Monday, December 14, 2009

The countdown is on

Another Christmas tradition at our house is the Advent calendar. We open a door every morning and read the bible verse that that corresponds with the day's story. We're well into the Christmas story now and I can not believe it is already December 14th!!

Obviously, by the number of doors open in this picture, it was taken earlier in the month. About the time Wyatt forget how to smile for a picture?
The boys get really excited to open a door and see what's behind it. As far as sitting still for a meaningful story time - forget it. But I do try to have then contain themselves for a brief moment so that we can read the verse and talk about it.
Wyatt likes to try to read the verse himself and his version is usually a little different than ours. Most recently, "God said - no get out of bed or you get a panking." I'm going to need to do a bible gateway search for that reference and get back to you.


Kacey said...

So sweet! I love the Christmas traditions!! I esp love Wyatt's scripture reading:) Can't wait to see you guys on FRIDAY!!

angie said...

Me too me too!! We are so ready to see y'all! I love Wyatt's biblical knowledge...such a little scholar:-).

The Junods said...

Little nuggets! Great posts about the countdown and the train. Such cute pics. We must see those cuties after Christmas. Have a great week.

Katy said...

ha! i just busted out laughing at wyatt's verse. hilarious