cake for Jesus' future b-day parties!
We enjoyed the beautiful weather by jumping on the trampoline.
and playing at the park.
The big boys got to help GP ring the bell and raise some money for the Salvation Army.

I love that Dad involved them in this opportunity to serve and reminded them of the importance of helping others.
We painted pottery.

You really haven't lived until you take your 2 1/2 year old (right about nap time) into a room full of very fragile breakable objects and let him loose, but apparently we like living on the edge.
Kacey made a reindeer plate out of Lila's hands and feet,
and Honey mad a wreath plate out of all the kids hand prints.
We played with play dough
"Look Mom, it's a J for Jesus!" Could I love you more?
We dueled dinosaurs.
And made these masterpieces for Uncle Frank's (AKA Josh's) office.
Phew, and that was just the stuff I managed to get pictures of. What a great week! I am already looking back on it fondly.

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angie said...

It wad such a fun week! I missed the Smith artwork for Frank's office:-) it.