Friday, August 29, 2008

Is there and echo in here?

It is true that these little people living in my house are sponges. Here are a few things that I've heard recently from sponge #1.
  • "I'm just freaking out a wittle bit." As he is having trouble getting his car seat buckled by himself.

  • "Mommy, what is that car doing!?! They need to get out os our way!!" mimicking a little road rage??

  • "OK, but put them down very gently." - Directing me on how to place his crocks on the floor for him to put on.

  • "Well alright Mr. Bossy." - Usually in response to something we've asked him to do.

  • "She just likes me for my body." - He says this quite often, quoting his favorite line from his favorite movie, Cars.

Here's hoping he is soaking up some of the good stuff too!!


Jill Garcia (Smith) said...

Oh Caryn, that last "quote" made me laugh so hard! I can totally picture him saying that with all seriousness in the world! Gotta love them boys!!

The Penuels said...

Love it!!

angie said...