Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Nest

Here is a little update on our roommates. We've recently switched from the trundle to "the nest". The trundle bed was great for a few nights but it required us to role up the rug, and then it is on wheels on the wood floor so it moves around, and you pretty much can't walk in the room when it is out. So after several nights of ups and downs we came to the conclusion that Wyatt needed some boundaries to make himself feel more secure in his new bed (he has also had the worst diaper rash we've ever seen at our house so that may have contributed to the sleepless nights as well - poor little guy walks around like a little penguin). Whatever the reason for the sleepless nights, a few of those combined with the aforementioned inconveniences of the trundle brought us to the creation of the nest.
Doesn't he look cozy? We took the crib mattress and put it between Stacey's bed and the wall then added my preggy pillow (way to multitask it pillow!) to give him a slightly more snugly bed. OK we know it is totally WT and basically he is sleeping on a glorified pallet, but for the last two nights he has slept great so we're sticking with it.
Stacey how do you feel about having Wyatt in your room?
Wyatt, when you look at this years from now and give us grief about being the second child and claim that we made you sleep on the floor while Stacey was up in his perfect bed, I want you to know that Stacey is really sad that he doesn't get to sleep in the nest and thinks you are really lucky!


angie said...

Lovin' the nest...that's just what I need right about now!

Chrys and Mike said...

I want a nest!