Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Baby Soux Chefs

One of the most difficult parts of my day is trying to get dinner ready - and we're not talking about anything from Bon Appetit here just a plain jane dinner. But as I go into the kitchen to start, the boys are always hanging on me, whining about being hungry and so on. They do not seem to understand that dinner is not ready when I start cooking it or that I can't hold them and boil things or use a knife etc. So the 30 minutes it may take to get it ready is usually rather unpleasant. I welcome any suggestions in this area as it seems that people have children and still manage to eat so there must be something I'm missing...? Anyway, today I gave my little appendages an important job. They thoroughly mixed and munched on cheerios while I marinated some chicken. Of course I had to sweep for a second time in a matter of hours following the job, but they seemed to love it. I know with the previous stroller pictures and the aprons below some of you may suggest I re-read Bringing Up Boys, but when I put on my apron Stacey asked for his (which is covered in tools and usually used for art projects) then Wyatt walked over to the aprons (I have a bit of a weak spot for cute aprons) and pointed and cried for his own. It was pretty cute and who am I to deny such a simple request. So here are my sweet soux chefs.


angie said...

what great little helpers:)

Stacey said...

Sweet pictures. I love the aprons!

I have the same dinner time dilemma. B wants to be able to watch everything I'm doing at the counter or stove. I tried letting him stand on a chair to watch once and he loved that until he took one ill-advised step to the side...oops!

Maybe I'll try cheerios next time.

Kylie said...

I don't cook enough to have any ideas :) I will be checking back your comments though for things to try at my house! Your boys look so cute helping!