Monday, April 13, 2009

Wyatt's Birthday Eggstravaganza!!

This year Wyatt's birthday fell on Easter so I thought it was the perfect year for an egg hunt. We decided to do it at my parent's house in Waco because they have a great backyard. I also thought it might help me scale back on the party a little since it would be out of town. We did keep the guest list to 11 kiddos, including Wyatt's cousins and some of my best girlfriends in Waco and their kids, but I'm still working on the scaling back thing :). It is just too much fun to put together a birthday party!! The weather could not have been more beautiful on Friday and I might be a little biased, but I thought the party was a blast.
The invitations for all of Wyatt's "Peeps" 
Birthday Banner
Rabbit Food for the grownups
Wyatt's Birthday Book and the Bunny Bites 

We had both sides of our family there which is such a treat for Stacey and I, and the boys. We feel so blessed by our family.
Shelley and Sarah, I'm sorry your eyes are closed, I'm hoping someone else got a better picture :)
Wyatt greeting his guest, AnnMarie - so sweet.
The Bunny Massacre - The inflatable Easter bunny had a leak from the get go (hoping for a refund) so we just let the kids have at him. Not sure what the Easter bunny ever did to them, but they were not afraid to throw some serious punches.
The backyard
Lauren and Katy - Ann was there too, but somehow she missed this photo op :)
Ally on the Easter Express
My Dad ordered a new mat and springs for our old trampoline base just in time for the party - Thanks Dad! The kids LOVED it. I think we may now officially own the last rectangular non netted trampoline in the world.
Group picture - perfect as usual.
Time for lunch. Wyatt and his cousin clan, Ally and Brylie
And finally the egg hunt! We had opened presents while the eggs were being hidden and Wyatt would not put down his new Thomas trains while he hunted eggs so Nannie had to assist, holding his basket for him.

And of course Happy Birthday and cupcakes closed out a great 2nd birthday party.
I love this little family.
And I'm pretty fond of these sisters too, they were a HUGE help and of course I could never throw a party without all their behind the scenes help with the preparations - Thanks girls!!
It's hard to believe my little man is Two!! Happy Birthday Wyatt!
Just in case that lengthy post wasn't enough I do have a few more pictures with the party's special visitor...and a video to come. Get fired up.


Self Family said...

Awesome 2nd birthday party as usual by the world's best party-thrower!! Happy Birthday Wyatt - we were sad to miss all the fun!!

Kacey and Josh said...

Seriously the cutest bunny party I have ever been to! We had such a great time with y'all this weekend. Can't wait to see the video :)

Shannon said...

Once again - you amaze me. Such a fun party. One thing was missing...THE BROWN CLAN! We sure did miss being at the party and cannot wait to give him big birthday hugs as soon as we see you guys!

Stacey said...

Happy Birthday Wyatt!

What a fabulous party! So fun! You put me to shame, girlfriend.

shannonmichaelis said...

awesome everything! i love it all! wish we could have been there in waco to help celebrate (but that would not have helped the scaling down bit). ashley and i are up b/c we cannot sleep (4am here) and are so pumped to be here! love you and cannot believe that sweet boy is two!

angie said...

It really was an awesome party, I just love all the pictures! Bravo sis, nice job!!

Denise Marie said...

Wow! I love everything you did. Gotta love all the ways you used your peeps. Love the sign on the garage door. Terrific backyard party.