Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Just Another Day In Paradise

Today certainly ended on a better note than it started. Stacey woke up with a horrible cough and a stuffy nose so we decided to forgo Bible study and stay home. But after getting rid of some of that glorious flem (TMI I know), he seemed to be feeling better and other than some extra whining (and lets me be honest, it's hard to tell a difference in how much is 'more than normal' on the whining 1-10 scale these days) we were having a rather low key day at home. Watched shows, read books, read more books, played cars, had lunch, took naps, had a snack, went outside, started getting hot, played soccer, got hotter, decorated the entire sidewalk with sidewalk chalk, got hotter, contemplated sunscreen, more soccer, increased my belief in global warming, put on swim suits, applied sunscreen and turned on the hose. And that is where our day (at least based on the boys expressions) went from ho-hum to SO-FUN!! Stacey was beaming and chanting "I LOVE WATER." We may owe a little more to the City of Richardson this month after letting the good times role with the water hose, but it was well worth it. 

So here is the first of what I am imagining will be an entire summer (yes I know it is still spring but it sure didn't feel like it today - seriously what are we going to do when it is hotter than this - YIKES) full of pictures of my bathing beauties.

If only I could feel as uninhibited as this little guy in my swim suit! I went shopping for one yesterday and it turns out my eating pasta while watching O.C. reruns diet is NOT working!! What a scam.
Look closely and you'll see some earthworms that enjoyed the water as well. Wyatt spotted them first, but both boys were enamored with the show.  

Worms and wet boys, I can see how it might not seem like paradise, but I can't think of anywhere else I'd rather be.


Self Family said...

glad it was such a great day - looks like fun. noah really missed stacey at bible study. he told me maybe 3 or 4 times..."stacey not here mom"

love wyatt's diaper in the last pic. gotta love a boy in a diaper looking at worms.

Sarah said...

LOVE the water pictures!! and what a cute suit wyatt has :)

Kylie said...

sounds like paradise to me :)

Katy said...

SO sweet. You are just making me so ready for this little boy of mine. :) And---I found myself thinking the same thing today---how in the WORLD am I going to handle it when it's REALLY hot??? This is nothing! :)

angie said...

Oh yes for water!! Those are precious pics Caryn. Paradise for sure:)

Stacey said...

I love it! Thank you for sharing your fun afternoon. We've had a few too many "blah" days in a row around here...time to look for some fun (even if it includes worms)!