Sunday, August 24, 2008

Look Who's Talking!

Wyatt has had a a vocabulary of Mommy, Daddy, puppy (his favorite and most used word other than Mommy), up, ball, this (he points at anything he can't say and says "this?") for several months but just recently he has expanded to include, bye bye, no (very grateful he took his time on this one!), Ally, nack (snack), nana (banana), Bob & Jack (our dogs), juice and he is attempting to say all sorts of other words when we prompt him. I love his sweet little voice and although I know it is a good thing that he doesn't keep his word bank to 10 words, part of me just wants him to stay right here. We'll work on chewing with our mouths closed another day.


angie said...

How cute!! What a little mimic even with the video clips!

Devin said...

Too freakin' cute!

Woodbury Family said...

That sweet Wyatt - I just want to hug and kiss him!!