Friday, April 3, 2009

Hippity Hoppity Easter's On Its Way

Today we had the Building Block's (a ministry for Mother's of pre school aged kiddos @ Watermark) 2nd annual Easter Egg Hunt and it did NOT disappoint. The boys were very excited about hunting eggs and based on the 115 pictures I took I was apparently very excited about having something blog worthy after a bit of a lull at the Smith house. :) 

Getting psyched up for the hunt!

On the prowl!!
There were eggs scattered everywhere many in plain sight but Wyatt would look up at me and say "Eggs!!" like he had made the ultimate discovery.
I'll take that one.
High or low these eggs can't hide from me!
Once the eggs had been found the playground was open for business.
And look who else we found hunting eggs!! Miss Brylie!!
I can't believe this baby boy is almost 2!!

Dominating the rock!
Me too??
Happy Trails Egg Hunt, we'll be back for more next year.


Stacey said...

I wish I was there!

Wendi Junod said...

first of all, i love daddy comments! sweetness! and you know i love twinkie blond headed boys! mmm!! those boys are precious. i can't believe wyatt is 2 either! he looks so old. can you believe how they are gainin' on their bros? i love it! 2 little peas! i would love to catch up and hear your voice. maybe this weekend. sometimes that's harder but let's try!! love you all!!

angie said...

Looks like a super fun hunt, great pictures! And I of course LOVE the matching shirts:-) We are ready to do some egg huntin' with the cousins!

shannonmichaelis said...

wyatt is mini me big stacey! and those shirts - love them! i hear you on the lull on the blog - i can't seem to find time to do it these days. oh well - nothing like weeks-old posts. miss you, sweet friend!