Saturday, April 4, 2009

Hero Hand-Me-Downs

I spent a little time this afternoon purging the boys closets and going through the hand-me-down boxes. Seriously how lucky am I to have a box of clothes in the next size just waiting for my boys - thank you Angie for that huge blessing!!

The best "find" from this box, at least in Stacey's opinion, were several pairs of Cars jammies, and this set of Batman jammies with its own cape!! About 2:00 Stacey was asking me if he could take his shirt off? Weird, but sure I guess?? Then he asked if he could put on his PJs. It took me a minute but I realized he had seen a few new sets that he couldn't wait to get into!! So FINALLY after baths he got his wish. Isn't it perfect that these cool jammies are all it takes to light up this little guy.
Of course little brother had to join in the fight between good and evil.
Happy to pose for photos in this get up.
Don't let that sweet face fool you, he means business!!
Not sure if Wyatt means business or if he's just smiling, hard to tell with his intense "cheese" these days. :)
Evildoers everywhere beware.


Shannon said...

Love those boys so much! Landon will love seeing these jammies! He still sports the super hero pjs all the time. Love you guys!

Self Family said...

Hilarious!!!! Love those semi-serious faces!!

shannonmichaelis said...

isn't it funny that boys are just programmed to now how to be a superhero? love that little wyatt - he's a fun one!

angie said...

Oh you know I love these pics:-). Ryan wore those every night they were clean! Super Smiths to the rescue! I love their little fightin' crime faces.

Sarah said...

Ahh!! They are just too precious!