Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Firehouse Subs

We tried out Firehouse Subs on Sunday. We had seen pictures of the cute firehats that come with a kids meal from friends in Houston and we'd heard that some locations have free kids meals on Sunday's so we thought we better check it out. Turns out no free kids meals at this location, but they did say that they should be starting a free kids meal promo soon, we'll keep you posted. 

This picture is blurry, but I had to include it as it so well captures the emotional angst of being three. 
And of course a few seconds later all is right with the world. 

Can't go wrong with Oreos for dessert! Wyatt tidy as usual.
Not that anyone would notice are cares, but yes, we are all wearing an Easter repeat back in big D, not to worry we do own other clothes, but we figure if it ain't broke... :)


Wendi Junod said...

Another thing I want to do when we get to Texas! I've heard the same reviews and the boys would love it. I seriously think my children ar bipolar somedays so the pics of III make me feel a little better. And PLEASE stop with the clothes comment. If a shirt doesn't get dirty at church, it might be worn the very next day. Gotta show your new duds off anyway!

angie said...

What a fun place! Love the emotional photos...good idea for a post, "the many faces of the Wood children"!!!! I loved seeing you yesterday:-).